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I spent today at my house, which is really my mother's house. I basically live with my boyfriend now. I slacked all day, and talked to some friends. Earlier today I got in a conversation with my boyfriend that made me cry. He thinks I am hiding something. He askes "What's wrong?", and I say I don't know. I don't know, if I knew I would do something about it. He thinks I may be re-thinking our relationship, or maybe he did something wrong. He thinks I am pulling away. I just go through these weird phases. I found out my ex is engaged, his second engagement, meaning this is wife number 2. I am happy for him. He thinks we should get together for dinner. I don't know about that.

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E2 is still in TZ +0100 one hour ahead of UTC, since May 26, 2000. Yusuf Ali|a translation of the Quran] last night. -->

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jingle: drumbeat, "On 102.5, this is Clyde 1"

Two hill-walkers missing overnight in Glenshee have been found safe and well. A full-scale search was launched after the Strathclyde couple failed to return to their guesthouse in Braemar last night. They'd spent the night in a shelter.

Doctors investigating the deaths of eleven Glasgow drug addicts from a mystery illness are believed to be looking at a similar spate of deaths in California. Health officials have already called in an expert from America in a bit to identify the disease.

Forensic experts are examining a car which may be linked to the abduction and murder of London estate agent Susie Lamplugh. It was siezed after a witness came forward with new information. Detectives hunting her killer have called it a significant breakthrough.

Scots-based MOD Police officers are hoping to give Kosovans the confidence to get their country back on its feet. The six from Coulport will help Kosovan volunteers set up their own community policing, as well as helping during this year's elections and war crimes investigations. Constable Alan Phillips will be amongst them.

Soundbyte: There's not many volunteers at this present moment in time, um, so as long as they're sortof happy with the likes of the police involved, and a bit of confidence back in, then hopefully they'll get a bit more volunteers for their own police force.

There's fresh hope for the people of Northern Ireland. The assembly will resume its work next week after the Ulster Unionists voted to accept the IRA's latest offer on weapons dumps.

The Scottish Junior Cup Final kicks off this lunchtime with Whitburn and Johnstone Burgh fighting for the honours. The match has already been shrouded in controversy with rival fans claiming the Central League has shown favouritism to Burgh because their manager is also the main sponsor of the league. One of their star players has been allowed to play in the match despite an earlier suspension. But Scott Robinson, the secretary of the Central League says that's totally unfounded.

Soundbyte: Mr Walker has sponsored a cup competition prior to sponsoring our league, and no-one ever said anything at all about this. I find it rather perturbing that this is coming about. I can assure you that George Walker has been done no favours at all by this league.

In golf, Colin Montgomerie's on course for his historic hat trick, bidding to win the PGA championship for a third year in a row. He starts round three at Wentworth with a twelve under par lead.

And that's Clyde News at three minutes past twelve.

Last night/early this morning I made Level 7, noticed that I have fallen off of Everything's Best Users, and wrote up Goodbye to twelve years. Post-sleep, I have been packing more and more and more, and fighting down panic (esp. since I may now be leaving a day early).

Random thoughts of the day: I'm so jealous of Starrynight and 7Ghent's musical endeavor! You guys are groovy. And hey, you E2 people are pretty cool. I may issue a blanket invitation to my New Year's party. We'll see.

I am SO FReAKING TIRED. Everything's almost packed. We may leave tomorrow (see Wintersweet's I-40 Road Trip. Whee. Exciting. Scary. I could just about pass out... The Ramones in my head, "I Wanna Be Sedated." Twenty twenty twenty four hours to go-o-o, I wanna be sedated. Nothing to do nowhere to go-o-o, I wanna be sedated! da da dada da da da dada...

um anyway. /me clean up some more now and then go to sleep.

Well, I did it, I knew that there was no way that I could get away with spending quite as much on Everything2 as I was. Really it wasn't so much that I would get in trouble at work, or anything, but if I kept it up, my wife would get annoyed. So I sank to a new low. I got her started. Check out her bit on Five Element Theory. It is really good. If I could have cooled it I would have. And not just because she is my wife and it's her first node, or even that it's her birthday. It is cool material IMNSHO.

In other news: My favorite band played last night, as the do every Saturday night. I went as I always do, and danced my ass off. It was one of those great nights where the girls line up and fight over me. I'm not saying that just to brag either. It's kinda embarassing sometimes. And for the observant among you, yeah, my wife was there, she just thinks it's funny. She gets her pick of songs to dance to. The other girls understand, I'm the married guy.

I'm somehow getting very good at sleeping through the middle 90% of movies, being awake for the first 5 minutes and somehow rousing myself for the climax-denouement-conclusion. The video store owner was cackling in delight when I said that it was "that kind of night" (resulting in our renting Happiness). Framework laid down for the au gratis enjoyment of further fine films in their comfortable company, notably Underground, The City of Lost Children (dubbed, unfortunately) and Babe: Pig in the City, and possibly some episodes of Serial Experiments: Lain. Aw bjyeah.

Getting chased out of the apartment's pool at 1 am. Feels like I haven't swum in a pool for maybe seven years, and though that can't be right, I can doubtless count the times since then on one hand. Yikes! The guy in the sauna with us who I'd never met before was co-sysop with me of The Screaming Tomato, back in '94. Freak out. Blown away by home-made shepherd's pie, all organic, vegan (I, asking Wouldn't that make it sheep's pie?) - with the exception of thext's brief assault on veganity, people actually preparing food have been absent from my life for so long I can't conceive of food-preparation more complex than boiling, my sole cooking operand.

I'm really getting to learn to love sleeping on their carpet. Pre-awakeness sunlight seems to be doing good things to me. Nugget of concept / writing art unearthed while entangled in blankets (sampling pop music to pronounce a statement criticizing popular culture). Now if I can just find the cause of that high-pitched whine in my recording setup...

The waitress at the Templeton took my phone number to pass on to the artist who was previously exhibiting on their walls so I can get a print of "You don't have to be beautiful or intelligent to fall in love."

Tongue Stomp open stage tonight for the first time in forever. Will endeavour to come up with some new syllables to recite, will dig around for older ones for padding. (poetic equivalent of a 'gay deceiver'?) Will arrive a couple of hours early that I might make good use of their pathetic, tuneless piano in the back and massage some Mendelssohn and Chopin into its tired teeth.

Everything Observations: According to my user-search-by-reputation, sex is now fittingly (would that make a pun?) adjoining things I am ashamed of, while love is courting anomie. While it's true that you can find meaning wherever you look for it, these arbitrary watermarks continue to delight me.

It seems that the Everything community really likes (Ching!s, Page of Cool citations) about 5% of my posted creative writing and has a mild distaste (single digit negative reputation) for the remainder of it. Mental note: post more writing in the middle of the night to avoid the cursory disapproval of new-nodes-surfers.

in our last episode... | p_i-logs | and then, all of a sudden...

What's it like up there?
9 writeups to go until level 3! I'm feelin' all roudy about that.

And so it begins... err ends:
Last night I watched Life is Beautiful with Erin. Great movie. Today is Lazy Sunday so I can't type too much as physical activity has been banned (yes, I see typing as physical activity). See Lazy Sunday Ritual for more information.

Maggie shaved her head. It looks really good, actually. When I asked her what her husband Dale thought, she replied that he had done it. I envied her, now that the heat of the summer has finally begun. Our church is very small, barely a dozen people, and tonight we sit in Billy and Brenda's living room.

I really miss having Zack, Maggie's older brother, here. He used to play the guitar for our opening worship services. He and his younger brother, Saul, and their friend Jason would all play together, and they were very good. Now with Maggie's mom doing it, it's just not the same; her voice is too high and she's too much a hippy for the sounds I'm used to. Jason stopped coming to church a few months ago and he won't talk to anyone about why. Zack's wife, Angie, has had a recent falling out with his side of the family and has since then also stopped attending, which pretty much means we don't see Zack that much anymore. There are all these empty chairs now.

Zack, Saul, and their dad Billy are all covered with tattoos and now Zack works at a nearby tattoo shop, where I hope to get mine done before I move. I feel left out in this group because I don't have one yet.

Tonight was Matthew 15, the faith of a Canaanite woman whose daughter had been badly afflicted by demon-possession. She must have been to other healers who could not help her daughter, and I'm sure all her time was taken up by trying to get her daughter healed. I'm sure at times, she was frustrated enough to want to kill her child so as not to see her suffer, so as not to suffer herself in her helplessness.

She pushes and pushes Jesus and his disciples for a miracle. It is here that I am told of the first time in my memory that Jesus draws a distinction between Israel and everyone else (this is merely an interpretation): "It is not right to take the children's bread and feed it to their dogs."

Now, our church's speaker connected the reference to dogs as being directed at this woman, for she was not an Israelite, the only people for whom Jesus was sent. Instead of responding to the insult and defending herself, she put the needs of her child in front of her own dignity and replied, "but even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master's table." Upon this, Jesus answered her request and her daughter was healed.

After we had communion, we decided to move the Memorial Day cookout tomorrow to around 6:30, so it wouldn't be so hot and I would be able to swing by after work. Damn, Brenda makes good iced tea.

Properly, I was up until 4 a.m. or later, so a soft blue light was starting to infect the sleeping porch when I finally drifted off.
I woke up later that morning, and again in the afternoon, and finally got myself out of bed at 4 p.m. thinking, this is ridiculous, this is abnormal. This is how I behave on the weekends. This is how I behave too much of the week.
The only thing in my inbox is a letter from a friend who, for six years, has been a surrogate big sister to me, though I've never met her face-to-face. The letter is all about my boy trouble and I spend two hours writing about back getting over him, getting over boys in general, getting my shit together for the summer, which will probably be more important to me.
It's time for dinner; I go downstairs in my bathrobe and grab a handful of barbecue-flavored potato chips, and then get in the shower for too long, thinking about my perilous doom. I can't get over him, and I can't get over what I dreamed last week: something's about to break, and saying so must make me the world's biggest drama queen, but it will probably be the best thing for me.
I walk over to coffeeshop which is strict and utter hipster territory, and in my fishnets and junk jewelry get a lot of suspicious looks from the regulars. I try to absorb myself with my journal and my reading for school, and instead pick up something about photojournalism in Pulitzer's era. I find out where the word "paparazzi" comes from, make a few self-deprecating remarks in my notebook, and take off. The sun is gone at this point, but I can still see to walk home.
I wonder what happened to my bike.
I have some Macaroni and Cheese at home, and two cups of hot chocolate (one is Swiss Miss, the other from scratch), and end up talking to two of my housemates about cute boys and cartoons. I try to write a poem about it, to no avail.
I go upstairs and check my mail again. It's my sister again, telling me, to wit, "four hundred and sixty-seven hot baths and thirty bars of chocolate will make the hurt less hurty," and I spend a couple of hours thinking of ways to tell her things are really better than I say, really, I'm too good at evoking your pity, and I'm utterly detached from everything I said before. There's probably a three-month delay for me from heartbreak to proper articulation.
I frown for a little while at what's written in my journal and try to sleep.
This date is logged in my memory as the day, I lost my faith in strangers.

Being mugged and hit several times in the head with a bottle is not some of the stuff that I'll put on the positive list of the 28th of May, 2000.

Anyway, I didn't loose much. A Nokia 3210 and the keys for my home/office. However, as I have got some friends not too far from the scene of crime, I went to his place from where we called the police. This procedure btw only needed, as the cars, I tried to stop were apparently more interested in themselves than helping a guy bleeding like shit out of his head screaming: "Aidez moi!".

Things went good from there. The police took us to the nearest hospital, where my bleeding was stopped and I got sewed with three stitches. I realized at that time that my clothes were soaked in blood. I guess that I've lost about half a litre.

Was there again this morning to have a small check up. Total cost: 280 CHF. Reimbursed 100% by our insurance (I hope).

Violence sucks. Jardin Anglais in Genève at night sucks.

And to whoever downvoted me for the first time I decided that an experience in my life was worth sharing: Fuck you.

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