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Nokia's entry level phone from a couple of generations back (around 1999). The 3210 is a dual-band GSM phone with the following features:

This phone may look a bit bulky by today's standards, but its integral ability to allow both SMS and voice communication stops it from being rendered obsolete. Replaced by the 3310 (almost exactly the same but a bit smaller). The Nokia 3210e is the Orange branded variant (my bad).

If you are interested in making your 3210 (in my opinion, one of the better phones Nokia has made) a little more interesting, there are a few things you can do to it in the form of upgrades:

1. Add a vibrator
No, not that kind of vibrator! I mean a little motor that you can put inside the phone to enable the vibrating alert that the 3210 is perfectly capable of, but was mysteriously removed before release by Nokia. To do this, you will need to buy a motor, a torx 6 screwdriver and a 3210 data cable. All these can be obtained from www.gadgetsgalore.net, along with the software required to add the vibrating alert to the tones menu and full instructions as to the installation (don't worry, it's easy).

2. Change the LED colour
As with all Nokia phones, it is possible to replace the standard green glow of the screen and keypad with several different colours. If you're handy with a soldering iron, you can do the replacement yourself (parts can be obtained from the above website). Otherwise, a number of specialist phone shops will do the conversion for you.

3. Add extra games!
In addition to snake, memory and rotation, you can add logic (included on some other Nokia phones) and react. To do this you will need a 3210 data cable, and some software called nkprofile, available freely on the internet. With nkprofile you can also change the screen contrast and enable the net monitor menu on your phone (which displays a lot of network information used in troubleshooting, and also tells you the phone's internal temperature! Totally pointless or what?)

4. Change your logo and startup logo
Certain sites will allow you to download a logo to your phone for a fee, but in order to design your own logo (to replace "btcellnet" sorry, "O2"(!) or "orange" on the screen), you can also use a 3210 data cable along with a program called logomanager (available from www.gadgetsgalore.net). This program also tells you your security code, in case you've forgotten it, and can back up your phone book, a very useful function if you change/lose your sim card.

So, as you can see, there are many things you can do to make your nokia 3210 more interesting, some of which were originally to be included, only to be cruelly taken away by Nokia before the phone was released! Go on, make your friends jealous, get blue LEDs!

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