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O2 is also the new name for Esat Digifone's cellular network in Ireland. A deal has been struck between themselves and BT Cellnet.

"O2 was formed in November 2001 following a demerger from British Telecommunications plc. O2 brings together the expertise of five national mobile networks - BT Cellnet in the UK, Digifone in Ireland, Manx Telecom on the Isle of Man, Telfort in the Netherlands and Viag Interkom in Germany - and Genie, the international fixed and mobile internet portal. "

Carrying the tone of this node, I do not give a flying toss about the hip, new groovy name for the network. I always thought "Digifone" sounded kinda cool, but every freaking network in Ireland and the UK seems to be changing their name at the moment.

source: www.o2.ie

The Silicon Graphics O2 workstation was launched in 1996. It features a MIPS R5000, R10000, or R12000 microprocessor, integrated graphics, audio, and video, as well as a media coprocessor known as VICE (Video Image Compression Engine).

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