A BBS in the style of Compuserve. Simpler than the others, it enjoyed its heyday in the early 1990s, before the Internet and WWW took off.

As of October 1999, Genie is still around, having changed owners (from General Electric to Yovelle/IDT). It has made some half-hearted attempts to move to the web, none of any note. Mainframe based, it will be interesting to see if it survives Y2K.

The most lively area was always the SFRT now represented by DM.NET and SFF.NET.

Editor's note: As outlined by Lucy-S at SFF Net, that site was taken offline at the end of March 2017.

Also a website run by BT-Cellnet which acts as a www<->SMS<->email gateway for mobile phone users on any of the four British networks (http://www.genie.co.uk)

Let's try this again.

A Genie Lift is a blue lift (i.e., used for getting to places higher than right here) often used in construction and, for example, theatre, for changing lights or anything else much higher than wherever you are at the moment.

Smaller models of the lift are electical powered (which tend to be much more useful for indoors, where gasoline fumes are not so welcome), wheras larger lifts are often powered by a mix of gasoline and propane.

Larger lifts are often known by the term "scissor lifts".

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