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Dane spending his time in Berlin programming his arse out - and enjoying it too..
Supposedly DataEngineer since the 4th of July, 2000. Be very afraid

Have to do this to clarify my wirteups for myself:

This final section is for good reasons not put in a writeup:
I'm sick and tired of all the Everything nodes about Everthing. Imagine if Everything is published as a encyclopaedia some day. Could you imagine Websters 1913 having about 20.000 entries regarding Websters 1913? I couldn't. All the: "Why don't I get cooled"/ "Why downvote my nodes"/ "The Everything Problem"/ "The Everything Negativity Problem"/ "I just wrote my 600th writeup", etc. etc...
Who gives a fuck?. I've ten times more respect for personal nodes featuring diaries/poems/birthdates/number of persons, you've shagged, etc. - and some of those aren't exactly excellent - but still they're ten times more loaded with information than these everything nodes.
I guess you can figure the reason for writing this opinion here and not in a writeup :-)