This pretty little city located on the east coast of Jutland, Denmark is sometimes refered to as the biggest village of the world (at least by the Danes). An extreme coziness and wellbeing is experienced by the persons being here.

Århus has a lot of students, as it has a big university and a lot of educational centres. This has also made it one of the more expensive cities to go out in - and sometimes, you find yourself paying 48 DKK for half a litre of beer on an average cafe. (Of course you can go to a dodgy bar and pay 12 for one, or find a student bar packed with lovely young people and pay even less (in the latter case - you'd have to be a student though)).

Of major attractictions in Århus we find the old town and the cathedral - both located near the centre which takes about 20 minutes to cross on foot.

Places not to miss when going out include:

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