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Tivoli is a set of remote administration tools that support may platforms, including UNIX, WINDOWS, etc. Written by IBM this software rarely works and should not be used by the weak hearted. Similar to CA/Unicenter.
see www.tivoli.com
A funpark located in the very middle of Copenhagen - just on the opposite side of the central station. Entrance is about 40 DKK. Since there are a lot of parks and odd looking buildings, it's a very nice place to go just for a walk. Word of advice: Don't even think about buying food on the restaurants in there.

Tivoli was founded as a garden in 1843 and featured concerts ea. in the theatre (built in 1874) and lots of exhibitions throughout the 19th and 20th century. In 1914 the fun park twist began when a bang-the-knot-with-a-big-hammer-and-make-the-bell-ring was put in the garden. Bumper cars were added in 1926, and since then a rollercoaster, all sort of spinning things, boats, a concert hall and plenty of restaurants have been added. To use the activities, additional tickets must be bought (a tour-pass giving you unlimited access is almost 200 DKK) - concerts (both indoor and outdoor ones) are some times for free, some times very expensive.

Tiv"o*li (?), n. [Prob. fr. Tivoli in Italy, a pleasure resort not far from Rome.]

A game resembling bagatelle, played on a special oblong board or table (Tivoli board or table), which has a curved upper end, a set of numbered compartments at the lower end, side alleys, and the surface studded with pins and sometimes furnished with numbered depressions or cups.


© Webster 1913

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