IP ports 1024 through 2047

(back to 0-1023) (forward to 2048-3071) (forward to 3072-49151)

See http://www.iana.org/assignments/port-numbers for the official list; here is a reformatted, corrected, and linkified version, as of June 6, 2001:

Keyword         Decimal        Description
-------         -------        -----------
                1024/tcp,udp   Reserved
blackjack       1025/tcp,udp   network blackjack
iad1            1030/tcp,udp   BBN IAD
iad2            1031/tcp,udp   BBN IAD
iad3            1032/tcp,udp   BBN IAD
netarx          1040/tcp,udp   Netarx
neod1           1047/tcp,udp   Sun's NEO Object Request Broker
neod2           1048/tcp,udp   Sun's NEO Object Request Broker
td-postman      1049/tcp,udp   Tobit David Postman VPMN
cma             1050/tcp,udp   CORBA Management Agent
optima-vnet     1051/tcp,udp   Optima VNET
ddt             1052/tcp,udp   Dynamic DNS Tools
remote-as       1053/tcp,udp   Remote Assistant (RA)
brvread         1054/tcp,udp   BRVREAD
ansyslmd        1055/tcp,udp   ANSYS - License Manager
vfo             1056/tcp,udp   VFO
startron        1057/tcp,udp   STARTRON
nim             1058/tcp,udp   nim
nimreg          1059/tcp,udp   nimreg
polestar        1060/tcp,udp   POLESTAR
kiosk           1061/tcp,udp   KIOSK
veracity        1062/tcp,udp   Veracity
kyoceranetdev   1063/tcp,udp   KyoceraNetDev
jstel           1064/tcp,udp   JSTEL
syscomlan       1065/tcp,udp   SYSCOMLAN
fpo-fns         1066/tcp,udp   FPO-FNS
instl_boots     1067/tcp,udp   Installation Bootstrap Proto. Serv.
instl_bootc     1068/tcp,udp   Installation BootstrapProto. Cli.
cognex-insight  1069/tcp,udp   COGNEX-INSIGHT
gmrupdateserv   1070/tcp,udp   GMRUpdateSERV
bsquare-voip    1071/tcp,udp   BSQUARE-VOIP
cardax          1072/tcp,udp   CARDAX
bridgecontrol   1073/tcp,udp   BridgeControl
fastechnologlm  1074/tcp,udp   FASTechnologies License Manager
rdrmshc         1075/tcp,udp   RDRMSHC
dab-sti-c       1076/tcp,udp   DAB STI-C
imgames         1077/tcp,udp   IMGames
emanagecstp     1078/tcp,udp   eManageCstp
asprovatalk     1079/tcp,udp   ASPROVATalk
socks           1080/tcp,udp   Socks
pvuniwien       1081/tcp,udp   PVUNIWIEN
amt-esd-prot    1082/tcp,udp   AMT-ESD-PROT
ansoft-lm-1     1083/tcp,udp   Anasoft License Manager
ansoft-lm-2     1084/tcp,udp   Anasoft License Manager
webobjects      1085/tcp,udp   Web Objects
cplscrambler-lg 1086/tcp,udp   CPL Scrambler Logging
cplscrambler-in 1087/tcp,udp   CPL Scrambler Internal
cplscrambler-al 1088/tcp,udp   CPL Scrambler Alarm Log
ff-annunc       1089/tcp,udp   FF Annunciation
ff-fms          1090/tcp,udp   FF Fieldbus Message Specification
ff-sm           1091/tcp,udp   FF System Management
obrpd           1092/tcp,udp   OBRPD
proofd          1093/tcp,udp   PROOFD
rootd           1094/tcp,udp   ROOTD
nicelink        1095/tcp,udp   NICELink
cnrprotocol     1096/tcp,udp   Common Name Resolution Protocol
sunclustermgr   1097/tcp,udp   Sun Cluster Manager
rmiactivation   1098/tcp,udp   RMI Activation
rmiregistry     1099/tcp,udp   RMI Registry
mctp            1100/tcp,udp   MCTP
pt2-discover    1101/tcp,udp   PT2-DISCOVER
adobeserver-1   1102/tcp,udp   ADOBE SERVER 1
adobeserver-2   1103/tcp,udp   ADOBE SERVER 2
xrl             1104/tcp,udp   XRL
ftranhc         1105/tcp,udp   FTRANHC
isoipsigport-1  1106/tcp,udp   ISOIPSIGPORT-1
isoipsigport-2  1107/tcp,udp   ISOIPSIGPORT-2
ratio-adp       1108/tcp,udp   ratio-adp
nfsd-status     1110/tcp       Cluster status info
nfsd-keepalive  1110/udp       Client status info
lmsocialserver  1111/tcp,udp   LM Social Server
icp             1112/tcp,udp   Intelligent Communication Protocol
mini-sql        1114/tcp,udp   Mini SQL
ardus-trns      1115/tcp,udp   ARDUS Transfer
ardus-cntl      1116/tcp,udp   ARDUS Control
ardus-mtrns     1117/tcp,udp   ARDUS Multicast Transfer
availant-mgr    1122/tcp,udp   availant-mgr
murray          1123/tcp,udp   Murray
nfa             1155/tcp,udp   Network File Access
health-polling  1161/tcp,udp   Health Polling
health-trap     1162/tcp,udp   Health Trap
tripwire        1169/tcp,udp   TRIPWIRE
mc-client       1180/tcp,udp   Millicent Client Proxy
hp-webadmin     1188/tcp,udp   HP Web Admin
scol            1200/tcp,udp   SCOL
nucleus-sand    1201/tcp,udp   Nucleus Sand
caiccipc        1202/tcp,udp   caiccipc
ssslic-mgr      1203/tcp,udp   License Validation
ssslog-mgr      1204/tcp,udp   Log Request Listener
accord-mgc      1205/tcp,udp   Accord-MGC
anthony-data    1206/tcp,udp   Anthony Data
metasage        1207/tcp,udp   MetaSage
seagull-ais     1208/tcp,udp   SEAGULL AIS
ipcd3           1209/tcp,udp   IPCD3
eoss            1210/tcp,udp   EOSS
groove-dpp      1211/tcp,udp   Groove DPP
lupa            1212/tcp,udp   lupa
mpc-lifenet     1213/tcp,udp   MPC LIFENET
kazaa           1214/tcp,udp   KAZAA
scanstat-1      1215/tcp,udp   scanSTAT 1.0
etebac5         1216/tcp,udp   ETEBAC 5
hpss-ndapi      1217/tcp,udp   HPSS-NDAPI
aeroflight-ads  1218/tcp,udp   AeroFlight-ADs
aeroflight-ret  1219/tcp,udp   AeroFlight-Ret
qt-serveradmin  1220/tcp,udp   QT SERVER ADMIN
sweetware-apps  1221/tcp,udp   SweetWARE Apps
nerv            1222/tcp,udp   SNI R&D network
tgp             1223/tcp,udp   TGP
vpnz            1224/tcp,udp   VPNz
slinkysearch    1225/tcp,udp   SLINKYSEARCH
stgxfws         1226/tcp,udp   STGXFWS
dns2go          1227/tcp,udp   DNS2Go
florence        1228/tcp,udp   FLORENCE
novell-zfs      1229/tcp,udp   Novell ZFS
periscope       1230/tcp,udp   Periscope
menandmice-lpm  1231/tcp,udp   menandmice-lpm
univ-appserver  1233/tcp,udp   Universal App Server
search-agent    1234/tcp,udp   Infoseek Search Agent
mosaicsyssvc1   1235/tcp,udp  mosaicsyssvc1
bvcontrol       1236/tcp,udp  bvcontrol
tsdos390        1237/tcp,udp  tsdos390
hacl-qs         1238/tcp,udp  hacl-qs
nmsd            1239/tcp,udp   NMSD
instantia       1240/tcp,udp   Instantia
nessus          1241/tcp,udp   nessus
nmasoverip      1242/tcp,udp   NMAS over IP
serialgateway   1243/tcp,udp   SerialGateway
isbconference1  1244/tcp,udp   isbconference1
isbconference2  1245/tcp,udp   isbconference2
payrouter       1246/tcp,udp   payrouter
visionpyramid   1247/tcp,udp   VisionPyramid
hermes          1248/tcp,udp   hermes
mesavistaco     1249/tcp,udp   Mesa Vista Co
swldy-sias      1250/tcp,udp   swldy-sias
servergraph     1251/tcp,udp   servergraph
bspne-pcc       1252/tcp,udp   bspne-pcc
q55-pcc         1253/tcp,udp   q55-pcc
de-noc          1254/tcp,udp   de-noc
de-cache-query  1255/tcp,udp   de-cache-query
de-server       1256/tcp,udp   de-server
shockwave2      1257/tcp,udp   Shockwave 2
opennl          1258/tcp,udp   Open Network Library
opennl-voice    1259/tcp,udp   Open Network Library Voice
ibm-ssd         1260/tcp,udp   ibm-ssd
mpshrsv         1261/tcp,udp   mpshrsv
qnts-orb        1262/tcp,udp   QNTS-ORB
dka             1263/tcp,udp   dka
prat            1264/tcp,udp   PRAT
dssiapi         1265/tcp,udp   DSSIAPI
dellpwrappks    1266/tcp,udp   DELLPWRAPPKS
pcmlinux        1267/tcp,udp   pcmlinux
propel-msgsys   1268/tcp,udp   PROPEL-MSGSYS
watilapp        1269/tcp,udp   WATiLaPP
opsman          1270/tcp,udp   opsman
dabew           1271/tcp,udp   Dabew
cspmlockmgr     1272/tcp,udp   CSPMLockMgr
emc-gateway     1273/tcp,udp   EMC-Gateway
t1distproc      1274/tcp,udp   t1distproc
ivcollector     1275/tcp,udp   ivcollector
ivmanager       1276/tcp,udp   ivmanager
miva-mqs        1277/tcp,udp   mqs
dellwebadmin-1  1278/tcp,udp   Dell Web Admin 1
dellwebadmin-2  1279/tcp,udp   Dell Web Admin 2
pictrography    1280/tcp,udp   Pictrography
healthd         1281/tcp,udp   healthd
emperion        1282/tcp,udp   Emperion
productinfo     1283/tcp,udp   ProductInfo
iee-qfx         1284/tcp,udp   IEE-QFX
neoiface        1285/tcp,udp   neoiface
netuitive       1286/tcp,udp   netuitive
navbuddy        1288/tcp,udp   NavBuddy
jwalkserver     1289/tcp,udp   JWalkServer
winjaserver     1290/tcp,udp   WinJaServer
seagulllms      1291/tcp,udp   SEAGULLLMS
dsdn            1292/tcp,udp   dsdn
pkt-krb-ipsec   1293/tcp,udp   PKT-KRB-IPSec
cmmdriver       1294/tcp,udp   CMMdriver
eetp            1295/tcp,udp   EETP
dproxy          1296/tcp,udp   dproxy
sdproxy         1297/tcp,udp   sdproxy
lpcp            1298/tcp,udp   lpcp
hp-sci          1299/tcp,udp   hp-sci
h323hostcallsc  1300/tcp,udp   H323 Host Call Secure
ci3-software-1  1301/tcp,udp   CI3-Software-1
ci3-software-2  1302/tcp,udp   CI3-Software-2
sftsrv          1303/tcp,udp   sftsrv
boomerang       1304/tcp,udp   Boomerang
pe-mike         1305/tcp,udp   pe-mike
re-conn-proto   1306/tcp,udp   RE-Conn-Proto
pacmand         1307/tcp,udp   Pacmand
odsi            1308/tcp,udp   Optical Domain Service Interconnect (ODSI)
jtag-server     1309/tcp,udp   JTAG server
husky           1310/tcp,udp   Husky
rxmon           1311/tcp,udp   RxMon
sti-envision    1312/tcp,udp   STI Envision
bmc_patroldb    1313/tcp,udp   BMC_PATROLDB
pdps            1314/tcp,udp   Photoscript Distributed Printing System
els             1315/tcp,udp   els
exbit-escp      1316/tcp,udp   Exbit-ESCP
vrts-ipcserver  1317/tcp,udp   vrts-ipcserver
krb5gatekeeper  1318/tcp,udp   krb5gatekeeper
panja-icsp      1319/tcp,udp   Panja-ICSP
panja-axbnet    1320/tcp,udp   Panja-AXBNET
pip             1321/tcp,udp   PIP
novation        1322/tcp,udp   Novation
brcd            1323/tcp,udp   brcd
delta-mcp       1324/tcp,udp   delta-mcp
dx-instrument   1325/tcp,udp   DX-Instrument
wimsic          1326/tcp,udp   WIMSIC
ultrex          1327/tcp,udp   Ultrex
ewall           1328/tcp,udp   EWALL
netdb-export    1329/tcp,udp   netdb-export
streetperfect   1330/tcp,udp   StreetPerfect
intersan        1331/tcp,udp   intersan
pcia-rxp-b      1332/tcp,udp   PCIA RXP-B
passwrd-policy  1333/tcp,udp   Password Policy
writesrv        1334/tcp,udp   writesrv
digital-notary  1335/tcp,udp   Digital Notary Protocol
ischat          1336/tcp,udp   Instant Service Chat
menandmice-dns  1337/tcp,udp   menandmice DNS
wmc-log-svc     1338/tcp,udp   WMC-log-svr
kjtsiteserver   1339/tcp,udp   kjtsiteserver
naap            1340/tcp,udp   NAAP
qubes           1341/tcp,udp   QuBES
esbroker        1342/tcp,udp   ESBroker
re101           1343/tcp,udp   re101
icap            1344/tcp,udp   ICAP
vpjp            1345/tcp,udp   VPJP
alta-ana-lm     1346/tcp,udp   Alta Analytics License Manager
bbn-mmc         1347/tcp,udp   multi media conferencing
bbn-mmx         1348/tcp,udp   multi media conferencing
sbook           1349/tcp,udp   Registration Network Protocol
editbench       1350/tcp,udp   Registration Network Protocol
equationbuilder 1351/tcp,udp   Digital Tool Works (MIT)
lotusnote       1352/tcp,udp   Lotus Note
relief          1353/tcp,udp   Relief Consulting
rightbrain      1354/tcp,udp   RightBrain Software
intuitive-edge  1355/tcp,udp   Intuitive Edge
cuillamartin    1356/tcp,udp   CuillaMartin Company
pegboard        1357/tcp,udp   Electronic PegBoard
connlcli        1358/tcp,udp   CONNLCLI
ftsrv           1359/tcp,udp   FTSRV
mimer           1360/tcp,udp   MIMER
linx            1361/tcp,udp   LinX
timeflies       1362/tcp,udp   TimeFlies
ndm-requester   1363/tcp,udp   Network DataMover Requester
ndm-server      1364/tcp,udp   Network DataMover Server
adapt-sna       1365/tcp,udp   Network Software Associates
netware-csp     1366/tcp,udp   Novell NetWare Comm Service Platform
dcs             1367/tcp,udp   DCS
screencast      1368/tcp,udp   ScreenCast
gv-us           1369/tcp,udp   GlobalView to Unix Shell
us-gv           1370/tcp,udp   Unix Shell to GlobalView
fc-cli          1371/tcp,udp   Fujitsu Config Protocol
fc-ser          1372/tcp,udp   Fujitsu Config Protocol
chromagrafx     1373/tcp,udp   Chromagrafx
molly           1374/tcp,udp   EPI Software Systems
bytex           1375/tcp,udp   Bytex
ibm-pps         1376/tcp,udp   IBM Person to Person Software
cichlid         1377/tcp,udp   Cichlid License Manager
elan            1378/tcp,udp   Elan License Manager
dbreporter      1379/tcp,udp   Integrity Solutions
telesis-licman  1380/tcp,udp   Telesis Network License Manager
apple-licman    1381/tcp,udp   Apple Network License Manager
udt_os          1382/tcp,udp   udt_os
gwha            1383/tcp,udp   GW Hannaway Network License Manager
os-licman       1384/tcp,udp   Objective Solutions License Manager
atex_elmd       1385/tcp,udp   Atex Publishing License Manager
checksum        1386/tcp,udp   CheckSum License Manager
cadsi-lm        1387/tcp,udp   Computer Aided Design Software Inc LM
objective-dbc   1388/tcp,udp   Objective Solutions DataBase Cache
iclpv-dm        1389/tcp,udp   Document Manager
iclpv-sc        1390/tcp,udp   Storage Controller
iclpv-sas       1391/tcp,udp   Storage Access Server
iclpv-pm        1392/tcp,udp   Print Manager
iclpv-nls       1393/tcp,udp   Network Log Server
iclpv-nlc       1394/tcp,udp   Network Log Client
iclpv-wsm       1395/tcp,udp   PC Workstation Manager software
dvl-activemail  1396/tcp,udp   DVL Active Mail
audio-activmail 1397/tcp,udp   Audio Active Mail
video-activmail 1398/tcp,udp   Video Active Mail
cadkey-licman   1399/tcp,udp   Cadkey License Manager
cadkey-tablet   1400/tcp,udp   Cadkey Tablet Daemon
goldleaf-licman 1401/tcp,udp   Goldleaf License Manager
prm-sm-np       1402/tcp,udp   Prospero Resource Manager
prm-nm-np       1403/tcp,udp   Prospero Resource Manager
igi-lm          1404/tcp,udp   Infinite Graphics License Manager
ibm-res         1405/tcp,udp   IBM Remote Execution Starter
netlabs-lm      1406/tcp,udp   NetLabs License Manager
dbsa-lm         1407/tcp,udp   DBSA License Manager
sophia-lm       1408/tcp,udp   Sophia License Manager
here-lm         1409/tcp,udp   Here License Manager
hiq             1410/tcp,udp   HiQ License Manager
af              1411/tcp,udp   AudioFile
innosys         1412/tcp,udp   InnoSys
innosys-acl     1413/tcp,udp   Innosys-ACL
ibm-mqseries    1414/tcp,udp   IBM MQSeries
dbstar          1415/tcp,udp   DBStar
novell-lu6.2    1416/tcp,udp   Novell LU6.2
timbuktu-srv1   1417/tcp,udp   Timbuktu Service 1 Port
timbuktu-srv2   1418/tcp,udp   Timbuktu Service 2 Port
timbuktu-srv3   1419/tcp,udp   Timbuktu Service 3 Port
timbuktu-srv4   1420/tcp,udp   Timbuktu Service 4 Port
gandalf-lm      1421/tcp,udp   Gandalf License Manager
autodesk-lm     1422/tcp,udp   Autodesk License Manager
essbase         1423/tcp,udp   Essbase Arbor Software
hybrid          1424/tcp,udp   Hybrid Encryption Protocol
zion-lm         1425/tcp,udp   Zion Software License Manager
sais            1426/tcp,udp   Satellite-data Acquisition System 1
mloadd          1427/tcp,udp   mloadd monitoring tool
informatik-lm   1428/tcp,udp   Informatik License Manager
nms             1429/tcp,udp   Hypercom NMS
tpdu            1430/tcp,udp   Hypercom TPDU
rgtp            1431/tcp,udp   Reverse Gossip Transport
blueberry-lm    1432/tcp,udp   Blueberry Software License Manager
ms-sql-s        1433/tcp,udp   Microsoft-SQL-Server
ms-sql-m        1434/tcp,udp   Microsoft-SQL-Monitor
ibm-cics        1435/tcp,udp   IBM CICS
saism           1436/tcp,udp   Satellite-data Acquisition System 2
tabula          1437/tcp,udp   Tabula
eicon-server    1438/tcp,udp   Eicon Security Agent/Server
eicon-x25       1439/tcp,udp   Eicon X25/SNA Gateway
eicon-slp       1440/tcp,udp   Eicon Service Location Protocol
cadis-1         1441/tcp,udp   Cadis License Management
cadis-2         1442/tcp,udp   Cadis License Management
ies-lm          1443/tcp,udp   Integrated Engineering Software
marcam-lm       1444/tcp,udp   Marcam  License Management
proxima-lm      1445/tcp,udp   Proxima License Manager
ora-lm          1446/tcp,udp   Optical Research Associates License Manager
apri-lm         1447/tcp,udp   Applied Parallel Research LM
oc-lm           1448/tcp,udp   OpenConnect License Manager
peport          1449/tcp,udp   PEport
dwf             1450/tcp,udp   Tandem Distributed Workbench Facility
infoman         1451/tcp,udp   IBM Information Management
gtegsc-lm       1452/tcp,udp   GTE Government Systems License Man
genie-lm        1453/tcp,udp   Genie License Manager
interhdl_elmd   1454/tcp,udp   interHDL License Manager
esl-lm          1455/tcp,udp   ESL License Manager
dca             1456/tcp,udp   DCA
valisys-lm      1457/tcp,udp   Valisys License Manager
nrcabq-lm       1458/tcp,udp   Nichols Research Corp.
proshare1       1459/tcp,udp   Proshare Notebook Application
proshare2       1460/tcp,udp   Proshare Notebook Application
ibm_wrless_lan  1461/tcp,udp   IBM Wireless LAN
world-lm        1462/tcp,udp   World License Manager
nucleus         1463/tcp,udp   Nucleus
msl_lmd         1464/tcp,udp   MSL License Manager
pipes           1465/tcp,udp   Pipes Platform  mfarlin@peerlogic.com
oceansoft-lm    1466/tcp,udp   Ocean Software License Manager
csdmbase        1467/tcp,udp   CSDMBASE
csdm            1468/tcp,udp   CSDM
aal-lm          1469/tcp,udp   Active Analysis Limited License Manager
uaiact          1470/tcp,udp   Universal Analytics
csdmbase        1471/tcp,udp   csdmbase
csdm            1472/tcp,udp   csdm
openmath        1473/tcp,udp   OpenMath
telefinder      1474/tcp,udp   Telefinder
taligent-lm     1475/tcp,udp   Taligent License Manager
clvm-cfg        1476/tcp,udp   clvm-cfg
ms-sna-server   1477/tcp,udp   ms-sna-server
ms-sna-base     1478/tcp,udp   ms-sna-base
dberegister     1479/tcp,udp   dberegister
pacerforum      1480/tcp,udp   PacerForum
airs            1481/tcp,udp   AIRS
miteksys-lm     1482/tcp,udp   Miteksys License Manager
afs             1483/tcp,udp   AFS License Manager
confluent       1484/tcp,udp   Confluent License Manager
lansource       1485/tcp,udp   LANSource
nms_topo_serv   1486/tcp,udp   nms_topo_serv
localinfosrvr   1487/tcp,udp   LocalInfoSrvr
docstor         1488/tcp,udp   DocStor
dmdocbroker     1489/tcp,udp   dmdocbroker
insitu-conf     1490/tcp,udp   insitu-conf
anynetgateway   1491/tcp,udp   anynetgateway
stone-design-1  1492/tcp,udp   stone-design-1
netmap_lm       1493/tcp,udp   netmap_lm
ica             1494/tcp,udp   ica
cvc             1495/tcp,udp   cvc
liberty-lm      1496/tcp,udp   liberty-lm
rfx-lm          1497/tcp,udp   rfx-lm
sybase-sqlany   1498/tcp,udp   Sybase SQL Any
fhc             1499/tcp,udp   Federico Heinz Consultora
vlsi-lm         1500/tcp,udp   VLSI License Manager
saiscm          1501/tcp,udp   Satellite-data Acquisition System 3
shivadiscovery  1502/tcp,udp   Shiva
imtc-mcs        1503/tcp,udp   Databeam
evb-elm         1504/tcp,udp   EVB Software Engineering License Manager
funkproxy       1505/tcp,udp   Funk Software, Inc.
utcd            1506/tcp,udp   Universal Time daemon (utcd)
symplex         1507/tcp,udp   symplex
diagmond        1508/tcp,udp   diagmond
robcad-lm       1509/tcp,udp   Robcad, Ltd. License Manager
mvx-lm          1510/tcp,udp   Midland Valley Exploration Ltd. Lic. Man.
3l-l1           1511/tcp,udp   3l-l1
wins            1512/tcp,udp   Microsoft's Windows Internet Name Service
fujitsu-dtc     1513/tcp,udp   Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc
fujitsu-dtcns   1514/tcp,udp   Fujitsu Systems Business of America, Inc
ifor-protocol   1515/tcp,udp   ifor-protocol
vpad            1516/tcp,udp   Virtual Places Audio data
vpac            1517/tcp,udp   Virtual Places Audio control
vpvd            1518/tcp,udp   Virtual Places Video data
vpvc            1519/tcp,udp   Virtual Places Video control
atm-zip-office  1520/tcp,udp   atm zip office
ncube-lm        1521/tcp,udp   nCube License Manager
ricardo-lm      1522/tcp,udp   Ricardo North America License Manager
cichild-lm      1523/tcp,udp   cichild
ingreslock      1524/tcp,udp   ingres
orasrv          1525/tcp,udp   oracle
prospero-np     1525/tcp,udp   Prospero Directory Service non-priv
pdap-np         1526/tcp,udp   Prospero Data Access Prot non-priv
tlisrv          1527/tcp,udp   oracle
mciautoreg      1528/tcp,udp   micautoreg
coauthor        1529/tcp,udp   oracle
rap-service     1530/tcp,udp   rap-service
rap-listen      1531/tcp,udp   rap-listen
miroconnect     1532/tcp,udp   miroconnect
virtual-places  1533/tcp,udp   Virtual Places Software
micromuse-lm    1534/tcp,udp   micromuse-lm
ampr-info       1535/tcp,udp   ampr-info
ampr-inter      1536/tcp,udp   ampr-inter
sdsc-lm         1537/tcp,udp   isi-lm
3ds-lm          1538/tcp,udp   3ds-lm
intellistor-lm  1539/tcp,udp   Intellistor License Manager
rds             1540/tcp,udp   rds
rds2            1541/tcp,udp   rds2
gridgen-elmd    1542/tcp,udp   gridgen-elmd
simba-cs        1543/tcp,udp   simba-cs
aspeclmd        1544/tcp,udp   aspeclmd
vistium-share   1545/tcp,udp   vistium-share
abbaccuray      1546/tcp,udp   abbaccuray
laplink         1547/tcp,udp   laplink
axon-lm         1548/tcp,udp   Axon License Manager
shivahose       1549/tcp       Shiva Hose
shivasound      1549/udp       Shiva Sound
3m-image-lm     1550/tcp,udp   Image Storage license manager 3M Company
hecmtl-db       1551/tcp,udp   HECMTL-DB
pciarray        1552/tcp,udp   pciarray
sna-cs          1553/tcp,udp   sna-cs
caci-lm         1554/tcp,udp   CACI Products Company License Manager
livelan         1555/tcp,udp   livelan
ashwin          1556/tcp,udp   AshWin CI Tecnologies
arbortext-lm    1557/tcp,udp   ArborText License Manager
xingmpeg        1558/tcp,udp   xingmpeg
web2host        1559/tcp,udp   web2host
asci-val        1560/tcp,udp   asci-val
facilityview    1561/tcp,udp   facilityview
pconnectmgr     1562/tcp,udp   pconnectmgr
cadabra-lm      1563/tcp,udp   Cadabra License Manager
pay-per-view    1564/tcp,udp   Pay-Per-View
winddlb         1565/tcp,udp   WinDD
corelvideo      1566/tcp,udp   CORELVIDEO
jlicelmd        1567/tcp,udp   jlicelmd
tsspmap         1568/tcp,udp   tsspmap
ets             1569/tcp,udp   ets
orbixd          1570/tcp,udp   orbixd
rdb-dbs-disp    1571/tcp,udp   Oracle Remote Data Base
chip-lm         1572/tcp,udp   Chipcom License Manager
itscomm-ns      1573/tcp,udp   itscomm-ns
mvel-lm         1574/tcp,udp   mvel-lm
oraclenames     1575/tcp,udp   oraclenames
moldflow-lm     1576/tcp,udp   moldflow-lm
hypercube-lm    1577/tcp,udp   hypercube-lm
jacobus-lm      1578/tcp,udp   Jacobus License Manager
ioc-sea-lm      1579/tcp,udp   ioc-sea-lm
tn-tl-r1        1580/tcp       tn-tl-r1
tn-tl-r2        1580/udp       tn-tl-r2
mil-2045-47001  1581/tcp,udp   MIL-2045-47001
msims           1582/tcp,udp   MSIMS
simbaexpress    1583/tcp,udp   simbaexpress
tn-tl-fd2       1584/tcp,udp   tn-tl-fd2
intv            1585/tcp,udp   intv
ibm-abtact      1586/tcp,udp   ibm-abtact
pra_elmd        1587/tcp,udp   pra_elmd
triquest-lm     1588/tcp,udp   triquest-lm
vqp             1589/tcp,udp   VQP
gemini-lm       1590/tcp,udp   gemini-lm
ncpm-pm         1591/tcp,udp   ncpm-pm
commonspace     1592/tcp,udp   commonspace
mainsoft-lm     1593/tcp,udp   mainsoft-lm
sixtrak         1594/tcp,udp   sixtrak
radio           1595/tcp,udp   radio
radio-sm        1596/tcp       radio-sm
radio-bc        1596/udp       radio-bc
orbplus-iiop    1597/tcp,udp   orbplus-iiop
picknfs         1598/tcp,udp   picknfs
simbaservices   1599/tcp,udp   simbaservices
issd            1600/tcp,udp
aas             1601/tcp,udp   aas
inspect         1602/tcp,udp   inspect
picodbc         1603/tcp,udp   pickodbc
icabrowser      1604/tcp,udp   icabrowser
slp             1605/tcp,udp   Salutation Manager (Salutation Protocol)
slm-api         1606/tcp,udp   Salutation Manager (SLM-API)
stt             1607/tcp,udp   stt
smart-lm        1608/tcp,udp   Smart Corp. License Manager
isysg-lm        1609/tcp,udp   isysg-lm
taurus-wh       1610/tcp,udp   taurus-wh
ill             1611/tcp,udp   Inter Library Loan
netbill-trans   1612/tcp,udp   NetBill Transaction Server
netbill-keyrep  1613/tcp,udp   NetBill Key Repository
netbill-cred    1614/tcp,udp   NetBill Credential Server
netbill-auth    1615/tcp,udp   NetBill Authorization Server
netbill-prod    1616/tcp,udp   NetBill Product Server
nimrod-agent    1617/tcp,udp   Nimrod Inter-Agent Communication
skytelnet       1618/tcp,udp   skytelnet
xs-openstorage  1619/tcp,udp   xs-openstorage
faxportwinport  1620/tcp,udp   faxportwinport
softdataphone   1621/tcp,udp   softdataphone
ontime          1622/tcp,udp   ontime
jaleosnd        1623/tcp,udp   jaleosnd
udp-sr-port     1624/tcp,udp   udp-sr-port
svs-omagent     1625/tcp,udp   svs-omagent
shockwave       1626/tcp,udp   Shockwave
t128-gateway    1627/tcp,udp   T.128 Gateway
lontalk-norm    1628/tcp,udp   LonTalk normal
lontalk-urgnt   1629/tcp,udp   LonTalk urgent
oraclenet8cman  1630/tcp,udp   Oracle Net8 Cman
visitview       1631/tcp,udp   Visit view
pammratc        1632/tcp,udp   PAMMRATC
pammrpc         1633/tcp,udp   PAMMRPC
loaprobe        1634/tcp,udp   Log On America Probe
edb-server1     1635/tcp,udp   EDB Server 1
cncp            1636/tcp,udp   CableNet Control Protocol
cnap            1637/tcp,udp   CableNet Admin Protocol
cnip            1638/tcp,udp   CableNet Info Protocol
cert-initiator  1639/tcp,udp   cert-initiator
cert-responder  1640/tcp,udp   cert-responder
invision        1641/tcp,udp   InVision
isis-am         1642/tcp,udp   isis-am
isis-ambc       1643/tcp,udp   isis-ambc
saiseh          1644/tcp       Satellite-data Acquisition System 4
datametrics     1645/tcp,udp   datametrics
sa-msg-port     1646/tcp,udp   sa-msg-port
rsap            1647/tcp,udp   rsap
concurrent-lm   1648/tcp,udp   concurrent-lm
kermit          1649/tcp,udp   kermit
nkd             1650/tcp,udp   nkd
shiva_confsrvr  1651/tcp,udp   shiva_confsrvr
xnmp            1652/tcp,udp   xnmp
alphatech-lm    1653/tcp,udp   alphatech-lm
stargatealerts  1654/tcp,udp   stargatealerts
dec-mbadmin     1655/tcp,udp   dec-mbadmin
dec-mbadmin-h   1656/tcp,udp   dec-mbadmin-h
fujitsu-mmpdc   1657/tcp,udp   fujitsu-mmpdc
sixnetudr       1658/tcp,udp   sixnetudr
sg-lm           1659/tcp,udp   Silicon Grail License Manager
skip-mc-gikreq  1660/tcp,udp   skip-mc-gikreq
netview-aix-1   1661/tcp,udp   netview-aix-1
netview-aix-2   1662/tcp,udp   netview-aix-2
netview-aix-3   1663/tcp,udp   netview-aix-3
netview-aix-4   1664/tcp,udp   netview-aix-4
netview-aix-5   1665/tcp,udp   netview-aix-5
netview-aix-6   1666/tcp,udp   netview-aix-6
netview-aix-7   1667/tcp,udp   netview-aix-7
netview-aix-8   1668/tcp,udp   netview-aix-8
netview-aix-9   1669/tcp,udp   netview-aix-9
netview-aix-10  1670/tcp,udp   netview-aix-10
netview-aix-11  1671/tcp,udp   netview-aix-11
netview-aix-12  1672/tcp,udp   netview-aix-12
proshare-mc-1   1673/tcp,udp   Intel Proshare Multicast
proshare-mc-2   1674/tcp,udp   Intel Proshare Multicast
pdp             1675/tcp,udp   Pacific Data Products
netcomm1        1676/tcp       netcomm1
netcomm2        1676/udp       netcomm2
groupwise       1677/tcp,udp   groupwise
prolink         1678/tcp,udp   prolink
darcorp-lm      1679/tcp,udp   darcorp-lm
microcom-sbp    1680/tcp,udp   microcom-sbp
sd-elmd         1681/tcp,udp   sd-elmd
lanyon-lantern  1682/tcp,udp   lanyon-lantern
ncpm-hip        1683/tcp,udp   ncpm-hip
snaresecure     1684/tcp,udp   SnareSecure
n2nremote       1685/tcp,udp   n2nremote
cvmon           1686/tcp,udp   cvmon
nsjtp-ctrl      1687/tcp,udp   nsjtp-ctrl
nsjtp-data      1688/tcp,udp   nsjtp-data
firefox         1689/tcp,udp   firefox
ng-umds         1690/tcp,udp   ng-umds
empire-empuma   1691/tcp,udp   empire-empuma
sstsys-lm       1692/tcp,udp   sstsys-lm
rrirtr          1693/tcp,udp   rrirtr
rrimwm          1694/tcp,udp   rrimwm
rrilwm          1695/tcp,udp   rrilwm
rrifmm          1696/tcp,udp   rrifmm
rrisat          1697/tcp,udp   rrisat
rsvp-encap-1    1698/tcp,udp   RSVP-ENCAPSULATION-1
rsvp-encap-2    1699/tcp,udp   RSVP-ENCAPSULATION-2
mps-raft        1700/tcp,udp   mps-raft
l2f             1701/tcp,udp   l2f
l2tp            1701/tcp,udp   l2tp
deskshare       1702/tcp,udp   deskshare
hb-engine       1703/tcp,udp   hb-engine
bcs-broker      1704/tcp,udp   bcs-broker
slingshot       1705/tcp,udp   slingshot
jetform         1706/tcp,udp   jetform
vdmplay         1707/tcp,udp   vdmplay
gat-lmd         1708/tcp,udp   gat-lmd
centra          1709/tcp,udp   centra
impera          1710/tcp,udp   impera
pptconference   1711/tcp,udp   pptconference
registrar       1712/tcp,udp   resource monitoring service
conferencetalk  1713/tcp,udp   ConferenceTalk
sesi-lm         1714/tcp,udp   sesi-lm
houdini-lm      1715/tcp,udp   houdini-lm
xmsg            1716/tcp,udp   xmsg
fj-hdnet        1717/tcp,udp   fj-hdnet
h323gatedisc    1718/tcp,udp   h323gatedisc
h323gatestat    1719/tcp,udp   h323gatestat
h323hostcall    1720/tcp,udp   h323hostcall
caicci          1721/tcp,udp   caicci
hks-lm          1722/tcp,udp   HKS License Manager
pptp            1723/tcp,udp   pptp
csbphonemaster  1724/tcp,udp   csbphonemaster
iden-ralp       1725/tcp,udp   iden-ralp
iberiagames     1726/tcp,udp   IBERIAGAMES
winddx          1727/tcp,udp   winddx
telindus        1728/tcp,udp   TELINDUS
citynl          1729/tcp,udp   CityNL License Management
roketz          1730/tcp,udp   roketz
msiccp          1731/tcp,udp   MSICCP
proxim          1732/tcp,udp   proxim
siipat          1733/tcp,udp   SIMS - SIIPAT Protocol for Alarm Transmission
cambertx-lm     1734/tcp,udp   Camber Corporation License Management
privatechat     1735/tcp,udp   PrivateChat
street-stream   1736/tcp,udp   street-stream
ultimad         1737/tcp,udp   ultimad
gamegen1        1738/tcp,udp   GameGen1
webaccess       1739/tcp,udp   webaccess
encore          1740/tcp,udp   encore
cisco-net-mgmt  1741/tcp,udp   cisco-net-mgmt
3Com-nsd        1742/tcp,udp   3Com-nsd
cinegrfx-lm     1743/tcp,udp   Cinema Graphics License Manager
ncpm-ft         1744/tcp,udp   ncpm-ft
remote-winsock  1745/tcp,udp   remote-winsock
ftrapid-1       1746/tcp,udp   ftrapid-1
ftrapid-2       1747/tcp,udp   ftrapid-2
oracle-em1      1748/tcp,udp   oracle-em1
aspen-services  1749/tcp,udp   aspen-services
sslp            1750/tcp,udp   Simple Socket Library's PortMaster
swiftnet        1751/tcp,udp   SwiftNet
lofr-lm         1752/tcp,udp   Leap of Faith Research License Manager
translogic-lm   1753/tcp,udp   Translogic License Manager
oracle-em2      1754/tcp,udp   oracle-em2
ms-streaming    1755/tcp,udp   ms-streaming
capfast-lmd     1756/tcp,udp   capfast-lmd
cnhrp           1757/tcp,udp   cnhrp
tftp-mcast      1758/tcp,udp   tftp-mcast
spss-lm         1759/tcp,udp   SPSS License Manager
www-ldap-gw     1760/tcp,udp   www-ldap-gw
cft-0           1761/tcp,udp   cft-0
cft-1           1762/tcp,udp   cft-1
cft-2           1763/tcp,udp   cft-2
cft-3           1764/tcp,udp   cft-3
cft-4           1765/tcp,udp   cft-4
cft-5           1766/tcp,udp   cft-5
cft-6           1767/tcp,udp   cft-6
cft-7           1768/tcp,udp   cft-7
bmc-net-adm     1769/tcp,udp   bmc-net-adm
bmc-net-svc     1770/tcp,udp   bmc-net-svc
vaultbase       1771/tcp,udp   vaultbase
essweb-gw       1772/tcp,udp   EssWeb Gateway
kmscontrol      1773/tcp,udp   KMSControl
global-dtserv   1774/tcp,udp   global-dtserv
femis           1776/tcp,udp   Federal Emergency Management Information System
powerguardian   1777/tcp,udp   powerguardian
prodigy-intrnet 1778/tcp,udp   prodigy-internet
pharmasoft      1779/tcp,udp   pharmasoft
dpkeyserv       1780/tcp,udp   dpkeyserv
answersoft-lm   1781/tcp,udp   answersoft-lm
hp-hcip         1782/tcp,udp   hp-hcip
finle-lm        1784/tcp,udp   Finle License Manager
windlm          1785/tcp,udp   Wind River Systems License Manager
funk-logger     1786/tcp,udp   funk-logger
funk-license    1787/tcp,udp   funk-license
psmond          1788/tcp,udp   psmond
hello           1789/tcp,udp   hello
nmsp            1790/tcp,udp   Narrative Media Streaming Protocol
ea1             1791/tcp,udp   EA1
ibm-dt-2        1792/tcp,udp   ibm-dt-2
rsc-robot       1793/tcp,udp   rsc-robot
cera-bcm        1794/tcp,udp   cera-bcm
dpi-proxy       1795/tcp,udp   dpi-proxy
vocaltec-admin  1796/tcp,udp   Vocaltec Server Administration
uma             1797/tcp,udp   UMA
etp             1798/tcp,udp   Event Transfer Protocol
netrisk         1799/tcp,udp   NETRISK
ansys-lm        1800/tcp,udp   ANSYS-License manager
msmq            1801/tcp,udp   Microsoft Message Que
concomp1        1802/tcp,udp   ConComp1
hp-hcip-gwy     1803/tcp,udp   HP-HCIP-GWY
enl             1804/tcp,udp   ENL
enl-name        1805/tcp,udp   ENL-Name
musiconline     1806/tcp,udp   Musiconline
fhsp            1807/tcp,udp   Fujitsu Hot Standby Protocol
oracle-vp2      1808/tcp,udp   Oracle-VP2
oracle-vp1      1809/tcp,udp   Oracle-VP1
jerand-lm       1810/tcp,udp   Jerand License Manager
scientia-sdb    1811/tcp,udp   Scientia-SDB
radius          1812/tcp,udp   RADIUS
radius-acct     1813/tcp,udp   RADIUS Accounting
tdp-suite       1814/tcp,udp   TDP Suite
mmpft           1815/tcp,udp   MMPFT
harp            1816/tcp,udp   HARP
rkb-oscs        1817/tcp,udp   RKB-OSCS
etftp           1818/tcp,udp   Enhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol
plato-lm        1819/tcp,udp   Plato License Manager
mcagent         1820/tcp,udp   mcagent
donnyworld      1821/tcp,udp   donnyworld
es-elmd         1822/tcp,udp   es-elmd
unisys-lm       1823/tcp,udp   Unisys Natural Language License Manager
metrics-pas     1824/tcp,udp   metrics-pas
direcpc-video   1825/tcp,udp   DirecPC Video
ardt            1826/tcp,udp   ARDT
asi             1827/tcp,udp   ASI
itm-mcell-u     1828/tcp,udp   itm-mcell-u
optika-emedia   1829/tcp,udp   Optika eMedia
net8-cman       1830/tcp,udp   Oracle Net8 CMan Admin
myrtle          1831/tcp,udp   Myrtle
tht-treasure    1832/tcp,udp   ThoughtTreasure
udpradio        1833/tcp,udp   udpradio
ardusuni        1834/tcp,udp   ARDUS Unicast
ardusmul        1835/tcp,udp   ARDUS Multicast
ste-smsc        1836/tcp,udp   ste-smsc
csoft1          1837/tcp,udp   csoft1
talnet          1838/tcp,udp   TALNET
netopia-vo1     1839/tcp,udp   netopia-vo1
netopia-vo2     1840/tcp,udp   netopia-vo2
netopia-vo3     1841/tcp,udp   netopia-vo3
netopia-vo4     1842/tcp,udp   netopia-vo4
netopia-vo5     1843/tcp,udp   netopia-vo5
direcpc-dll     1844/tcp,udp   DirecPC-DLL
altalink        1845/tcp,udp   altalink
tunstall-pnc    1846/tcp,udp   Tunstall PNC
slp-notify      1847/tcp,udp   SLP Notification
fjdocdist       1848/tcp,udp   fjdocdist
alpha-sms       1849/tcp,udp   ALPHA-SMS
gsi             1850/tcp,udp   GSI
ctcd            1851/tcp,udp   ctcd
virtual-time    1852/tcp,udp   Virtual Time
vids-avtp       1853/tcp,udp   VIDS-AVTP
buddy-draw      1854/tcp,udp   Buddy Draw
fiorano-rtrsvc  1855/tcp,udp   Fiorano RtrSvc
fiorano-msgsvc  1856/tcp,udp   Fiorano MsgSvc
datacaptor      1857/tcp,udp   DataCaptor
privateark      1858/tcp,udp   PrivateArk
gammafetchsvr   1859/tcp,udp   Gamma Fetcher Server
sunscalar-svc   1860/tcp,udp   SunSCALAR Services
lecroy-vicp     1861/tcp,udp   LeCroy VICP
techra-server   1862/tcp,udp   techra-server
msnp            1863/tcp,udp   MSNP
paradym-31port  1864/tcp,udp   Paradym 31 Port
entp            1865/tcp,udp   ENTP
swrmi           1866/tcp,udp   swrmi
udrive          1867/tcp,udp   UDRIVE
viziblebrowser  1868/tcp,udp   VizibleBrowser
yestrader       1869/tcp,udp   YesTrader
sunscalar-dns   1870/tcp,udp   SunSCALAR DNS Service
canocentral0    1871/tcp,udp   Cano Central 0
canocentral1    1872/tcp,udp   Cano Central 1
fjmpjps         1873/tcp,udp   Fjmpjps
fjswapsnp       1874/tcp,udp   Fjswapsnp
westell-stats   1875/tcp,udp   westell stats
ewcappsrv       1876/tcp,udp   ewcappsrv
hp-webqosdb     1877/tcp,udp   hp-webqosdb
drmsmc          1878/tcp,udp   drmsmc
nettgain-nms    1879/tcp,udp   NettGain NMS
vsat-control    1880/tcp,udp   Gilat VSAT Control
ibm-mqseries2   1881/tcp,udp   IBM MQSeries
ecsqdmn         1882/tcp,udp   ecsqdmn
ibm-mqisdp      1883/tcp,udp   IBM MQSeries SCADA
idmaps          1884/tcp,udp   Internet Distance Map Svc
vrtstrapserver  1885/tcp,udp   Veritas Trap Server
leoip           1886/tcp,udp   Leonardo over IP
filex-lport     1887/tcp,udp   FileX Listening Port
ncconfig        1888/tcp,udp   NC Config Port
unify-adapter   1889/tcp,udp   Unify Web Adapter Service
wilkenlistener  1890/tcp,udp   wilkenListener
childkey-notif  1891/tcp,udp   ChildKey Notification
childkey-ctrl   1892/tcp,udp   ChildKey Control
elad            1893/tcp,udp   ELAD Protocol
o2server-port   1894/tcp,udp   O2Server Port
b-novative-ls   1896/tcp,udp   b-novative license server
metaagent       1897/tcp,udp   MetaAgent
cymtec-port     1898/tcp,udp   Cymtec secure management
mc2studios      1899/tcp,udp   MC2Studios
ssdp            1900/tcp,udp   SSDP
fjicl-tep-a     1901/tcp,udp   Fujitsu ICL Terminal Emulator Program A
fjicl-tep-b     1902/tcp,udp   Fujitsu ICL Terminal Emulator Program B
linkname        1903/tcp,udp   Local Link Name Resolution
fjicl-tep-c     1904/tcp,udp   Fujitsu ICL Terminal Emulator Program C
sugp            1905/tcp,udp   Secure UP.Link Gateway Protocol
tpmd            1906/tcp,udp   TPortMapperReq
intrastar       1907/tcp,udp   IntraSTAR
dawn            1908/tcp,udp   Dawn
global-wlink    1909/tcp,udp   Global World Link
ultrabac        1910/tcp,udp   ultrabac
mtp             1911/tcp,udp   Starlight Networks Multimedia Transport Protocol
rhp-iibp        1912/tcp,udp   rhp-iibp
armadp          1913/tcp,udp   armadp
elm-momentum    1914/tcp,udp   Elm-Momentum
facelink        1915/tcp,udp   FACELINK
persona         1916/tcp,udp   Persoft Persona
noagent         1917/tcp,udp   nOAgent
can-nds         1918/tcp,udp   Candle Directory Service - NDS
can-dch         1919/tcp,udp   Candle Directory Service - DCH
can-ferret      1920/tcp,udp   Candle Directory Service - FERRET
noadmin         1921/tcp,udp   NoAdmin
tapestry        1922/tcp,udp   Tapestry
spice           1923/tcp,udp   SPICE
xiip            1924/tcp,udp   XIIP
discovery-port  1925/tcp,udp   Surrogate Discovery Port
egs             1926/tcp,udp   Evolution Game Server
videte-cipc     1927/tcp,udp   Videte CIPC Port
emsd-port       1928/tcp,udp   Expnd Maui Srvr Dscovr
bandwiz-system  1929/tcp,udp   Bandwiz System - Server
driveappserver  1930/tcp,udp   Drive AppServer
amdsched        1931/tcp,udp   AMD SCHED
ctt-broker      1932/tcp,udp   CTT Broker
xmapi           1933/tcp,udp   IBM LM MT Agent
xaapi           1934/tcp,udp   IBM LM Appl Agent
tincan          1935/tcp,udp   TinCan
jetcmeserver    1936/tcp,udp   JetCmeServer Server Port
jwserver        1937/tcp,udp   JetVWay Server Port
jwclient        1938/tcp,udp   JetVWay Client Port
jvserver        1939/tcp,udp   JetVision Server Port
jvclient        1940/tcp,udp   JetVision Client Port
dic-aida        1941/tcp,udp   DIC-Aida
res             1942/tcp,udp   Real Enterprise Service
beeyond-media   1943/tcp,udp   Beeyond Media
close-combat    1944/tcp,udp   close-combat
dialogic-elmd   1945/tcp,udp   dialogic-elmd
tekpls          1946/tcp,udp   tekpls
hlserver        1947/tcp,udp   hlserver
eye2eye         1948/tcp,udp   eye2eye
ismaeasdaqlive  1949/tcp,udp   ISMA Easdaq Live
ismaeasdaqtest  1950/tcp,udp   ISMA Easdaq Test
bcs-lmserver    1951/tcp,udp   bcs-lmserver
mpnjsc          1952/tcp,udp   mpnjsc
rapidbase       1953/tcp,udp   Rapid Base
abr-basic       1954/tcp,udp   ABR-Basic Data
abr-secure      1955/tcp,udp   ABR-Secure Data
vrtl-vmf-ds     1956/tcp,udp   Vertel VMF DS
unix-status     1957/tcp,udp   unix-status
dxadmind        1958/tcp,udp   CA Administration Daemon
simp-all        1959/tcp,udp   SIMP Channel
nasmanager      1960/tcp,udp   Merit DAC NASmanager
bts-appserver   1961/tcp,udp   BTS APPSERVER
biap-mp         1962/tcp,udp   BIAP-MP
webmachine      1963/tcp,udp   WebMachine
solid-e-engine  1964/tcp,udp   SOLID E ENGINE
tivoli-npm      1965/tcp,udp   Tivoli NPM
slush           1966/tcp,udp   Slush
sns-quote       1967/tcp,udp   SNS Quote
lipsinc         1968/tcp,udp   LIPSinc
lipsinc1        1969/tcp,udp   LIPSinc 1
netop-rc        1970/tcp,udp   NetOp Remote Control
netop-school    1971/tcp,udp   NetOp School
intersys-cache  1972/tcp,udp   Cache
dlsrap          1973/tcp,udp   Data Link Switching Remote Access Protocol
drp             1974/tcp,udp   DRP
tcoflashagent   1975/tcp,udp   TCO Flash Agent
tcoregagent     1976/tcp,udp   TCO Reg Agent
tcoaddressbook  1977/tcp,udp   TCO Address Book
unisql          1978/tcp,udp   UniSQL
unisql-java     1979/tcp,udp   UniSQL Java
pearldoc-xact   1980/tcp,udp   PearlDoc XACT
p2pq            1981/tcp,udp   p2pQ
estamp          1982/tcp,udp   Evidentiary Timestamp
lhtp            1983/tcp,udp   Loophole Test Protocol
bb              1984/tcp,udp   BB
hsrp            1985/tcp,udp   Hot Standby Router Protocol
licensedaemon   1986/tcp,udp   cisco license management
tr-rsrb-p1      1987/tcp,udp   cisco RSRB Priority 1 port
tr-rsrb-p2      1988/tcp,udp   cisco RSRB Priority 2 port
tr-rsrb-p3      1989/tcp,udp   cisco RSRB Priority 3 port
mshnet          1989/tcp,udp   MHSnet system
stun-p1         1990/tcp,udp   cisco STUN Priority 1 port
stun-p2         1991/tcp,udp   cisco STUN Priority 2 port
stun-p3         1992/tcp,udp   cisco STUN Priority 3 port
ipsendmsg       1992/tcp,udp   IPsendmsg
snmp-tcp-port   1993/tcp,udp   cisco SNMP TCP port
stun-port       1994/tcp,udp   cisco serial tunnel port
perf-port       1995/tcp,udp   cisco perf port
tr-rsrb-port    1996/tcp,udp   cisco Remote SRB port
gdp-port        1997/tcp,udp   cisco Gateway Discovery Protocol
x25-svc-port    1998/tcp,udp   cisco X.25 service (XOT)
tcp-id-port     1999/tcp,udp   cisco identification port
callbook        2000/tcp,udp
dc              2001/tcp
wizard          2001/udp        curry
globe           2002/tcp,udp
mailbox         2004/tcp
emce            2004/udp        CCWS mm conf
berknet         2005/tcp
oracle          2005/udp
invokator       2006/tcp
raid-cc         2006/udp        raid
dectalk         2007/tcp
raid-am         2007/udp
conf            2008/tcp
terminaldb      2008/udp
news            2009/tcp
whosockami      2009/udp
search          2010/tcp
pipe_server     2010/udp
raid-cc         2011/tcp        raid
servserv        2011/udp
ttyinfo         2012/tcp
raid-ac         2012/udp
raid-am         2013/tcp
raid-cd         2013/udp
troff           2014/tcp
raid-sf         2014/udp
cypress         2015/tcp
raid-cs         2015/udp
bootserver      2016/tcp,udp
cypress-stat    2017/tcp
bootclient      2017/udp
terminaldb      2018/tcp
rellpack        2018/udp
whosockami      2019/tcp
about           2019/udp
xinupageserver  2020/tcp,udp
servexec        2021/tcp
xinuexpansion1  2021/udp
down            2022/tcp
xinuexpansion2  2022/udp
xinuexpansion3  2023/tcp,udp
xinuexpansion4  2024/tcp,udp
ellpack         2025/tcp
xribs           2025/udp
scrabble        2026/tcp,udp
shadowserver    2027/tcp,udp
submitserver    2028/tcp,udp
device2         2030/tcp,udp
blackboard      2032/tcp,udp
glogger         2033/tcp,udp
scoremgr        2034/tcp,udp
imsldoc         2035/tcp,udp
objectmanager   2038/tcp,udp
lam             2040/tcp,udp
interbase       2041/tcp,udp
isis            2042/tcp,udp   isis
isis-bcast      2043/tcp,udp   isis-bcast
rimsl           2044/tcp,udp
cdfunc          2045/tcp,udp
sdfunc          2046/tcp,udp
dls             2047/tcp,udp

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