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IP ports 3072 through 49151

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See http://www.iana.org/assignments/port-numbers for the official list; here is a reformatted, corrected, and linkified version, as of June 6, 2001:

Keyword         Decimal        Description
-------         -------        -----------
orbix-locator   3075/tcp,udp   Orbix 2000 Locator
orbix-config    3076/tcp,udp   Orbix 2000 Config
orbix-loc-ssl   3077/tcp,udp   Orbix 2000 Locator SSL
orbix-cfg-ssl   3078/tcp,udp   Orbix 2000 Locator SSL
lv-frontpanel   3079/tcp,udp   LV Front Panel
stm_pproc       3080/tcp,udp   stm_pproc
tl1-lv          3081/tcp,udp   TL1-LV
tl1-raw         3082/tcp,udp   TL1-RAW
tl1-telnet      3083/tcp,udp   TL1-TELNET
itm-mccs        3084/tcp,udp   ITM-MCCS
pcihreq         3085/tcp,udp   PCIHReq
jdl-dbkitchen   3086/tcp,udp   JDL-DBKitchen
asoki-sma       3087/tcp,udp   Asoki SMA
xdtp            3088/tcp,udp   eXtensible Data Transfer Protocol
ptk-alink       3089/tcp,udp   ParaTek Agent Linking
rtss            3090/tcp,udp   Rappore Session Services
njfss           3092/tcp,udp   Netware sync services
rapidmq-center  3093/tcp,udp   Jiiva RapidMQ Center
rapidmq-reg     3094/tcp,udp   Jiiva RapidMQ Registry
panasas         3095/tcp,udp   Panasas rendevous port
ndl-aps         3096/tcp,udp   Active Print Server Port
ituq2150-3-stc  3097/sctp      ITU Q.2150.3 STC
umm-port        3098/tcp,udp   Universal Message Manager
chmd            3099/tcp,udp   CHIPSY Machine Daemon
opcon-xps       3100/tcp,udp   OpCon/xps
hp-pxpib        3101/tcp,udp   HP PolicyXpert PIB Server
slslavemon      3102/tcp,udp   SoftlinK Slave Mon Port
autocuesmi      3103/tcp,udp   Autocue SMI Protocol
autocuelog      3104/tcp       Autocue Logger Protocol
autocuetime     3104/udp       Autocue Time Service
cardbox         3105/tcp,udp   Cardbox
cardbox-http    3106/tcp,udp   Cardbox HTTP
rdi-business    3107/tcp,udp   RDI Business protocol
rdi-geolocate   3108/tcp,udp   RDI Geolocate protocol
rdi-personnel   3109/tcp,udp   RDI Personnel protocol
sim-control     3110/tcp,udp   simulator control port
wsynch          3111/tcp,udp   Web Synchronous Services
ksysguard       3112/tcp,udp   KDE System Guard
cs-auth-svr     3113/tcp,udp   CS-Authenticate Svr Port
ccmad           3114/tcp,udp   CCM AutoDiscover
mctet-master    3115/tcp,udp   MCTET Master
mctet-gateway   3116/tcp,udp   MCTET Gateway
mctet-jserv     3117/tcp,udp   MCTET Jserv
pkagent         3118/tcp,udp   PKAgent
d2000kernel     3119/tcp,udp   D2000 Kernel Port
d2000webserver  3120/tcp,udp   D2000 Webserver Port
epp-temp        3121/tcp,udp   Extensible Provisioning Protocol
vtr-emulator    3122/tcp,udp   MTI VTR Emulator port
edix            3123/tcp,udp   EDI Translation Protocol
beacon-port     3124/tcp,udp   Beacon Port
a13-an          3125/tcp,udp   A13-AN Interface
ms-dotnetster   3126/tcp,udp   Microsoft .NETster Port
ctx-bridge      3127/tcp,udp   CTX Bridge Port
icpv2           3130/tcp,udp   ICPv2
netbookmark     3131/tcp,udp   Net Book Mark
vmodem          3141/tcp,udp   VMODEM
rdc-wh-eos      3142/tcp,udp   RDC WH EOS
seaview         3143/tcp,udp   Sea View
tarantella      3144/tcp,udp   Tarantella
csi-lfap        3145/tcp,udp   CSI-LFAP
rfio            3147/tcp,udp   RFIO
nm-game-admin   3148/tcp,udp   NetMike Game Administrator
nm-game-server  3149/tcp,udp   NetMike Game Server
nm-asses-admin  3150/tcp,udp   NetMike Assessor Administrator
nm-assessor     3151/tcp,udp   NetMike Assessor
qrepos          3166/tcp,udp   Quest Repository
mc-brk-srv      3180/tcp,udp   Millicent Broker Server
bmcpatrolagent  3181/tcp,udp   BMC Patrol Agent
bmcpatrolrnvu   3182/tcp,udp   BMC Patrol Rendezvous
cpq-tasksmart   3201/tcp,udp   CPQ-TaskSmart
necp            3262/tcp,udp   NECP
ccmail          3264/tcp,udp   cc:mail/lotus
altav-tunnel    3265/tcp,udp   Altav Tunnel
ns-cfg-server   3266/tcp,udp   NS CFG Server
ibm-dial-out    3267/tcp,udp   IBM Dial Out
msft-gc         3268/tcp,udp   Microsoft Global Catalog
msft-gc-ssl     3269/tcp,udp   Microsoft Global Catalog with LDAP/SSL
verismart       3270/tcp,udp   Verismart
csoft-prev      3271/tcp,udp   CSoft Prev Port
user-manager    3272/tcp,udp   Fujitsu User Manager
sxmp            3273/tcp,udp   Simple Extensible Multiplexed Protocol
ordinox-server  3274/tcp,udp   Ordinox Server
samd            3275/tcp,udp   SAMD
maxim-asics     3276/tcp,udp   Maxim ASICs
awg-proxy       3277/tcp,udp   AWG Proxy
lkcmserver      3278/tcp,udp   LKCM Server
admind          3279/tcp,udp   admind
vs-server       3280/tcp,udp   VS Server
sysopt          3281/tcp,udp   SYSOPT
datusorb        3282/tcp,udp   Datusorb
net-assistant   3283/tcp,udp   Net Assistant
4talk           3284/tcp,udp   4Talk
plato           3285/tcp,udp   Plato
e-net           3286/tcp,udp   E-Net
directvdata     3287/tcp,udp   DIRECTVDATA
cops            3288/tcp,udp   COPS
enpc            3289/tcp,udp   ENPC
caps-lm         3290/tcp,udp   CAPS LOGISTICS TOOLKIT - LM
sah-lm          3291/tcp,udp   S A Holditch & Associates - LM
cart-o-rama     3292/tcp,udp   Cart O Rama
fg-fps          3293/tcp,udp   fg-fps
fg-gip          3294/tcp,udp   fg-gip
dyniplookup     3295/tcp,udp   Dynamic IP Lookup
rib-slm         3296/tcp,udp   Rib License Manager
cytel-lm        3297/tcp,udp   Cytel License Manager
transview       3298/tcp,udp   Transview
pdrncs          3299/tcp,udp   pdrncs
mcs-fastmail    3302/tcp,udp   MCS Fastmail
opsession-clnt  3303/tcp,udp   OP Session Client
opsession-srvr  3304/tcp,udp   OP Session Server
odette-ftp      3305/tcp,udp   ODETTE-FTP
mysql           3306/tcp,udp   MySQL
opsession-prxy  3307/tcp,udp   OP Session Proxy
tns-server      3308/tcp,udp   TNS Server
tns-adv         3309/tcp,udp   TNS ADV
dyna-access     3310/tcp,udp   Dyna Access
mcns-tel-ret    3311/tcp,udp   MCNS Tel Ret
appman-server   3312/tcp,udp   Application Management Server
uorb            3313/tcp,udp   Unify Object Broker
uohost          3314/tcp,udp   Unify Object Host
cdid            3315/tcp,udp   CDID
aicc-cmi        3316/tcp,udp   AICC/CMI
vsaiport        3317/tcp,udp   VSAI PORT
ssrip           3318/tcp,udp   Swith to Swith Routing Information Protocol
sdt-lmd         3319/tcp,udp   SDT License Manager
officelink2000  3320/tcp,udp   Office Link 2000
vnsstr          3321/tcp,udp   VNSSTR
active-net      3322-3325      Active Networks
sftu            3326/tcp,udp   SFTU
bbars           3327/tcp,udp   BBARS
egptlm          3328/tcp,udp   Eaglepoint License Manager
hp-device-disc  3329/tcp,udp   HP Device Disc
mcs-calypsoicf  3330/tcp,udp   MCS Calypso ICF
mcs-messaging   3331/tcp,udp   MCS Messaging
mcs-mailsvr     3332/tcp,udp   MCS Mail Server
dec-notes       3333/tcp,udp   DEC Notes
directv-web     3334/tcp,udp   Direct TV Webcasting
directv-soft    3335/tcp,udp   Direct TV Software Updates
directv-tick    3336/tcp,udp   Direct TV Tickers
directv-catlg   3337/tcp,udp   Direct TV Data Catalog
anet-b          3338/tcp,udp   OMF data b
anet-l          3339/tcp,udp   OMF data l
anet-m          3340/tcp,udp   OMF data m
anet-h          3341/tcp,udp   OMF data h
webtie          3342/tcp,udp   WebTIE
ms-cluster-net  3343/tcp,udp   MS Cluster Net
bnt-manager     3344/tcp,udp   BNT Manager
influence       3345/tcp,udp   Influence
trnsprntproxy   3346/tcp,udp   Trnsprnt Proxy
phoenix-rpc     3347/tcp,udp   Phoenix RPC
pangolin-laser  3348/tcp,udp   Pangolin Laser
chevinservices  3349/tcp,udp   Chevin Services
findviatv       3350/tcp,udp   FINDVIATV
btrieve         3351/tcp,udp   BTRIEVE
ssql            3352/tcp,udp   SSQL
fatpipe         3353/tcp,udp   FATPIPE
suitjd          3354/tcp,udp   SUITJD
ordinox-dbase   3355/tcp,udp   Ordinox Dbase
upnotifyps      3356/tcp,udp   UPNOTIFYPS
adtech-test     3357/tcp,udp   Adtech Test IP
mpsysrmsvr      3358/tcp,udp   Mp Sys Rmsvr
wg-netforce     3359/tcp,udp   WG NetForce
kv-server       3360/tcp,udp   KV Server
kv-agent        3361/tcp,udp   KV Agent
dj-ilm          3362/tcp,udp   DJ ILM
nati-vi-server  3363/tcp,udp   NATI Vi Server
creativeserver  3364/tcp,udp   Creative Server
contentserver   3365/tcp,udp   Content Server
creativepartnr  3366/tcp,udp   Creative Partner
satvid-datalnk  3367-3371      Satellite Video Data Link
tip2            3372/tcp,udp   TIP 2
lavenir-lm      3373/tcp,udp   Lavenir License Manager
cluster-disc    3374/tcp,udp   Cluster Disc
vsnm-agent      3375/tcp,udp   VSNM Agent
cdbroker        3376/tcp,udp   CD Broker
cogsys-lm       3377/tcp,udp   Cogsys Network License Manager
wsicopy         3378/tcp,udp   WSICOPY
socorfs         3379/tcp,udp   SOCORFS
sns-channels    3380/tcp,udp   SNS Channels
geneous         3381/tcp,udp   Geneous
fujitsu-neat    3382/tcp,udp   Fujitsu Network Enhanced Antitheft function
esp-lm          3383/tcp,udp   Enterprise Software Products License Manager
hp-clic         3384/tcp       Cluster Management Services
hp-clic         3384/udp       Hardware Management
qnxnetman       3385/tcp,udp   qnxnetman
gprs-data       3386/tcp       GPRS Data
gprs-sig        3386/udp       GPRS SIG
backroomnet     3387/tcp,udp   Back Room Net
cbserver        3388/tcp,udp   CB Server
ms-wbt-server   3389/tcp,udp   MS WBT Server
dsc             3390/tcp,udp   Distributed Service Coordinator
savant          3391/tcp,udp   SAVANT
efi-lm          3392/tcp,udp   EFI License Management
d2k-tapestry1   3393/tcp,udp   D2K Tapestry Client to Server
d2k-tapestry2   3394/tcp,udp   D2K Tapestry Server to Server
dyna-lm         3395/tcp,udp   Dyna License Manager (Elam)
printer_agent   3396/tcp,udp   Printer Agent
cloanto-lm      3397/tcp,udp   Cloanto License Manager
mercantile      3398/tcp,udp   Mercantile
csms            3399/tcp,udp   CSMS
csms2           3400/tcp,udp   CSMS2
filecast        3401/tcp,udp   filecast
bmap            3421/tcp,udp   Bull Apprise portmapper
mira            3454/tcp       Apple Remote Access Protocol
prsvp           3455/tcp,udp   RSVP Port
vat             3456/tcp,udp   VAT default data
vat-control     3457/tcp,udp   VAT default control
d3winosfi       3458/tcp,udp   D3WinOSFI
integral        3459/tcp,udp   TIP Integral
edm-manager     3460/tcp,udp   EDM Manger
edm-stager      3461/tcp,udp   EDM Stager
edm-std-notify  3462/tcp,udp   EDM STD Notify
edm-adm-notify  3463/tcp,udp   EDM ADM Notify
edm-mgr-sync    3464/tcp,udp   EDM MGR Sync
edm-mgr-cntrl   3465/tcp,udp   EDM MGR Cntrl
workflow        3466/tcp,udp   WORKFLOW
rcst            3467/tcp,udp   RCST
ttcmremotectrl  3468/tcp,udp   TTCM Remote Controll
pluribus        3469/tcp,udp   Pluribus
jt400           3470/tcp,udp   jt400
jt400-ssl       3471/tcp,udp   jt400-ssl
ms-la           3535/tcp,udp   MS-LA
watcomdebug     3563/tcp,udp   Watcom Debug
harlequinorb    3672/tcp,udp   harlequinorb
ca-idms         3709/tcp,udp   CA-IDMS Server
vhd             3802/tcp,udp   VHD
v-one-spp       3845/tcp,udp   V-ONE Single Port Proxy
giga-pocket     3862/tcp,udp   GIGA-POCKET
pnbscada        3875/tcp,udp   PNBSCADA
udt_os          3900/tcp,udp   Unidata UDT OS
mapper-nodemgr  3984/tcp,udp   MAPPER network node manager
mapper-mapethd  3985/tcp,udp   MAPPER TCP/IP server
mapper-ws_ethd  3986/tcp,udp   MAPPER workstation server
centerline      3987/tcp,udp   Centerline
terabase        4000/tcp,udp   Terabase
newoak          4001/tcp,udp   NewOak
pxc-spvr-ft     4002/tcp,udp   pxc-spvr-ft
pxc-splr-ft     4003/tcp,udp   pxc-splr-ft
pxc-roid        4004/tcp,udp   pxc-roid
pxc-pin         4005/tcp,udp   pxc-pin
pxc-spvr        4006/tcp,udp   pxc-spvr
pxc-splr        4007/tcp,udp   pxc-splr
netcheque       4008/tcp,udp   NetCheque accounting
chimera-hwm     4009/tcp,udp   Chimera HWM
samsung-unidex  4010/tcp,udp   Samsung Unidex
altserviceboot  4011/tcp,udp   Alternate Service Boot
pda-gate        4012/tcp,udp   PDA Gate
acl-manager     4013/tcp,udp   ACL Manager
taiclock        4014/tcp,udp   TAICLOCK
talarian-mcast1 4015/tcp,udp   Talarian Mcast
talarian-mcast2 4016/tcp,udp   Talarian Mcast
talarian-mcast3 4017/tcp,udp   Talarian Mcast
talarian-mcast4 4018/tcp,udp   Talarian Mcast
talarian-mcast5 4019/tcp,udp   Talarian Mcast
ldxp            4042/tcp,udp   LDXP
bre             4096/tcp,udp   BRE (Bridge Relay Element)
patrolview      4097/tcp,udp   Patrol View
drmsfsd         4098/tcp,udp   drmsfsd
dpcp            4099/tcp,udp   DPCP
nuts_dem        4132/tcp,udp   NUTS Daemon
nuts_bootp      4133/tcp,udp   NUTS Bootp Server
nifty-hmi       4134/tcp,udp   NIFTY-Serve HMI protocol
oirtgsvc        4141/tcp,udp   Workflow Server
oidocsvc        4142/tcp,udp   Document Server
oidsr           4143/tcp,udp   Document Replication
jini-discovery  4160/tcp,udp   Jini Discovery
eims-admin      4199/tcp,udp   EIMS ADMIN
vrml-multi-use  4200-4299      VRML Multi User Systems
corelccam       4300/tcp,udp   Corel CCam
rwhois          4321/tcp,udp   Remote Who Is
unicall         4343/tcp,udp   UNICALL
vinainstall     4344/tcp,udp   VinaInstall
m4-network-as   4345/tcp,udp   Macro 4 Network AS
elanlm          4346/tcp,udp   ELAN LM
lansurveyor     4347/tcp,udp   LAN Surveyor
itose           4348/tcp,udp   ITOSE
fsportmap       4349/tcp,udp   File System Port Map
net-device      4350/tcp,udp   Net Device
plcy-net-svcs   4351/tcp,udp   PLCY Net Services
f5-iquery       4353/tcp,udp   F5 iQuery
saris           4442/tcp,udp   Saris
pharos          4443/tcp,udp   Pharos
krb524          4444/tcp,udp   KRB524
nv-video        4444/tcp,udp   NV Video default
upnotifyp       4445/tcp,udp   UPNOTIFYP
n1-fwp          4446/tcp,udp   N1-FWP
n1-rmgmt        4447/tcp,udp   N1-RMGMT
asc-slmd        4448/tcp,udp   ASC Licence Manager
privatewire     4449/tcp,udp   PrivateWire
camp            4450/tcp,udp   Camp
ctisystemmsg    4451/tcp,udp   CTI System Msg
ctiprogramload  4452/tcp,udp   CTI Program Load
nssalertmgr     4453/tcp,udp   NSS Alert Manager
nssagentmgr     4454/tcp,udp   NSS Agent Manager
prchat-user     4455/tcp,udp   PR Chat User
prchat-server   4456/tcp,udp   PR Chat Server
prRegister      4457/tcp,udp   PR Register
sae-urn         4500/tcp,udp   sae-urn
urn-x-cdchoice  4501/tcp,udp   urn-x-cdchoice
worldscores     4545/tcp,udp   WorldScores
sf-lm           4546/tcp,udp   SF License Manager (Sentinel)
lanner-lm       4547/tcp,udp   Lanner License Manager
rsip            4555/tcp,udp   RSIP Port
tram            4567/tcp,udp   TRAM
bmc-reporting   4568/tcp,udp   BMC Reporting
piranha1        4600/tcp,udp   Piranha1
piranha2        4601/tcp,udp   Piranha2
stgxacl         4660/tcp,udp   stgxacl
kar2ouche       4661/tcp,udp   Kar2ouche Peer location service
rfa             4672/tcp,udp   remote file access server
iims            4800/tcp,udp   Icona Instant Messenging System
iwec            4801/tcp,udp   Icona Web Embedded Chat
ilss            4802/tcp,udp   Icona License System Server
htcp            4827/tcp,udp   HTCP
varadero-0      4837/tcp,udp   Varadero-0
varadero-1      4838/tcp,udp   Varadero-1
varadero-2      4839/tcp,udp   Varadero-2
phrelay         4868/tcp,udp   Photon Relay
phrelaydbg      4869/tcp,udp   Photon Relay Debug
abbs            4885/tcp,udp   ABBS
att-intercom    4983/tcp,udp   AT&T Intercom
smar-se-port1   4987/tcp,udp   SMAR Ethernet Port 1
smar-se-port2   4988/tcp,udp   SMAR Ethernet Port 2
commplex-main   5000/tcp,udp
commplex-link   5001/tcp,udp
rfe             5002/tcp,udp   radio free ethernet
fmpro-internal  5003/tcp       FileMaker, Inc. - Proprietary transport
fmpro-internal  5003/udp       FileMaker, Inc. - Proprietary name binding
avt-profile-1   5004/tcp,udp   avt-profile-1
avt-profile-2   5005/tcp,udp   avt-profile-2
wsm-server      5006/tcp,udp   wsm server
wsm-server-ssl  5007/tcp,udp   wsm server ssl
telelpathstart  5010/tcp,udp   TelepathStart
telelpathattack 5011/tcp,udp   TelepathAttack
zenginkyo-1     5020/tcp,udp   zenginkyo-1
zenginkyo-2     5021/tcp,udp   zenginkyo-2
asnaacceler8db  5042/tcp,udp   asnaacceler8db
mmcc            5050/tcp,udp   multimedia conference control tool
ita-agent       5051/tcp,udp   ITA Agent
ita-manager     5052/tcp,udp   ITA Manager
unot            5055/tcp,udp   UNOT
intecom-ps1     5056/tcp,udp   Intecom PS 1
intecom-ps2     5057/tcp,udp   Intecom PS 2
sip             5060/tcp,udp   SIP
sip-tls         5061/tcp,udp   SIP-TLS
stanag-5066     5066/tcp,udp   STANAG-5066-SUBNET-INTF
i-net-2000-npr  5069/tcp,udp   I/Net 2000-NPR
powerschool     5071/tcp,udp   PowerSchool
sentinel-lm     5093/tcp,udp   Sentinel LM
sentlm-srv2srv  5099/tcp,udp   SentLM Srv2Srv
rmonitor_secure 5145/tcp,udp   RMONITOR SECURE
atmp            5150/tcp,udp   Ascend Tunnel Management Protocol
esri_sde        5151/tcp       ESRI SDE Instance
esri_sde        5151/udp       ESRI SDE Remote Start
sde-discovery   5152/tcp,udp   ESRI SDE Instance Discovery
ife_icorp       5165/tcp,udp   ife_1corp
aol             5190/tcp,udp   America-Online
aol-1           5191/tcp,udp   AmericaOnline1
aol-2           5192/tcp,udp   AmericaOnline2
aol-3           5193/tcp,udp   AmericaOnline3
targus-getdata  5200/tcp,udp   TARGUS GetData
targus-getdata1 5201/tcp,udp   TARGUS GetData 1
targus-getdata2 5202/tcp,udp   TARGUS GetData 2
targus-getdata3 5203/tcp,udp   TARGUS GetData 3
padl2sim        5236/tcp,udp
pk              5272/tcp,udp   PK
hacl-hb         5300/tcp,udp    # HA cluster heartbeat
hacl-gs         5301/tcp,udp    # HA cluster general services
hacl-cfg        5302/tcp,udp    # HA cluster configuration
hacl-probe      5303/tcp,udp    # HA cluster probing
hacl-local      5304/tcp            # HA Cluster Commands
hacl-local      5304/udp
hacl-test       5305/tcp            # HA Cluster Test
hacl-test       5305/udp
sun-mc-grp      5306/tcp,udp   Sun MC Group
sco-aip         5307/tcp,udp   SCO AIP
cfengine        5308/tcp,udp   CFengine
jprinter        5309/tcp,udp   J Printer
outlaws         5310/tcp,udp   Outlaws
tmlogin         5311/tcp,udp   TM Login
opalis-rbt-ipc  5314/tcp,udp   opalis-rbt-ipc
hacl-poll       5315/tcp,udp   HA Cluster UDP Polling
excerpt         5400/tcp,udp   Excerpt Search
excerpts        5401/tcp,udp   Excerpt Search Secure
mftp            5402/tcp,udp   MFTP
hpoms-ci-lstn   5403/tcp,udp   HPOMS-CI-LSTN
hpoms-dps-lstn  5404/tcp,udp   HPOMS-DPS-LSTN
netsupport      5405/tcp,udp   NetSupport
systemics-sox   5406/tcp,udp   Systemics Sox
foresyte-clear  5407/tcp,udp   Foresyte-Clear
foresyte-sec    5408/tcp,udp   Foresyte-Sec
salient-dtasrv  5409/tcp,udp   Salient Data Server
salient-usrmgr  5410/tcp,udp   Salient User Manager
actnet          5411/tcp,udp   ActNet
continuus       5412/tcp,udp   Continuus
wwiotalk        5413/tcp,udp   WWIOTALK
statusd         5414/tcp,udp   StatusD
ns-server       5415/tcp,udp   NS Server
sns-gateway     5416/tcp,udp   SNS Gateway
sns-agent       5417/tcp,udp   SNS Agent
mcntp           5418/tcp,udp   MCNTP
dj-ice          5419/tcp,udp   DJ-ICE
cylink-c        5420/tcp,udp   Cylink-C
netsupport2     5421/tcp,udp   Net Support 2
salient-mux     5422/tcp,udp   Salient MUX
virtualuser     5423/tcp,udp   VIRTUALUSER
devbasic        5426/tcp,udp   DEVBASIC
sco-peer-tta    5427/tcp,udp   SCO-PEER-TTA
telaconsole     5428/tcp,udp   TELACONSOLE
base            5429/tcp,udp   Billing and Accounting System Exchange
radec-corp      5430/tcp,udp   RADEC CORP
park-agent      5431/tcp,udp   PARK AGENT
dttl            5435/tcp,udp   Data Tunneling Transceiver Linking (DTTL)
apc-tcp-udp-4   5454/tcp,udp   apc-tcp-udp-4
apc-tcp-udp-5   5455/tcp,udp   apc-tcp-udp-5
apc-tcp-udp-6   5456/tcp,udp   apc-tcp-udp-6
silkmeter       5461/tcp,udp   SILKMETER
ttl-publisher   5462/tcp,udp   TTL Publisher
netops-broker   5465/tcp,udp   NETOPS-BROKER
fcp-addr-srvr1  5500/tcp,udp   fcp-addr-srvr1
fcp-addr-srvr2  5501/tcp,udp   fcp-addr-srvr2
fcp-srvr-inst1  5502/tcp,udp   fcp-srvr-inst1
fcp-srvr-inst2  5503/tcp,udp   fcp-srvr-inst2
fcp-cics-gw1    5504/tcp,udp   fcp-cics-gw1
sgi-esphttp     5554/tcp,udp   SGI ESP HTTP
personal-agent  5555/tcp,udp   Personal Agent
udpplus         5566/tcp,udp   UDPPlus
esinstall       5599/tcp,udp   Enterprise Security Remote Install
esmmanager      5600/tcp,udp   Enterprise Security Manager
esmagent        5601/tcp,udp   Enterprise Security Agent
a1-msc          5602/tcp,udp   A1-MSC
a1-bs           5603/tcp,udp   A1-BS
a3-sdunode      5604/tcp,udp   A3-SDUNode
a4-sdunode      5605/tcp,udp   A4-SDUNode
pcanywheredata  5631/tcp,udp   pcANYWHEREdata
pcanywherestat  5632/tcp,udp   pcANYWHEREstat
rrac            5678/tcp,udp   Remote Replication Agent Connection
dccm            5679/tcp,udp   Direct Cable Connect Manager
proshareaudio   5713/tcp,udp   proshare conf audio
prosharevideo   5714/tcp,udp   proshare conf video
prosharedata    5715/tcp,udp   proshare conf data
prosharerequest 5716/tcp,udp   proshare conf request
prosharenotify  5717/tcp,udp   proshare conf notify
openmail        5729/tcp,udp   Openmail User Agent Layer
unieng          5730/tcp,udp   Steltor's calendar access
ida-discover1   5741/tcp,udp   IDA Discover Port 1
ida-discover2   5742/tcp,udp   IDA Discover Port 2
fcopy-server    5745/tcp,udp   fcopy-server
fcopys-server   5746/tcp,udp   fcopys-server
openmailg       5755/tcp,udp   OpenMail Desk Gateway server
x500ms          5757/tcp,udp   OpenMail X.500 Directory Server
openmailns      5766/tcp,udp   OpenMail NewMail Server
s-openmail      5767/tcp,udp   OpenMail Suer Agent Layer (Secure)
openmailpxy     5768/tcp,udp   OpenMail CMTS Server
netagent        5771/tcp,udp   NetAgent
icmpd           5813/tcp,udp   ICMPD
wherehoo        5859/tcp,udp   WHEREHOO
mppolicy-v5     5968/tcp,udp   mppolicy-v5
mppolicy-mgr    5969/tcp,udp   mppolicy-mgr
wbem-rmi        5987/tcp,udp   WBEM RMI
wbem-http       5988/tcp,udp   WBEM HTTP
wbem-https      5989/tcp,udp   WBEM HTTPS
cvsup           5999/tcp,udp   CVSup
x11             6000-6063/tcp,udp   X Window System
ndl-ahp-svc     6064/tcp,udp   NDL-AHP-SVC
winpharaoh      6065/tcp,udp   WinPharaoh
ewctsp          6066/tcp,udp   EWCTSP
srb             6067/tcp,udp   SRB
gsmp            6068/tcp,udp   GSMP
trip            6069/tcp,udp   TRIP
messageasap     6070/tcp,udp   Messageasap
ssdtp           6071/tcp,udp   SSDTP
diagnose-proc   6072/tcp,udp   DIAGNOSE-PROC
directplay8     6073/tcp,udp   DirectPlay8
synchronet-db   6100/tcp,udp   SynchroNet-db
synchronet-rtc  6101/tcp,udp   SynchroNet-rtc
synchronet-upd  6102/tcp,udp   SynchroNet-upd
rets            6103/tcp,udp   RETS
dbdb            6104/tcp,udp   DBDB
primaserver     6105/tcp,udp   Prima Server
mpsserver       6106/tcp,udp   MPS Server
etc-control     6107/tcp,udp   ETC Control
sercomm-scadmin 6108/tcp,udp   Sercomm-SCAdmin
globecast-id    6109/tcp,udp   GLOBECAST-ID
softcm          6110/tcp,udp   HP SoftBench CM
spc             6111/tcp,udp   HP SoftBench Sub-Process Control
dtspcd          6112/tcp,udp   dtspcd
backup-express  6123/tcp,udp   Backup Express
meta-corp       6141/tcp,udp   Meta Corporation License Manager
aspentec-lm     6142/tcp,udp   Aspen Technology License Manager
watershed-lm    6143/tcp,udp   Watershed License Manager
statsci1-lm     6144/tcp,udp   StatSci License Manager - 1
statsci2-lm     6145/tcp,udp   StatSci License Manager - 2
lonewolf-lm     6146/tcp,udp   Lone Wolf Systems License Manager
montage-lm      6147/tcp,udp   Montage License Manager
ricardo-lm      6148/tcp,udp   Ricardo North America License Manager
tal-pod         6149/tcp,udp   tal-pod
crip            6253/tcp,udp   CRIP
bmc-grx         6300/tcp,udp   BMC GRX
emp-server1     6321/tcp,udp   Empress Software Connectivity Server 1
emp-server2     6322/tcp,udp   Empress Software Connectivity Server 2
gnutella-svc    6346/tcp,udp   gnutella-svc
gnutella-rtr    6347/tcp,udp   gnutella-rtr
clariion-evr01  6389/tcp,udp   clariion-evr01
info-aps        6400
info-was        6401
info-eventsvr   6402
info-cachesvr   6403
info-filesvr    6404
info-pagesvr    6405
info-processvr  6406
reserved1       6407
reserved2       6408
reserved3       6409
reserved4       6410
skip-cert-recv  6455/tcp       SKIP Certificate Receive
skip-cert-send  6456/tcp       SKIP Certificate Send
lvision-lm      6471/tcp,udp   LVision License Manager
boks            6500/tcp,udp   BoKS Master
boks_servc      6501/tcp,udp   BoKS Servc
boks_servm      6502/tcp,udp   BoKS Servm
boks_clntd      6503/tcp,udp   BoKS Clntd
badm_priv       6505/tcp,udp   BoKS Admin Private Port
badm_pub        6506/tcp,udp   BoKS Admin Public Port
bdir_priv       6507/tcp,udp   BoKS Dir Server, Private Port
bdir_pub        6508/tcp,udp   BoKS Dir Server, Public Port
apc-tcp-udp-1   6547/tcp,udp   apc-tcp-udp-1
apc-tcp-udp-2   6548/tcp,udp   apc-tcp-udp-2
apc-tcp-udp-3   6549/tcp,udp   apc-tcp-udp-3
fg-sysupdate    6550/tcp,udp   fg-sysupdate
xdsxdm          6558/tcp,udp
parsec-master   6580/tcp,udp   Parsec Masterserver
parsec-peer     6581/tcp,udp   Parsec Peer-to-Peer
parsec-game     6582/tcp,udp   Parsec Gameserver
ircu            6665-6669/tcp,udp  IRCU
vocaltec-gold   6670/tcp,udp   Vocaltec Global Online Directory
vision_server   6672/tcp,udp   vision_server
vision_elmd     6673/tcp,udp   vision_elmd
kti-icad-srvr   6701/tcp,udp   KTI/ICAD Nameserver
ibprotocol      6714/tcp,udp   Internet Backplane Protocol
bmc-perf-agent  6767/tcp,udp   BMC PERFORM AGENT
bmc-perf-mgrd   6768/tcp,udp   BMC PERFORM MGRD
hnmp            6790/tcp,udp   HNMP
ambit-lm        6831/tcp,udp   ambit-lm
netmo-default   6841/tcp,udp   Netmo Default
netmo-http      6842/tcp,udp   Netmo HTTP
iccrushmore     6850/tcp,udp   ICCRUSHMORE
muse            6888/tcp,udp   MUSE
jmact3          6961/tcp,udp   JMACT3
jmevt2          6962/tcp,udp   jmevt2
swismgr1        6963/tcp,udp   swismgr1
swismgr2        6964/tcp,udp   swismgr2
swistrap        6965/tcp,udp   swistrap
swispol         6966/tcp,udp   swispol
acmsoda         6969/tcp,udp   acmsoda
iatp-highpri    6998/tcp,udp   IATP-highPri
iatp-normalpri  6999/tcp,udp   IATP-normalPri
afs3-fileserver 7000/tcp,udp   file server itself
afs3-callback   7001/tcp,udp   callbacks to cache managers
afs3-prserver   7002/tcp,udp   users & groups database
afs3-vlserver   7003/tcp,udp   volume location database
afs3-kaserver   7004/tcp,udp   AFS/Kerberos authentication service
afs3-volser     7005/tcp,udp   volume managment server
afs3-errors     7006/tcp,udp   error interpretation service
afs3-bos        7007/tcp,udp   basic overseer process
afs3-update     7008/tcp,udp   server-to-server updater
afs3-rmtsys     7009/tcp,udp   remote cache manager service
ups-onlinet     7010/tcp,udp   onlinet uninterruptable power supplies
talon-disc      7011/tcp,udp   Talon Discovery Port
talon-engine    7012/tcp,udp   Talon Engine
microtalon-dis  7013/tcp,udp   Microtalon Discovery
microtalon-com  7014/tcp,udp   Microtalon Communications
talon-webserver 7015/tcp,udp   Talon Webserver
dpserve         7020/tcp,udp   DP Serve
dpserveadmin    7021/tcp,udp   DP Serve Admin
arcp            7070/tcp,udp   ARCP
lazy-ptop       7099/tcp,udp   lazy-ptop
font-service    7100/tcp,udp   X Font Service
virprot-lm      7121/tcp,udp   Virtual Prototypes License Manager
clutild         7174/tcp,udp   Clutild
fodms           7200/tcp,udp   FODMS FLIP
dlip            7201/tcp,udp   DLIP
itactionserver1 7280/tcp,udp   ITACTIONSERVER 1
itactionserver2 7281/tcp,udp   ITACTIONSERVER 2
swx             7300-7390      The Swiss Exchange
mindfilesys     7391/tcp,udp   mind-file system server
mrssrendezvous  7392/tcp,udp   mrss-rendezvous server
winqedit        7395/tcp,udp   winqedit
pmdmgr          7426/tcp,udp   OpenView DM Postmaster Manager
oveadmgr        7427/tcp,udp   OpenView DM Event Agent Manager
ovladmgr        7428/tcp,udp   OpenView DM Log Agent Manager
opi-sock        7429/tcp,udp   OpenView DM rqt communication
xmpv7           7430/tcp,udp   OpenView DM xmpv7 api pipe
pmd             7431/tcp,udp   OpenView DM ovc/xmpv3 api pipe
faximum         7437/tcp,udp   Faximum
telops-lmd      7491/tcp,udp   telops-lmd
pafec-lm        7511/tcp,udp   pafec-lm
nta-ds          7544/tcp,udp   FlowAnalyzer DisplayServer
nta-us          7545/tcp,udp   FlowAnalyzer UtilityServer
vsi-omega       7566/tcp,udp   VSI Omega
aries-kfinder   7570/tcp,udp   Aries Kfinder
sun-lm          7588/tcp,udp   Sun License Manager
pmdfmgt         7633/tcp,udp   PMDF Management
sstp-1          7743/tcp,udp   Sakura Script Transfer Protocol
cbt             7777/tcp,udp   cbt
interwise       7778/tcp,udp   Interwise
vstat           7779/tcp,udp   VSTAT
accu-lmgr       7781/tcp,udp   accu-lmgr
minivend        7786/tcp,udp   MINIVEND
qo-secure       7913/tcp,udp   QuickObjects secure port
t2-drm          7932/tcp,udp   Tier 2 Data Resource Manager
t2-brm          7933/tcp,udp   Tier 2 Business Rules Manager
supercell       7967/tcp,udp   Supercell
micromuse-ncps  7979/tcp,udp   Micromuse-ncps
quest-vista     7980/tcp,udp   Quest Vista
irdmi2          7999/tcp,udp   iRDMI2
irdmi           8000/tcp,udp   iRDMI
vcom-tunnel     8001/tcp,udp   VCOM Tunnel
teradataordbms  8002/tcp,udp   Teradata ORDBMS
http-alt        8008/tcp,udp   HTTP Alternate
oa-system       8022/tcp,udp   oa-system
pro-ed          8032/tcp,udp   ProEd
mindprint       8033/tcp,udp   MindPrint
http-alt        8080/tcp,udp   HTTP Alternate (see port 80)
xprint-server   8100/tcp,udp   Xprint Server
cp-cluster      8116/tcp,udp   Check Point Clustering
indigo-vrmi     8130/tcp,udp   INDIGO-VRMI
indigo-vbcp     8131/tcp,udp   INDIGO-VBCP
dbabble         8132/tcp,udp   dbabble
patrol          8160/tcp,udp   Patrol
patrol-snmp     8161/tcp,udp   Patrol SNMP
trivnet1        8200/tcp,udp   TRIVNET
trivnet2        8201/tcp,udp   TRIVNET
lm-perfworks    8204/tcp,udp   LM Perfworks
lm-instmgr      8205/tcp,udp   LM Instmgr
lm-dta          8206/tcp,udp   LM Dta
lm-sserver      8207/tcp,udp   LM SServer
lm-webwatcher   8208/tcp,udp   LM Webwatcher
server-find     8351/tcp,udp   Server Find
cruise-enum     8376/tcp,udp   Cruise ENUM
cruise-swroute  8377/tcp,udp   Cruise SWROUTE
cruise-config   8378/tcp,udp   Cruise CONFIG
cruise-diags    8379/tcp,udp   Cruise DIAGS
cruise-update   8380/tcp,udp   Cruise UPDATE
cvd             8400/tcp,udp   cvd
sabarsd         8401/tcp,udp   sabarsd
abarsd          8402/tcp,udp   abarsd
admind          8403/tcp,udp   admind
npmp            8450/tcp,udp   npmp
vp2p            8473/tcp,udp   Virtual Point to Point
rtsp-alt        8554/tcp,udp   RTSP Alternate (see port 554)
ibus            8733/tcp,udp   iBus
mc-appserver    8763/tcp,udp   MC-APPSERVER
openqueue       8764/tcp,udp   OPENQUEUE
ultraseek-http  8765/tcp,udp   Ultraseek HTTP
truecm          8804/tcp,udp   truecm
cddbp-alt       8880/tcp,udp   CDDBP
ddi-tcp-1       8888/tcp       NewsEDGE server TCP (TCP 1)
ddi-udp-1       8888/udp       NewsEDGE server UDP (UDP 1)
ddi-tcp-2       8889/tcp       Desktop Data TCP 1
ddi-udp-2       8889/udp       NewsEDGE server broadcast
ddi-tcp-3       8890/tcp       Desktop Data TCP 2
ddi-udp-3       8890/udp       NewsEDGE client broadcast
ddi-tcp-4       8891/tcp       Desktop Data TCP 3: NESS application
ddi-udp-4       8891/udp       Desktop Data UDP 3: NESS application
ddi-tcp-5       8892/tcp       Desktop Data TCP 4: FARM product
ddi-udp-5       8892/udp       Desktop Data UDP 4: FARM product
ddi-tcp-6       8893/tcp       Desktop Data TCP 5: NewsEDGE/Web application
ddi-udp-6       8893/udp       Desktop Data UDP 5: NewsEDGE/Web application
ddi-tcp-7       8894/tcp       Desktop Data TCP 6: COAL application
ddi-udp-7       8894/udp       Desktop Data UDP 6: COAL application
jmb-cds1        8900/tcp,udp   JMB-CDS 1
jmb-cds2        8901/tcp,udp   JMB-CDS 2
cslistener      9000/tcp,udp   CSlistener
websm           9090/tcp,udp   WebSM
xmltec-xmlmail  9091/tcp,udp   xmltec-xmlmail
netlock1        9160/tcp,udp   NetLOCK1
netlock2        9161/tcp,udp   NetLOCK2
netlock3        9162/tcp,udp   NetLOCK3
netlock4        9163/tcp,udp   NetLOCK4
netlock5        9164/tcp,udp   NetLOCK5
wap-wsp         9200/tcp,udp   WAP connectionless session service
wap-wsp-wtp     9201/tcp,udp   WAP session service
wap-wsp-s       9202/tcp,udp   WAP secure connectionless session service
wap-wsp-wtp-s   9203/tcp,udp   WAP secure session service
wap-vcard       9204/tcp,udp   WAP vCard
wap-vcal        9205/tcp,udp   WAP vCal
wap-vcard-s     9206/tcp,udp   WAP vCard Secure
wap-vcal-s      9207/tcp,udp   WAP vCal Secure
callwaveiam     9283/tcp,udp   CallWaveIAM
armtechdaemon   9292/tcp,udp   ArmTech Daemon
guibase         9321/tcp,udp   guibase
mpidcmgr        9343/tcp,udp   MpIdcMgr
mphlpdmc        9344/tcp,udp   Mphlpdmc
ctechlicensing  9346/tcp,udp   C Tech Licensing
fjdmimgr        9374/tcp,udp   fjdmimgr
fjinvmgr        9396/tcp,udp   fjinvmgr
mpidcagt        9397/tcp,udp   MpIdcAgt
ismserver       9500/tcp,udp   ismserver
mngsuite        9535/tcp,udp
msgsys          9594/tcp,udp   Message System
pds             9595/tcp,udp   Ping Discovery Service
micromuse-ncpw  9600/tcp,udp   MICROMUSE-NCPW
rasadv          9753/tcp,udp   rasadv
davsrc          9800/tcp,udp   WebDav Source Port
sstp-2          9801/tcp,udp   Sakura Script Transfer Protocol-2
sd              9876/tcp,udp   Session Director
cyborg-systems  9888/tcp,udp   CYBORG Systems
monkeycom       9898/tcp,udp   MonkeyCom
sctp-tunneling  9899/tcp,udp   SCTP TUNNELING
iua             9900/tcp,udp,sctp  IUA
domaintime      9909/tcp,udp   domaintime
apcpcpluswin1   9950/tcp,udp   APCPCPLUSWIN1
apcpcpluswin2   9951/tcp,udp   APCPCPLUSWIN2
apcpcpluswin3   9952/tcp,udp   APCPCPLUSWIN3
palace-1        9992/tcp,udp   OnLive-1
palace-2        9993/tcp,udp   OnLive-2
palace-3        9994/tcp,udp   OnLive-3
palace-4        9995/tcp,udp   Palace-4
palace-5        9996/tcp,udp   Palace-5
palace-6        9997/tcp,udp   Palace-6
distinct32      9998/tcp,udp   Distinct32
distinct        9999/tcp,udp   distinct
ndmp            10000/tcp,udp  Network Data Management Protocol
mvs-capacity    10007/tcp,udp  MVS Capacity
amanda          10080/tcp,udp  Amanda
netiq-endpoint  10113/tcp,udp  NetIQ Endpoint
netiq-qcheck    10114/tcp,udp  NetIQ Qcheck
netiq-endpt     10115/tcp,udp  NetIQ Endpoint
bmc-perf-sd     10128/tcp,udp  BMC-PERFORM-SERVICE DAEMON
blocks          10288/tcp,udp  Blocks
irisa           11000/tcp,udp  IRISA
metasys         11001/tcp,udp  Metasys
vce             11111/tcp,udp  Viral Computing Environment (VCE)
smsqp           11201/tcp,udp  smsqp
imip            11319/tcp,udp  IMIP
atm-uhas        11367/tcp,udp  ATM UHAS
tempest-port    11600/tcp,udp  Tempest Protocol Port
h323callsigalt  11720/tcp,udp  h323 Call Signal Alternate
entextxid       12000/tcp,udp  IBM Enterprise Extender SNA XID Exchange
entextnetwk     12001/tcp,udp  IBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Network Priority
entexthigh      12002/tcp,udp  IBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS High Priority
entextmed       12003/tcp,udp  IBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Medium Priority
entextlow       12004/tcp,udp  IBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Low Priority
hivep           12172/tcp,udp  HiveP
tsaf            12753/tcp,udp  tsaf port
i-zipqd         13160/tcp,udp  I-ZIPQD
powwow-client   13223/tcp,udp  PowWow Client
powwow-server   13224/tcp,udp  PowWow Server
bprd            13720/tcp,udp  BPRD Protocol (VERITAS NetBackup)
bpbrm           13721/tcp,udp  BPBRM Protocol (VERITAS NetBackup)
bpjava-msvc     13722/tcp,udp  BP Java MSVC Protocol
vnetd           13724/tcp,udp  Veritas Network Utility
bpcd            13782/tcp,udp  VERITAS NetBackup
vopied          13783/tcp,udp  VOPIED Protocol
dsmcc-config    13818/tcp,udp  DSMCC Config
dsmcc-session   13819/tcp,udp  DSMCC Session Messages
dsmcc-passthru  13820/tcp,udp  DSMCC Pass-Thru Messages
dsmcc-download  13821/tcp,udp  DSMCC Download Protocol
dsmcc-ccp       13822/tcp,udp  DSMCC Channel Change Protocol
itu-sccp-ss7    14001/tcp,udp  ITU SCCP (SS7)
hde-lcesrvr-1   14936/tcp,udp  hde-lcesrvr-1
hde-lcesrvr-2   14937/tcp,udp  hde-lcesrvr-2
hydap           15000/tcp,udp  Hypack Data Aquisition
xpilot          15345/tcp,udp  XPilot Contact Port
netserialext1   16360/tcp,udp  netserialext1
netserialext2   16361/tcp,udp  netserialext2
netserialext3   16367/tcp,udp  netserialext3
netserialext4   16368/tcp,udp  netserialext4
intel-rci-mp    16991/tcp,udp  INTEL-RCI-MP
isode-dua       17007/tcp,udp
soundsvirtual   17185/tcp,udp  Sounds Virtual
chipper         17219/tcp,udp  Chipper
biimenu         18000/tcp,udp  Beckman Instruments, Inc.
opsec-cvp       18181/tcp,udp  OPSEC CVP
opsec-ufp       18182/tcp,udp  OPSEC UFP
opsec-sam       18183/tcp,udp  OPSEC SAM
opsec-lea       18184/tcp,udp  OPSEC LEA
opsec-omi       18185/tcp,udp  OPSEC OMI
opsec-ela       18187/tcp,udp  OPSEC ELA
checkpoint-rtm  18241/tcp,udp  Check Point RTM
ac-cluster      18463/tcp,udp  AC Cluster
apc-necmp       18888/tcp,udp  APCNECMP
opsec-uaa       19191/tcp,udp  opsec-uaa
keysrvr         19283/tcp,udp  Key Server for SASSAFRAS
keyshadow       19315/tcp,udp  Key Shadow for SASSAFRAS
mtrgtrans       19398/tcp,udp  mtrgtrans
hp-sco          19410/tcp,udp  hp-sco
hp-sca          19411/tcp,udp  hp-sca
hp-sessmon      19412/tcp,udp  HP-SESSMON
jcp             19541/tcp,udp  JCP Client
dnp             20000/tcp,udp  DNP
ipulse-ics      20222/tcp,udp  iPulse-ICS
track           20670/tcp,udp  Track
athand-mmp      20999/tcp,udp  At Hand MMP
vofr-gateway    21590/tcp,udp  VoFR Gateway
webphone        21845/tcp,udp  webphone
netspeak-is     21846/tcp,udp  NetSpeak Corp. Directory Services
netspeak-cs     21847/tcp,udp  NetSpeak Corp. Connection Services
netspeak-acd    21848/tcp,udp  NetSpeak Corp. Automatic Call Distribution
netspeak-cps    21849/tcp,udp  NetSpeak Corp. Credit Processing System
snapenetio      22000/tcp,udp  SNAPenetIO
optocontrol     22001/tcp,udp  OptoControl
wnn6            22273/tcp,udp  wnn6
vocaltec-wconf  22555/tcp      Vocaltec Web Conference
vocaltec-phone  22555/udp      Vocaltec Internet Phone
aws-brf         22800/tcp,udp  Telerate Information Platform LAN
brf-gw          22951/tcp,udp  Telerate Information Platform WAN
med-ltp         24000/tcp,udp  med-ltp
med-fsp-rx      24001/tcp,udp  med-fsp-rx
med-fsp-tx      24002/tcp,udp  med-fsp-tx
med-supp        24003/tcp,udp  med-supp
med-ovw         24004/tcp,udp  med-ovw
med-ci          24005/tcp,udp  med-ci
med-net-svc     24006/tcp,udp  med-net-svc
filesphere      24242/tcp,udp  fileSphere
vista-4gl       24249/tcp,udp  Vista 4GL
intel_rci       24386/tcp,udp  Intel RCI
binkp           24554/tcp,udp  BINKP
flashfiler      24677/tcp,udp  FlashFiler
icl-twobase1    25000/tcp,udp  icl-twobase1
icl-twobase2    25001/tcp,udp  icl-twobase2
icl-twobase3    25002/tcp,udp  icl-twobase3
icl-twobase4    25003/tcp,udp  icl-twobase4
icl-twobase5    25004/tcp,udp  icl-twobase5
icl-twobase6    25005/tcp,udp  icl-twobase6
icl-twobase7    25006/tcp,udp  icl-twobase7
icl-twobase8    25007/tcp,udp  icl-twobase8
icl-twobase9    25008/tcp,udp  icl-twobase9
icl-twobase10   25009/tcp,udp  icl-twobase10
vocaltec-hos    25793/tcp,udp  Vocaltec Address Server
niobserver      25901/tcp,udp  NIObserver
niprobe         25903/tcp,udp  NIProbe
quake           26000/tcp,udp  quake
wnn6-ds         26208/tcp,udp  wnn6-ds
k3software-svr  26262/tcp,udp  K3 Software-Server
k3software-cli  26263/tcp,udp  K3 Software-Client
gserver         26264/tcp,udp  Gserver
flex-lm         27000-27009    FLEX LM (1-10)
imagepump       27345/tcp,udp  ImagePump
tw-auth-key     27999/tcp      TW Authentication/Key Distribution and
tw-auth-key     27999/udp      Attribute Certificate Services
filenet-tms     32768/tcp,udp  Filenet TMS
filenet-rpc     32769/tcp,udp  Filenet RPC
filenet-nch     32770/tcp,udp  Filenet NCH
traceroute      33434/tcp,udp  traceroute use
kastenxpipe     36865/tcp,udp  KastenX Pipe
cscp            40841/tcp,udp  CSCP
csccredir       40842/tcp,udp  CSCCREDIR
csccfirewall    40843/tcp,udp  CSCCFIREWALL
reachout        43188/tcp,udp  REACHOUT
ndm-agent-port  43189/tcp,udp  NDM-AGENT-PORT
ip-provision    43190/tcp,udp  IP-PROVISION
rockwell-encap  44818/tcp,udp  Rockwell Encapsulation
invision-ag     45054/tcp,udp  InVision AG
eba             45678/tcp,udp  EBA PRISE
ssr-servermgr   45966/tcp,udp  SSRServerMgr
mbus            47000/tcp,udp  Message Bus
dbbrowse        47557/tcp,udp  Databeam Corporation
directplaysrvr  47624/tcp,udp  Direct Play Server
ap              47806/tcp,udp  ALC Protocol
bacnet          47808/tcp,udp  Building Automation and Control Networks
nimcontroller   48000/tcp,udp  Nimbus Controller
nimspooler      48001/tcp,udp  Nimbus Spooler
nimhub          48002/tcp,udp  Nimbus Hub
nimgtw          48003/tcp,udp  Nimbus Gateway
com-bardac-dw   48556/tcp,udp  com-bardac-dw

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