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IP ports 2048 through 3071

(back to 0-1023) (back to 1024-2047) (forward to 3072-49151)

See http://www.iana.org/assignments/port-numbers for the official list; here is a reformatted, corrected, and linkified version, as of June 6, 2001:

Keyword         Decimal        Description
-------         -------        -----------
dls-monitor     2048/tcp,udp
shilp           2049/tcp,udp
nfs             2049/tcp,udp   Network File System - Sun Microsystems
av-emb-config   2050/tcp,udp   Avaya EMB Config Port
epnsdp          2051/tcp,udp   EPNSDP
clearvisn       2052/tcp,udp   clearVisn Services Port
lot105-ds-upd   2053/tcp,udp   Lot105 DSuper Updates
weblogin        2054/tcp,udp   Weblogin Port
iop             2055/tcp,udp   Iliad-Odyssey Protocol
omnisky         2056/tcp,udp   OmniSky Port
rich-cp         2057/tcp,udp   Rich Content Protocol
newwavesearch   2058/tcp,udp   NewWaveSearchables RMI
bmc-messaging   2059/tcp,udp   BMC Messaging Service
teleniumdaemon  2060/tcp,udp   Telenium Daemon IF
netmount        2061/tcp,udp   NetMount
icg-swp         2062/tcp,udp   ICG SWP Port
icg-bridge      2063/tcp,udp   ICG Bridge Port
icg-iprelay     2064/tcp,udp   ICG IP Relay Port
dlsrpn          2065/tcp,udp   Data Link Switch Read Port Number
dlswpn          2067/tcp,udp   Data Link Switch Write Port Number
avauthsrvprtcl  2068/tcp,udp   Avocent AuthSrv Protocol
event-port      2069/tcp,udp   HTTP Event Port
ah-esp-encap    2070/tcp,udp   AH and ESP Encapsulated in UDP packet
acp-port        2071/tcp,udp   Axon Control Protocol
msync           2072/tcp,udp   GlobeCast mSync
vbs-data-port   2073/tcp,udp   Variable Block Socket
vrtl-vmf-sa     2074/tcp,udp   Vertel VMF SA
newlixengine    2075/tcp,udp   Newlix ServerWare Engine
newlixconfig    2076/tcp,udp   Newlix JSPConfig
trellisagt      2077/tcp,udp   TrelliSoft Agent
trellissvr      2078/tcp,udp   TrelliSoft Server
idware-router   2079/tcp,udp   IDWARE Router Port
autodesk-nlm    2080/tcp,udp   Autodesk NLM (FLEXlm)
kme-trap-port   2081/tcp,udp   KME PRINTER TRAP PORT
eli             2087/tcp,udp   ELI - Event Logging Integration
sep             2089/tcp,udp   Security Encapsulation Protocol - SEP
lrp             2090/tcp,udp   Load Report Protocol
prp             2091/tcp,udp   PRP
descent3        2092/tcp,udp   Descent 3
nbx-cc          2093/tcp,udp   NBX CC
nbx-au          2094/tcp,udp   NBX AU
nbx-ser         2095/tcp,udp   NBX SER
nbx-dir         2096/tcp,udp   NBX DIR
jetformpreview  2097/tcp,udp   Jet Form Preview
dialog-port     2098/tcp,udp   Dialog Port
h2250-annex-g   2099/tcp,udp   H.225.0 Annex G
amiganetfs      2100/tcp,udp   amiganetfs
rtcm-sc104      2101/tcp,udp   rtcm-sc104
zephyr-srv      2102/tcp,udp   Zephyr server
zephyr-clt      2103/tcp,udp   Zephyr serv-hm connection
zephyr-hm       2104/tcp,udp   Zephyr hostmanager
minipay         2105/tcp,udp   MiniPay
mzap            2106/tcp,udp   MZAP
bintec-admin    2107/tcp,udp   BinTec Admin
comcam          2108/tcp,udp   Comcam
ergolight       2109/tcp,udp   Ergolight
umsp            2110/tcp,udp   UMSP
dsatp           2111/tcp,udp   DSATP
idonix-metanet  2112/tcp,udp   Idonix MetaNet
hsl-storm       2113/tcp,udp   HSL StoRM
newheights      2114/tcp,udp   NEWHEIGHTS
kdm             2115/tcp,udp   KDM
ccowcmr         2116/tcp,udp   CCOWCMR
mentaclient     2117/tcp,udp   MENTACLIENT
mentaserver     2118/tcp,udp   MENTASERVER
gsigatekeeper   2119/tcp,udp   GSIGATEKEEPER
qencp           2120/tcp,udp   Quick Eagle Networks CP
scientia-ssdb   2121/tcp,udp   SCIENTIA-SSDB
caupc-remote    2122/tcp,udp   CauPC Remote Control
gtp-control     2123/tcp,udp   GTP-Control Plane (3GPP)
elatelink       2124/tcp,udp   ELATELINK
lockstep        2125/tcp,udp   LOCKSTEP
pktcable-cops   2126/tcp,udp   PktCable-COPS
index-pc-wb     2127/tcp,udp   INDEX-PC-WB
net-steward     2128/tcp,udp   Net Steward Control
cs-live         2129/tcp,udp   cs-live.com
swc-xds         2130/tcp,udp   SWC-XDS
avantageb2b     2131/tcp,udp   Avantageb2b
avail-epmap     2132/tcp,udp   AVAIL-EPMAP
zymed-zpp       2133/tcp,udp   ZYMED-ZPP
avenue          2134/tcp,udp   AVENUE
gris            2135/tcp,udp   Grid Resource Information Server
appworxsrv      2136/tcp,udp   APPWORXSRV
connect         2137/tcp,udp   CONNECT
unbind-cluster  2138/tcp,udp   UNBIND-CLUSTER
ias-auth        2139/tcp,udp   IAS-AUTH
ias-reg         2140/tcp,udp   IAS-REG
ias-admind      2141/tcp,udp   IAS-ADMIND
tdm-over-ip     2142/tcp,udp   TDM-OVER-IP
lv-jc           2143/tcp,udp   Live Vault Job Control
lv-ffx          2144/tcp,udp   Live Vault Fast Object Transfer
lv-pici         2145/tcp,udp   Live Vault Remote Diagnostic Console Support
lv-not          2146/tcp,udp   Live Vault Admin Event Notification
lv-auth         2147/tcp,udp   Live Vault Authentication
veritas-ucl     2148/tcp,udp   VERITAS UNIVERSAL COMMUNICATION LAYER
acptsys         2149/tcp,udp   ACPTSYS
dynamic3d       2150/tcp,udp   DYNAMIC3D
docent          2151/tcp,udp   DOCENT
gtp-user        2152/tcp,udp   GTP-User Plane (3GPP)
apc-cms         2160/tcp,udp   APC Central Mgmt Server
x-bone-api      2165/tcp,udp   X-Bone API
iwserver        2166/tcp,udp   IWSERVER
mc-gt-srv       2180/tcp,udp   Millicent Vendor Gateway Server
eforward        2181/tcp,udp   eforward
ici             2200/tcp,udp   ICI
ats             2201/tcp,udp   Advanced Training System Program
imtc-map        2202/tcp,udp   Int. Multimedia Teleconferencing Cosortium
kali            2213/tcp,udp   Kali
netiq           2220/tcp,udp   NetIQ Pegasus
rockwell-csp1   2221/tcp,udp   Rockwell CSP1
rockwell-csp2   2222/tcp,udp   Rockwell CSP2
rockwell-csp3   2223/tcp,udp   Rockwell CSP3
ivs-video       2232/tcp,udp   IVS Video default
infocrypt       2233/tcp,udp   INFOCRYPT
directplay      2234/tcp,udp   DirectPlay
sercomm-wlink   2235/tcp,udp   Sercomm-WLink
nani            2236/tcp,udp   Nani
optech-port1-lm 2237/tcp,udp   Optech Port1 License Manager
aviva-sna       2238/tcp,udp   AVIVA SNA SERVER
imagequery      2239/tcp,udp   Image Query
recipe          2240/tcp,udp   RECIPe
ivsd            2241/tcp,udp   IVS Daemon
foliocorp       2242/tcp,udp   Folio Remote Server
magicom         2243/tcp,udp   Magicom Protocol
nmsserver       2244/tcp,udp   NMS Server
hao             2245/tcp,udp   HaO
remote-collab   2250/tcp,udp   remote-collab
vrtp            2255/tcp,udp   VRTP - ViRtue Transfer Protocol
xmquery         2279/tcp,udp   xmquery
lnvpoller       2280/tcp,udp   LNVPOLLER
lnvconsole      2281/tcp,udp   LNVCONSOLE
lnvalarm        2282/tcp,udp   LNVALARM
lnvstatus       2283/tcp,udp   LNVSTATUS
lnvmaps         2284/tcp,udp   LNVMAPS
lnvmailmon      2285/tcp,udp   LNVMAILMON
nas-metering    2286/tcp,udp   NAS-Metering
dna             2287/tcp,udp   DNA
netml           2288/tcp,udp   NETML
konshus-lm      2294/tcp,udp   Konshus License Manager (FLEX)
advant-lm       2295/tcp,udp   Advant License Manager
theta-lm        2296/tcp,udp   Theta License Manager (Rainbow)
d2k-datamover1  2297/tcp,udp   D2K DataMover 1
d2k-datamover2  2298/tcp,udp   D2K DataMover 2
pc-telecommute  2299/tcp,udp   PC Telecommute
cvmmon          2300/tcp,udp   CVMMON
cpq-wbem        2301/tcp,udp   Compaq HTTP
binderysupport  2302/tcp,udp   Bindery Support
proxy-gateway   2303/tcp,udp   Proxy Gateway
attachmate-uts  2304/tcp,udp   Attachmate UTS
mt-scaleserver  2305/tcp,udp   MT ScaleServer
tappi-boxnet    2306/tcp,udp   TAPPI BoxNet
pehelp          2307/tcp,udp   pehelp
sdhelp          2308/tcp,udp   sdhelp
sdserver        2309/tcp,udp   SD Server
sdclient        2310/tcp,udp   SD Client
messageservice  2311/tcp,udp   Message Service
iapp            2313/tcp,udp   IAPP (Inter Access Point Protocol)
cr-websystems   2314/tcp,udp   CR WebSystems
precise-sft     2315/tcp,udp   Precise Sft.
sent-lm         2316/tcp,udp   SENT License Manager
attachmate-g32  2317/tcp,udp   Attachmate G32
cadencecontrol  2318/tcp,udp   Cadence Control
infolibria      2319/tcp,udp   InfoLibria
siebel-ns       2320/tcp,udp   Siebel NS
rdlap           2321/tcp,udp   RDLAP
ofsd            2322/tcp,udp   ofsd
3d-nfsd         2323/tcp,udp   3d-nfsd
cosmocall       2324/tcp,udp   Cosmocall
designspace-lm  2325/tcp,udp   Design Space License Management
idcp            2326/tcp,udp   IDCP
xingcsm         2327/tcp,udp   xingcsm
netrix-sftm     2328/tcp,udp   Netrix SFTM
nvd             2329/tcp,udp   NVD
tscchat         2330/tcp,udp   TSCCHAT
agentview       2331/tcp,udp   AGENTVIEW
rcc-host        2332/tcp,udp   RCC Host
snapp           2333/tcp,udp   SNAPP
ace-client      2334/tcp,udp   ACE Client Auth
ace-proxy       2335/tcp,udp   ACE Proxy
appleugcontrol  2336/tcp,udp   Apple UG Control
ideesrv         2337/tcp,udp   ideesrv
norton-lambert  2338/tcp,udp   Norton Lambert
3com-webview    2339/tcp,udp   3Com WebView
wrs_registry    2340/tcp,udp   WRS Registry
xiostatus       2341/tcp,udp   XIO Status
manage-exec     2342/tcp,udp   Seagate Manage Exec
nati-logos      2343/tcp,udp   nati logos
fcmsys          2344/tcp,udp   fcmsys
dbm             2345/tcp,udp   dbm
redstorm_join   2346/tcp,udp   Game Connection Port
redstorm_find   2347/tcp,udp   Game Announcement and Location
redstorm_info   2348/tcp,udp   Information to query for game status
redstorm_diag   2349/tcp,udp   Diagnostics Port
psbserver       2350/tcp,udp   psbserver
psrserver       2351/tcp,udp   psrserver
pslserver       2352/tcp,udp   pslserver
pspserver       2353/tcp,udp   pspserver
psprserver      2354/tcp,udp   psprserver
psdbserver      2355/tcp,udp   psdbserver
gxtelmd         2356/tcp,udp   GXT License Managemant
unihub-server   2357/tcp,udp   UniHub Server
futrix          2358/tcp,udp   Futrix
flukeserver     2359/tcp,udp   FlukeServer
nexstorindltd   2360/tcp,udp   NexstorIndLtd
tl1             2361/tcp,udp   TL1
digiman         2362/tcp,udp   digiman
mediacntrlnfsd  2363/tcp,udp   Media Central NFSD
oi-2000         2364/tcp,udp   OI-2000
dbref           2365/tcp,udp   dbref
qip-login       2366/tcp,udp   qip-login
service-ctrl    2367/tcp,udp   Service Control
opentable       2368/tcp,udp   OpenTable
acs2000-dsp     2369/tcp,udp   ACS2000 DSP
l3-hbmon        2370/tcp,udp   L3-HBMon
compaq-https    2381/tcp,udp   Compaq HTTPS
ms-olap3        2382/tcp,udp   Microsoft OLAP
ms-olap4        2383/tcp,udp   Microsoft OLAP
sd-request      2384/tcp,udp   SD-REQUEST
ovsessionmgr    2389/tcp,udp   OpenView Session Mgr
rsmtp           2390/tcp,udp   RSMTP
3com-net-mgmt   2391/tcp,udp   3COM Net Management
tacticalauth    2392/tcp,udp   Tactical Auth
ms-olap1        2393/tcp,udp   MS OLAP 1
ms-olap2        2394/tcp,udp   MS OLAP 2
lan900_remote   2395/tcp,udp   LAN900 Remote
wusage          2396/tcp,udp   Wusage
ncl             2397/tcp,udp   NCL
orbiter         2398/tcp,udp   Orbiter
fmpro-fdal      2399/tcp,udp   FileMaker, Inc. - Data Access Layer
opequus-server  2400/tcp,udp   OpEquus Server
cvspserver      2401/tcp,udp   cvspserver
taskmaster2000  2402/tcp,udp   TaskMaster 2000 Server
taskmaster2000  2403/tcp,udp   TaskMaster 2000 Web
iec870-5-104    2404/tcp,udp   IEC870-5-104
trc-netpoll     2405/tcp,udp   TRC Netpoll
jediserver      2406/tcp,udp   JediServer
orion           2407/tcp,udp   Orion
optimanet       2408/tcp,udp   OptimaNet
sns-protocol    2409/tcp,udp   SNS Protocol
vrts-registry   2410/tcp,udp   VRTS Registry
netwave-ap-mgmt 2411/tcp,udp   Netwave AP Management
cdn             2412/tcp,udp   CDN
orion-rmi-reg   2413/tcp,udp   orion-rmi-reg
beeyond         2414/tcp,udp   Beeyond
comtest         2415/tcp,udp   COMTEST
rmtserver       2416/tcp,udp   RMT Server
composit-server 2417/tcp,udp   Composit Server
cas             2418/tcp,udp   cas
attachmate-s2s  2419/tcp,udp   Attachmate S2S
dslremote-mgmt  2420/tcp,udp   DSL Remote Management
g-talk          2421/tcp,udp   G-Talk
crmsbits        2422/tcp,udp   CRMSBITS
rnrp            2423/tcp,udp   RNRP
kofax-svr       2424/tcp,udp   KOFAX-SVR
fjitsuappmgr    2425/tcp,udp   Fujitsu App Manager
applianttcp     2426/tcp       Appliant TCP
appliantudp     2426/udp       Appliant UDP
mgcp-gateway    2427/tcp,udp   Media Gateway Control Protocol Gateway
ott             2428/tcp,udp   One Way Trip Time
ft-role         2429/tcp,udp   FT-ROLE
venus           2430/tcp,udp   venus
venus-se        2431/tcp,udp   venus-se
codasrv         2432/tcp,udp   codasrv
codasrv-se      2433/tcp,udp   codasrv-se
pxc-epmap       2434/tcp,udp   pxc-epmap
optilogic       2435/tcp,udp   OptiLogic
topx            2436/tcp,udp   TOP/X
unicontrol      2437/tcp,udp   UniControl
msp             2438/tcp,udp   MSP
sybasedbsynch   2439/tcp,udp   SybaseDBSynch
spearway        2440/tcp,udp   Spearway Lockers
pvsw-inet       2441/tcp,udp   pvsw-inet
netangel        2442/tcp,udp   Netangel
powerclientcsf  2443/tcp,udp   PowerClient Central Storage Facility
btpp2sectrans   2444/tcp,udp   BT PP2 Sectrans
dtn1            2445/tcp,udp   DTN1
bues_service    2446/tcp,udp   bues_service
ovwdb           2447/tcp,udp   OpenView NNM daemon
hpppssvr        2448/tcp,udp   hpppsvr
ratl            2449/tcp,udp   RATL
netadmin        2450/tcp,udp   netadmin
netchat         2451/tcp,udp   netchat
snifferclient   2452/tcp,udp   SnifferClient
madge-om        2453/tcp,udp   madge-om
indx-dds        2454/tcp,udp   IndX-DDS
wago-io-system  2455/tcp,udp   WAGO-IO-SYSTEM
altav-remmgt    2456/tcp,udp   altav-remmgt
rapido-ip       2457/tcp,udp   Rapido_IP
griffin         2458/tcp,udp   griffin
community       2459/tcp,udp   Community
ms-theater      2460/tcp,udp   ms-theater
qadmifoper      2461/tcp,udp   qadmifoper
qadmifevent     2462/tcp,udp   qadmifevent
symbios-raid    2463/tcp,udp   Symbios Raid
direcpc-si      2464/tcp,udp   DirecPC SI
lbm             2465/tcp,udp   Load Balance Management
lbf             2466/tcp,udp   Load Balance Forwarding
high-criteria   2467/tcp,udp   High Criteria
qip-msgd        2468/tcp,udp   qip_msgd
mti-tcs-comm    2469/tcp,udp   MTI-TCS-COMM
taskman-port    2470/tcp,udp   taskman port
seaodbc         2471/tcp,udp   SeaODBC
c3              2472/tcp,udp   C3
aker-cdp        2473/tcp,udp   Aker-cdp
vitalanalysis   2474/tcp,udp   Vital Analysis
ace-server      2475/tcp,udp   ACE Server
ace-svr-prop    2476/tcp,udp   ACE Server Propagation
ssm-cvs         2477/tcp,udp   SecurSight Certificate Valifation Service
ssm-cssps       2478/tcp,udp   SecurSight Authentication Server (SSL)
ssm-els         2479/tcp,udp   SecurSight Event Logging Server (SSL)
lingwood        2480/tcp,udp   Lingwood's Detail
giop            2481/tcp,udp   Oracle GIOP
giop-ssl        2482/tcp,udp   Oracle GIOP SSL
ttc             2483/tcp,udp   Oracle TTC
ttc-ssl         2484/tcp,udp   Oracle TTC SSL
netobjects1     2485/tcp,udp   Net Objects1
netobjects2     2486/tcp,udp   Net Objects2
pns             2487/tcp,udp   Policy Notice Service
moy-corp        2488/tcp,udp   Moy Corporation
tsilb           2489/tcp,udp   TSILB
qip-qdhcp       2490/tcp,udp   qip_qdhcp
conclave-cpp    2491/tcp,udp   Conclave CPP
groove          2492/tcp,udp   GROOVE
talarian-mqs    2493/tcp,udp   Talarian MQS
bmc-ar          2494/tcp,udp   BMC AR
fast-rem-serv   2495/tcp,udp   Fast Remote Services
dirgis          2496/tcp,udp   DIRGIS
quaddb          2497/tcp,udp   Quad DB
odn-castraq     2498/tcp,udp   ODN-CasTraq
unicontrol      2499/tcp,udp   UniControl
rtsserv         2500/tcp,udp   Resource Tracking system server
rtsclient       2501/tcp,udp   Resource Tracking system client
kentrox-prot    2502/tcp,udp   Kentrox Protocol
nms-dpnss       2503/tcp,udp   NMS-DPNSS
wlbs            2504/tcp,udp   WLBS
torque-traffic  2505/tcp,udp   torque-traffic
jbroker         2506/tcp,udp   jbroker
spock           2507/tcp,udp   spock
jdatastore      2508/tcp,udp   JDataStore
fjmpss          2509/tcp,udp   fjmpss
fjappmgrbulk    2510/tcp,udp   fjappmgrbulk
metastorm       2511/tcp,udp   Metastorm
citrixima       2512/tcp,udp   Citrix IMA
citrixadmin     2513/tcp,udp   Citrix ADMIN
facsys-ntp      2514/tcp,udp   Facsys NTP
facsys-router   2515/tcp,udp   Facsys Router
maincontrol     2516/tcp,udp   Main Control
call-sig-trans  2517/tcp,udp   H.323 Annex E call signaling transport
willy           2518/tcp,udp   Willy
globmsgsvc      2519/tcp,udp   globmsgsvc
pvsw            2520/tcp,udp   pvsw
adaptecmgr      2521/tcp,udp   Adaptec Manager
windb           2522/tcp,udp   WinDb
qke-llc-v3      2523/tcp,udp   Qke LLC V.3
optiwave-lm     2524/tcp,udp   Optiwave License Management
ms-v-worlds     2525/tcp,udp   MS V-Worlds
ema-sent-lm     2526/tcp,udp   EMA License Manager
iqserver        2527/tcp,udp   IQ Server
ncr_ccl         2528/tcp,udp   NCR CCL
utsftp          2529/tcp,udp   UTS FTP
vrcommerce      2530/tcp,udp   VR Commerce
ito-e-gui       2531/tcp,udp   ITO-E GUI
ovtopmd         2532/tcp,udp   OVTOPMD
snifferserver   2533/tcp,udp   SnifferServer
combox-web-acc  2534/tcp,udp   Combox Web Access
madcap          2535/tcp,udp   MADCAP
btpp2audctr1    2536/tcp,udp   btpp2audctr1
upgrade         2537/tcp,udp   Upgrade Protocol
vnwk-prapi      2538/tcp,udp   vnwk-prapi
vsiadmin        2539/tcp,udp   VSI Admin
lonworks        2540/tcp,udp   LonWorks
lonworks2       2541/tcp,udp   LonWorks2
davinci         2542/tcp,udp   daVinci
reftek          2543/tcp,udp   REFTEK
novell-zen      2544/tcp,udp   Novell ZEN
sis-emt         2545/tcp,udp   sis-emt
vytalvaultbrtp  2546/tcp,udp   vytalvaultbrtp
vytalvaultvsmp  2547/tcp,udp   vytalvaultvsmp
vytalvaultpipe  2548/tcp,udp   vytalvaultpipe
ipass           2549/tcp,udp   IPASS
ads             2550/tcp,udp   ADS
isg-uda-server  2551/tcp,udp   ISG UDA Server
call-logging    2552/tcp,udp   Call Logging
efidiningport   2553/tcp,udp   efidiningport
vcnet-link-v10  2554/tcp,udp   VCnet-Link v10
compaq-wcp      2555/tcp,udp   Compaq WCP
nicetec-nmsvc   2556/tcp,udp   nicetec-nmsvc
nicetec-mgmt    2557/tcp,udp   nicetec-mgmt
pclemultimedia  2558/tcp,udp   PCLE Multi Media
lstp            2559/tcp,udp   LSTP
labrat          2560/tcp,udp   labrat
mosaixcc        2561/tcp,udp   MosaixCC
delibo          2562/tcp,udp   Delibo
cti-redwood     2563/tcp,udp   CTI Redwood
hp-3000-telnet  2564/tcp       HP 3000 NS/VT block mode telnet
coord-svr       2565/tcp,udp   Coordinator Server
pcs-pcw         2566/tcp,udp   pcs-pcw
clp             2567/tcp,udp   Cisco Line Protocol
spamtrap        2568/tcp,udp   SPAM TRAP
sonuscallsig    2569/tcp,udp   Sonus Call Signal
hs-port         2570/tcp,udp   HS Port
cecsvc          2571/tcp,udp   CECSVC
ibp             2572/tcp,udp   IBP
trustestablish  2573/tcp,udp   Trust Establish
blockade-bpsp   2574/tcp,udp   Blockade BPSP
hl7             2575/tcp,udp   HL7
tclprodebugger  2576/tcp,udp   TCL Pro Debugger
scipticslsrvr   2577/tcp,udp   Scriptics Lsrvr
rvs-isdn-dcp    2578/tcp,udp   RVS ISDN DCP
mpfoncl         2579/tcp,udp   mpfoncl
tributary       2580/tcp,udp   Tributary
argis-te        2581/tcp,udp   ARGIS TE
argis-ds        2582/tcp,udp   ARGIS DS
mon             2583/tcp,udp   MON
cyaserv         2584/tcp,udp   cyaserv
netx-server     2585/tcp,udp   NETX Server
netx-agent      2586/tcp,udp   NETX Agent
masc            2587/tcp,udp   MASC
privilege       2588/tcp,udp   Privilege
quartus-tcl     2589/tcp,udp   quartus tcl
idotdist        2590/tcp,udp   idotdist
maytagshuffle   2591/tcp,udp   Maytag Shuffle
netrek          2592/tcp,udp   netrek
mns-mail        2593/tcp,udp   MNS Mail Notice Service
dts             2594/tcp,udp   Data Base Server
worldfusion1    2595/tcp,udp   World Fusion 1
worldfusion2    2596/tcp,udp   World Fusion 2
homesteadglory  2597/tcp,udp   Homestead Glory
citriximaclient 2598/tcp,udp   Citrix MA Client
meridiandata    2599/tcp,udp   Meridian Data
hpstgmgr        2600/tcp,udp   HPSTGMGR
discp-client    2601/tcp,udp   discp client
discp-server    2602/tcp,udp   discp server
servicemeter    2603/tcp,udp   Service Meter
nsc-ccs         2604/tcp,udp   NSC CCS
nsc-posa        2605/tcp,udp   NSC POSA
netmon          2606/tcp,udp   Dell Netmon
connection      2607/tcp,udp   Dell Connection
wag-service     2608/tcp,udp   Wag Service
system-monitor  2609/tcp,udp   System Monitor
versa-tek       2610/tcp,udp   VersaTek
lionhead        2611/tcp,udp   LIONHEAD
qpasa-agent     2612/tcp,udp   Qpasa Agent
smntubootstrap  2613/tcp,udp   SMNTUBootstrap
neveroffline    2614/tcp,udp   Never Offline
firepower       2615/tcp,udp   firepower
appswitch-emp   2616/tcp,udp   appswitch-emp
cmadmin         2617/tcp,udp   Clinical Context Managers
priority-e-com  2618/tcp,udp   Priority E-Com
bruce           2619/tcp,udp   bruce
lpsrecommender  2620/tcp,udp   LPSRecommender
miles-apart     2621/tcp,udp   Miles Apart Jukebox Server
metricadbc      2622/tcp,udp   MetricaDBC
lmdp            2623/tcp,udp   LMDP
aria            2624/tcp,udp   Aria
blwnkl-port     2625/tcp,udp   Blwnkl Port
gbjd816         2626/tcp,udp   gbjd816
moshebeeri      2627/tcp,udp   Moshe Beeri
dict            2628/tcp,udp   DICT
sitaraserver    2629/tcp,udp   Sitara Server
sitaramgmt      2630/tcp,udp   Sitara Management
sitaradir       2631/tcp,udp   Sitara Dir
irdg-post       2632/tcp,udp   IRdg Post
interintelli    2633/tcp,udp   InterIntelli
pk-electronics  2634/tcp,udp   PK Electronics
backburner      2635/tcp,udp   Back Burner
solve           2636/tcp,udp   Solve
imdocsvc        2637/tcp,udp   Import Document Service
sybaseanywhere  2638/tcp,udp   Sybase Anywhere
aminet          2639/tcp,udp   AMInet
sai_sentlm      2640/tcp,udp   Sabbagh Associates Licence Manager
hdl-srv         2641/tcp,udp   HDL Server
tragic          2642/tcp,udp   Tragic
gte-samp        2643/tcp,udp   GTE-SAMP
travsoft-ipx-t  2644/tcp,udp   Travsoft IPX Tunnel
novell-ipx-cmd  2645/tcp,udp   Novell IPX CMD
and-lm          2646/tcp,udp   AND License Manager
syncserver      2647/tcp,udp   SyncServer
upsnotifyprot   2648/tcp,udp   Upsnotifyprot
vpsipport       2649/tcp,udp   VPSIPPORT
eristwoguns     2650/tcp,udp   eristwoguns
ebinsite        2651/tcp,udp   EBInSite
interpathpanel  2652/tcp,udp   InterPathPanel
sonus           2653/tcp,udp   Sonus
corel_vncadmin  2654/tcp,udp   Corel VNC Admin
unglue          2655/tcp,udp   UNIX Nt Glue
kana            2656/tcp,udp   Kana
sns-dispatcher  2657/tcp,udp   SNS Dispatcher
sns-admin       2658/tcp,udp   SNS Admin
sns-query       2659/tcp,udp   SNS Query
gcmonitor       2660/tcp,udp   GC Monitor
olhost          2661/tcp,udp   OLHOST
bintec-capi     2662/tcp,udp   BinTec-CAPI
bintec-tapi     2663/tcp,udp   BinTec-TAPI
patrol-mq-gm    2664/tcp,udp   Patrol for MQ GM
patrol-mq-nm    2665/tcp,udp   Patrol for MQ NM
extensis        2666/tcp,udp   extensis
alarm-clock-s   2667/tcp,udp   Alarm Clock Server
alarm-clock-c   2668/tcp,udp   Alarm Clock Client
toad            2669/tcp,udp   TOAD
tve-announce    2670/tcp,udp   TVE Announce
newlixreg       2671/tcp,udp   newlixreg
nhserver        2672/tcp,udp   nhserver
firstcall42     2673/tcp,udp   First Call 42
ewnn            2674/tcp,udp   ewnn
ttc-etap        2675/tcp,udp   TTC ETAP
simslink        2676/tcp,udp   SIMSLink
gadgetgate1way  2677/tcp,udp   Gadget Gate 1 Way
gadgetgate2way  2678/tcp,udp   Gadget Gate 2 Way
syncserverssl   2679/tcp,udp   Sync Server SSL
pxc-sapxom      2680/tcp,udp   pxc-sapxom
mpnjsomb        2681/tcp,udp   mpnjsomb
srsp            2682/tcp,udp   SRSP
ncdloadbalance  2683/tcp,udp   NCDLoadBalance
mpnjsosv        2684/tcp,udp   mpnjsosv
mpnjsocl        2685/tcp,udp   mpnjsocl
mpnjsomg        2686/tcp,udp   mpnjsomg
pq-lic-mgmt     2687/tcp,udp   pq-lic-mgmt
md-cg-http      2688/tcp,udp   md-cf-http
fastlynx        2689/tcp,udp   FastLynx
hp-nnm-data     2690/tcp,udp   HP NNM Embedded Database
itinternet      2691/tcp,udp   IT Internet
admins-lms      2692/tcp,udp   Admins LMS
belarc-http     2693/tcp,udp   belarc-http
pwrsevent       2694/tcp,udp   pwrsevent
vspread         2695/tcp,udp   VSPREAD
unifyadmin      2696/tcp,udp   Unify Admin
oce-snmp-trap   2697/tcp,udp   Oce SNMP Trap Port
mck-ivpip       2698/tcp,udp   MCK-IVPIP
csoft-plusclnt  2699/tcp,udp   Csoft Plus Client
tqdata          2700/tcp,udp   tqdata
sms-rcinfo      2701/tcp,udp   SMS RCINFO
sms-xfer        2702/tcp,udp   SMS XFER
sms-chat        2703/tcp,udp   SMS CHAT
sms-remctrl     2704/tcp,udp   SMS REMCTRL
sds-admin       2705/tcp,udp   SDS Admin
ncdmirroring    2706/tcp,udp   NCD Mirroring
emcsymapiport   2707/tcp,udp   EMCSYMAPIPORT
banyan-net      2708/tcp,udp   Banyan-Net
supermon        2709/tcp,udp   Supermon
sso-service     2710/tcp,udp   SSO Service
sso-control     2711/tcp,udp   SSO Control
aocp            2712/tcp,udp   Axapta Object Communication Protocol
raven1          2713/tcp,udp   Raven1
raven2          2714/tcp,udp   Raven2
hpstgmgr2       2715/tcp,udp   HPSTGMGR2
inova-ip-disco  2716/tcp,udp   Inova IP Disco
pn-requester    2717/tcp,udp   PN REQUESTER
pn-requester2   2718/tcp,udp   PN REQUESTER 2
scan-change     2719/tcp,udp   Scan & Change
wkars           2720/tcp,udp   wkars
smart-diagnose  2721/tcp,udp   Smart Diagnose
proactivesrvr   2722/tcp,udp   Proactive Server
watchdognt      2723/tcp,udp   WatchDog NT
qotps           2724/tcp,udp   qotps
msolap-ptp2     2725/tcp,udp   MSOLAP PTP2
tams            2726/tcp,udp   TAMS
mgcp-callagent  2727/tcp,udp   Media Gateway Control Protocol Call Agent
sqdr            2728/tcp,udp   SQDR
tcim-control    2729/tcp,udp   TCIM Control
nec-raidplus    2730/tcp,udp   NEC RaidPlus
netdragon-msngr 2731/tcp,udp   NetDragon Messanger
g5m             2732/tcp,udp   G5M
signet-ctf      2733/tcp,udp   Signet CTF
ccs-software    2734/tcp,udp   CCS Software
netiq-mc        2735/tcp,udp   NetIQ Monitor Console
radwiz-nms-srv  2736/tcp,udp   RADWIZ NMS SRV
srp-feedback    2737/tcp,udp   SRP Feedback
ndl-tcp-ois-gw  2738/tcp,udp   NDL TCP-OSI Gateway
tn-timing       2739/tcp,udp   TN Timing
alarm           2740/tcp,udp   Alarm
tsb             2741/tcp,udp   TSB
tsb2            2742/tcp,udp   TSB2
murx            2743/tcp,udp   murx
honyaku         2744/tcp,udp   honyaku
urbisnet        2745/tcp,udp   URBISNET
cpudpencap      2746/tcp,udp   CPUDPENCAP
fjippol-swrly   2747/tcp,udp
fjippol-polsvr  2748/tcp,udp
fjippol-cnsl    2749/tcp,udp
fjippol-port1   2750/tcp,udp
fjippol-port2   2751/tcp,udp
rsisysaccess    2752/tcp,udp   RSISYS ACCESS
de-spot         2753/tcp,udp   de-spot
apollo-cc       2754/tcp,udp   APOLLO CC
expresspay      2755/tcp,udp   Express Pay
simplement-tie  2756/tcp,udp   simplement-tie
cnrp            2757/tcp,udp   CNRP
apollo-status   2758/tcp,udp   APOLLO Status
apollo-gms      2759/tcp,udp   APOLLO GMS
sabams          2760/tcp,udp   Saba MS
dicom-iscl      2761/tcp,udp   DICOM ISCL
dicom-tls       2762/tcp,udp   DICOM TLS
desktop-dna     2763/tcp,udp   Desktop DNA
data-insurance  2764/tcp,udp   Data Insurance
qip-audup       2765/tcp,udp   qip-audup
compaq-scp      2766/tcp,udp   Compaq SCP
uadtc           2767/tcp,udp   UADTC
uacs            2768/tcp,udp   UACS
singlept-mvs    2769/tcp,udp   Single Point MVS
veronica        2770/tcp,udp   Veronica
vergencecm      2771/tcp,udp   Vergence CM
auris           2772/tcp,udp   auris
pcbakcup1       2773/tcp,udp   PC Backup
pcbakcup2       2774/tcp,udp   PC Backup
smpp            2775/tcp,udp   SMMP
ridgeway1       2776/tcp,udp   Ridgeway Systems & Software
ridgeway2       2777/tcp,udp   Ridgeway Systems & Software
gwen-sonya      2778/tcp,udp   Gwen-Sonya
lbc-sync        2779/tcp,udp   LBC Sync
lbc-control     2780/tcp,udp   LBC Control
whosells        2781/tcp,udp   ResolveNet IOM whosells
everydayrc      2782/tcp,udp   everydayrc
aises           2783/tcp,udp   AISES
www-dev         2784/tcp,udp   world wide web - development
aic-np          2785/tcp,udp   aic-np
aic-oncrpc      2786/tcp,udp   aic-oncrpc - Destiny MCD database
piccolo         2787/tcp,udp   piccolo - Cornerstone Software
fryeserv        2788/tcp,udp   NetWare Loadable Module - Seagate Software
media-agent     2789/tcp,udp   Media Agent
plgproxy        2790/tcp,udp   PLG Proxy
mtport-regist   2791/tcp,udp   MT Port Registrator
f5-globalsite   2792/tcp,udp   f5-globalsite
initlsmsad      2793/tcp,udp   initlsmsad
aaftp           2794/tcp,udp   aaftp
livestats       2795/tcp,udp   LiveStats
ac-tech         2796/tcp,udp   ac-tech
esp-encap       2797/tcp,udp   esp-encap
tmesis-upshot   2798/tcp,udp   TMESIS-UPShot
icon-discover   2799/tcp,udp   ICON Discover
acc-raid        2800/tcp,udp   ACC RAID
igcp            2801/tcp,udp   IGCP
veritas-tcp1    2802/tcp       Veritas TCP1
veritas-udp1    2802/udp       Veritas UDP1
btprjctrl       2803/tcp,udp   btprjctrl
telexis-vtu     2804/tcp,udp   Telexis VTU
wta-wsp-s       2805/tcp,udp   WTA WSP-S
cspuni          2806/tcp,udp   cspuni
cspmulti        2807/tcp,udp   cspmulti
j-lan-p         2808/tcp,udp   J-LAN-P
corbaloc        2809/tcp,udp   CORBA LOC
netsteward      2810/tcp,udp   Active Net Steward
gsiftp          2811/tcp,udp   GSI FTP
atmtcp          2812/tcp,udp   atmtcp
llm-pass        2813/tcp,udp   llm-pass
llm-csv         2814/tcp,udp   llm-csv
lbc-measure     2815/tcp,udp   LBC Measurement
lbc-watchdog    2816/tcp,udp   LBC Watchdog
nmsigport       2817/tcp,udp   NMSig Port
rmlnk           2818/tcp,udp   rmlnk
fc-faultnotify  2819/tcp,udp   FC Fault Notification
univision       2820/tcp,udp   UniVision
vml-dms         2821/tcp,udp   vml_dms
ka0wuc          2822/tcp,udp   ka0wuc
cqg-netlan      2823/tcp,udp   CQG Net/LAN
cqg-netlan-1    2824/tcp,udp   CQG Net/LAN 1
slc-systemlog   2826/tcp,udp   slc systemlog
slc-ctrlrloops  2827/tcp,udp   slc ctrlrloops
itm-lm          2828/tcp,udp   ITM License Manager
silkp1          2829/tcp,udp   silkp1
silkp2          2830/tcp,udp   silkp2
silkp3          2831/tcp,udp   silkp3
silkp4          2832/tcp,udp   silkp4
glishd          2833/tcp,udp   glishd
evtp            2834/tcp,udp   EVTP
evtp-data       2835/tcp,udp   EVTP-DATA
catalyst        2836/tcp,udp   catalyst
repliweb        2837/tcp,udp   Repliweb
starbot         2838/tcp,udp   Starbot
nmsigport       2839/tcp,udp   NMSigPort
l3-exprt        2840/tcp,udp   l3-exprt
l3-ranger       2841/tcp,udp   l3-ranger
l3-hawk         2842/tcp,udp   l3-hawk
pdnet           2843/tcp,udp   PDnet
bpcp-poll       2844/tcp,udp   BPCP POLL
bpcp-trap       2845/tcp,udp   BPCP TRAP
aimpp-hello     2846/tcp,udp   AIMPP Hello
aimpp-port-req  2847/tcp,udp   AIMPP Port Req
amt-blc-port    2848/tcp,udp   AMT-BLC-PORT
fxp             2849/tcp,udp   FXP
metaconsole     2850/tcp,udp   MetaConsole
webemshttp      2851/tcp,udp   webemshttp
bears-01        2852/tcp,udp   bears-01
ispipes         2853/tcp,udp   ISPipes
infomover       2854/tcp,udp   InfoMover
cesdinv         2856/tcp,udp   cesdinv
simctlp         2857/tcp,udp   SimCtIP
ecnp            2858/tcp,udp   ECNP
activememory    2859/tcp,udp   Active Memory
dialpad-voice1  2860/tcp,udp   Dialpad Voice 1
dialpad-voice2  2861/tcp,udp   Dialpad Voice 2
ttg-protocol    2862/tcp,udp   TTG Protocol
sonardata       2863/tcp,udp   Sonar Data
astromed-main   2864/tcp,udp   main 5001 cmd
pit-vpn         2865/tcp,udp   pit-vpn
lwlistener      2866/tcp,udp   lwlistener
esps-portal     2867/tcp,udp   esps-portal
npep-messaging  2868/tcp,udp   NPEP Messaging
icslap          2869/tcp,udp   ICSLAP
daishi          2870/tcp,udp   daishi
msi-selectplay  2871/tcp,udp   MSI Select Play
contract        2872/tcp,udp   CONTRACT
paspar2-zoomin  2873/tcp,udp   PASPAR2 ZoomIn
dxmessagebase1  2874/tcp,udp   dxmessagebase1
dxmessagebase2  2875/tcp,udp   dxmessagebase2
sps-tunnel      2876/tcp,udp   SPS Tunnel
bluelance       2877/tcp,udp   BLUELANCE
aap             2878/tcp,udp   AAP
ucentric-ds     2879/tcp,udp   ucentric-ds
synapse         2880/tcp,udp   synapse
ndsp            2881/tcp,udp   NDSP
ndtp            2882/tcp,udp   NDTP
ndnp            2883/tcp,udp   NDNP
flashmsg        2884/tcp,udp   Flash Msg
topflow         2885/tcp,udp   TopFlow
responselogic   2886/tcp,udp   RESPONSELOGIC
aironetddp      2887/tcp,udp   aironet
spcsdlobby      2888/tcp,udp   SPCSDLOBBY
rsom            2889/tcp,udp   RSOM
cspclmulti      2890/tcp,udp   CSPCLMULTI
cinegrfx-elmd   2891/tcp,udp   CINEGRFX-ELMD License Manager
snifferdata     2892/tcp,udp   SNIFFERDATA
vseconnector    2893/tcp,udp   VSECONNECTOR
abacus-remote   2894/tcp,udp   ABACUS-REMOTE
natuslink       2895/tcp,udp   NATUS LINK
ecovisiong6-1   2896/tcp,udp   ECOVISIONG6-1
citrix-rtmp     2897/tcp,udp   Citrix RTMP
appliance-cfg   2898/tcp,udp   APPLIANCE-CFG
powergemplus    2899/tcp,udp   POWERGEMPLUS
quicksuite      2900/tcp,udp   QUICKSUITE
allstorcns      2901/tcp,udp   ALLSTORCNS
netaspi         2902/tcp,udp   NET ASPI
suitcase        2903/tcp,udp   SUITCASE

m2ua            2904/tcp,udp,sctp M2UA
m3ua            2905/tcp,udp,sctp M3UA
caller9         2906/tcp,udp   CALLER9
webmethods-b2b  2907/tcp,udp   WEBMETHODS B2B
mao             2908/tcp,udp   mao
funk-dialout    2909/tcp,udp   Funk Dialout
tdaccess        2910/tcp,udp   TDAccess
blockade        2911/tcp,udp   Blockade
epicon          2912/tcp,udp   Epicon
boosterware     2913/tcp,udp   Booster Ware
gamelobby       2914/tcp,udp   Game Lobby
tksocket        2915/tcp,udp   TK Socket
elvin_server    2916/tcp,udp   Elvin Server
elvin_client    2917/tcp,udp   Elvin Client
kastenchasepad  2918/tcp,udp   Kasten Chase Pad
roboer          2919/tcp,udp   ROBOER
roboeda         2920/tcp,udp   ROBOEDA
cesdcdman       2921/tcp,udp   CESD Contents Delivery Management
cesdcdtrn       2922/tcp,udp   CESD Contents Delivery Data Transfer
wta-wsp-wtp-s   2923/tcp,udp   WTA-WSP-WTP-S
precise-vip     2924/tcp,udp   PRECISE-VIP
mobile-file-dl  2926/tcp,udp   MOBILE-FILE-DL
unimobilectrl   2927/tcp,udp   UNIMOBILECTRL
redstone-cpss   2928/tcp,udp   REDSTONE-CPSS
panja-webadmin  2929/tcp,udp   PANJA-WEBADMIN
panja-weblinx   2930/tcp,udp   PANJA-WEBLINX
circle-x        2931/tcp,udp   Circle-X
incp            2932/tcp,udp   INCP
4-tieropmgw     2933/tcp,udp   4-TIER OPM GW
4-tieropmcli    2934/tcp,udp   4-TIER OPM CLI
qtp             2935/tcp,udp   QTP
otpatch         2936/tcp,udp   OTPatch
pnaconsult-lm   2937/tcp,udp   PNACONSULT-LM
sm-pas-1        2938/tcp,udp   SM-PAS-1
sm-pas-2        2939/tcp,udp   SM-PAS-2
sm-pas-3        2940/tcp,udp   SM-PAS-3
sm-pas-4        2941/tcp,udp   SM-PAS-4
sm-pas-5        2942/tcp,udp   SM-PAS-5
ttnrepository   2943/tcp,udp   TTNRepository
megaco-h248     2944/tcp,udp   Megaco H-248
h248-binary     2945/tcp,udp   H248 Binary
fjsvmpor        2946/tcp,udp   FJSVmpor
gpsd            2947/tcp,udp   GPSD
wap-push        2948/tcp,udp   WAP PUSH
wap-pushsecure  2949/tcp,udp   WAP PUSH SECURE
esip            2950/tcp,udp   ESIP
ottp            2951/tcp,udp   OTTP
mpfwsas         2952/tcp,udp   MPFWSAS
ovalarmsrv      2953/tcp,udp   OVALARMSRV
ovalarmsrv-cmd  2954/tcp,udp   OVALARMSRV-CMD
csnotify        2955/tcp,udp   CSNOTIFY
ovrimosdbman    2956/tcp,udp   OVRIMOSDBMAN
jmact5          2957/tcp,udp   JAMCT5
jmact6          2958/tcp,udp   JAMCT6
rmopagt         2959/tcp,udp   RMOPAGT
dfoxserver      2960/tcp,udp   DFOXSERVER
boldsoft-lm     2961/tcp,udp   BOLDSOFT-LM
iph-policy-cli  2962/tcp,udp   IPH-POLICY-CLI
iph-policy-adm  2963/tcp,udp   IPH-POLICY-ADM
bullant-srap    2964/tcp,udp   BULLANT SRAP
bullant-rap     2965/tcp,udp   BULLANT RAP
idp-infotrieve  2966/tcp,udp   IDP-INFOTRIEVE
ssc-agent       2967/tcp,udp   SSC-AGENT
enpp            2968/tcp,udp   ENPP
essp            2969/tcp,udp   ESSP
index-net       2970/tcp,udp   INDEX-NET
netclip         2971/tcp,udp   Net Clip
pmsm-webrctl    2972/tcp,udp   PMSM Webrctl
svnetworks      2973/tcp,udp   SV Networks
signal          2974/tcp,udp   Signal
fjmpcm          2975/tcp,udp   Fujitsu Configuration Management Service
cns-srv-port    2976/tcp,udp   CNS Server Port
ttc-etap-ns     2977/tcp,udp   TTCs Enterprise Test Access Protocol - NS
ttc-etap-ds     2978/tcp,udp   TTCs Enterprise Test Access Protocol - DS
h263-video      2979/tcp,udp   H.263 Video Streaming
wimd            2980/tcp,udp   Instant Messaging Service
mylxamport      2981/tcp,udp   MYLXAMPORT
iwb-whiteboard  2982/tcp,udp   IWB-WHITEBOARD
netplan         2983/tcp,udp   NETPLAN
hpidsadmin      2984/tcp,udp   HPIDSADMIN
hpidsagent      2985/tcp,udp   HPIDSAGENT
stonefalls      2986/tcp,udp   STONEFALLS
identify        2987/tcp,udp   ResolveNet IOM IDENTIFY
classify        2988/tcp,udp   ResolveNet IOM CLASSIFY
zarkov          2989/tcp,udp   ZARKOV
boscap          2990/tcp,udp   BOSCAP
wkstn-mon       2991/tcp,udp   WKSTN-MON
itb301          2992/tcp,udp   ITB301
veritas-vis1    2993/tcp,udp   VERITAS VIS1
veritas-vis2    2994/tcp,udp   VERITAS VIS2
idrs            2995/tcp,udp   IDRS
vsixml          2996/tcp,udp   vsixml
rebol           2997/tcp,udp   REBOL
realsecure      2998/tcp,udp   Real Secure
remoteware-un   2999/tcp,udp   RemoteWare Unassigned
hbci            3000/tcp,udp   HBCI
remoteware-cl   3000/tcp,udp   RemoteWare Client
redwood-broker  3001/tcp,udp   Redwood Broker
exlm-agent      3002/tcp,udp   EXLM Agent
remoteware-srv  3002/tcp,udp   RemoteWare Server
cgms            3003/tcp,udp   CGMS
csoftragent     3004/tcp,udp   Csoft Agent
geniuslm        3005/tcp,udp   Genius License Manager
ii-admin        3006/tcp,udp   Instant Internet Admin
lotusmtap       3007/tcp,udp   Lotus Mail Tracking Agent Protocol
midnight-tech   3008/tcp,udp   Midnight Technologies
pxc-ntfy        3009/tcp,udp   PXC-NTFY
gw              3010/tcp       Telerate Workstation
ping-pong       3010/udp       Telerate Workstation
trusted-web     3011/tcp,udp   Trusted Web
twsdss          3012/tcp,udp   Trusted Web Client
gilatskysurfer  3013/tcp,udp   Gilat Sky Surfer
broker_service  3014/tcp,udp   Broker Service
nati-dstp       3015/tcp,udp   NATI DSTP
notify_srvr     3016/tcp,udp   Notify Server
event_listener  3017/tcp,udp   Event Listener
srvc_registry   3018/tcp,udp   Service Registry
resource_mgr    3019/tcp,udp   Resource Manager
cifs            3020/tcp,udp   CIFS
agriserver      3021/tcp,udp   AGRI Server
csregagent      3022/tcp,udp   CSREGAGENT
magicnotes      3023/tcp,udp   magicnotes
nds_sso         3024/tcp,udp   NDS_SSO
arepa-raft      3025/tcp,udp   Arepa Raft
agri-gateway    3026/tcp,udp   AGRI Gateway
LiebDevMgmt_C   3027/tcp,udp   LiebDevMgmt_C
LiebDevMgmt_DM  3028/tcp,udp   LiebDevMgmt_DM
LiebDevMgmt_A   3029/tcp,udp   LiebDevMgmt_A
arepa-cas       3030/tcp,udp   Arepa Cas
agentvu         3031/tcp,udp   AgentVU
redwood-chat    3032/tcp,udp   Redwood Chat
pdb             3033/tcp,udp   PDB
osmosis-aeea    3034/tcp,udp   Osmosis AEEA
fjsv-gssagt     3035/tcp,udp   FJSV gssagt
hagel-dump      3036/tcp,udp   Hagel DUMP
hp-san-mgmt     3037/tcp,udp   HP SAN Mgmt
santak-ups      3038/tcp,udp   Santak UPS
cogitate        3039/tcp,udp   Cogitate, Inc.
tomato-springs  3040/tcp,udp   Tomato Springs
di-traceware    3041/tcp,udp   di-traceware
journee         3042/tcp,udp   journee
brp             3043/tcp,udp   BRP
epp             3044/tcp,udp   EndPoint Protocol
responsenet     3045/tcp,udp   ResponseNet
di-ase          3046/tcp,udp   di-ase
hlserver        3047/tcp,udp   Fast Security HL Server
pctrader        3048/tcp,udp   Sierra Net PC Trader
nsws            3049/tcp,udp   NSWS
gds_db          3050/tcp,udp   gds_db
galaxy-server   3051/tcp,udp   Galaxy Server
apcpcns         3052/tcp,udp   APCPCNS
dsom-server     3053/tcp,udp   dsom-server
amt-cnf-prot    3054/tcp,udp   AMT CNF PROT
policyserver    3055/tcp,udp   Policy Server
cdl-server      3056/tcp,udp   CDL Server
goahead-fldup   3057/tcp,udp   GoAhead FldUp
videobeans      3058/tcp,udp   videobeans
qsoft           3059/tcp,udp   qsoft
interserver     3060/tcp,udp   interserver
cautcpd         3061/tcp,udp   cautcpd
ncacn-ip-tcp    3062/tcp,udp   ncacn-ip-tcp
ncadg-ip-udp    3063/tcp,udp   ncadg-ip-udp
rprt            3064/tcp,udp   Remote Port Redirector
slinterbase     3065/tcp,udp   slinterbase
netattachsdmp   3066/tcp,udp   NETATTACHSDMP
fjhpjp          3067/tcp,udp   FJHPJP
ls3bcast        3068/tcp,udp   ls3 Broadcast
ls3             3069/tcp,udp   ls3
mgxswitch       3070/tcp,udp   MGXSWITCH
csd-mgmt-port   3071/tcp,udp   ContinuStor Manager Port

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