Swiss city located in the Aargau canton.

Baden has about 16,000 inhabitants and is an extremely nice place to spend a couple of days. Features an old town with a lot of different houses - all of them beautifully crafted and rich in artistic detail. The old town was built in the beginning of the 1300s, at the base of a hill where a small castle was. The castle was destroyed in 1415, and rebuilt several times, just in the end to torn down - the stones used to build a church.

ABB employs most of the population here with it's Swiss HQ giving work to more than 3.000 people.

The Limmat river runs through the city, which is also known for its thermal springs that attract a lot of tourist to spend a week or two in one of the spa centres here.

Austrian city located in the Bundesland (state) Niederösterreich (Lower Austria)

Baden, found 26km south of Vienna, has about 28,000 inhabitants and is famous for its hot sulfuric springs, being the city's economic basis for ages (colonization started in the stone age). The Romans built a bathing resort named Aquae here, the name renamed after the invasion of the barbarians as Padun which sounds like today's name Baden which means to bath in German.

After several destructions and abandonments of the town due to sieges by the Turks or the plague the penultimate reconstruction as thermal city started in the 18th century. Emperor Franz I of Austria declared Baden its summer residence, many famous people of his time followed him, amongst others Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. After a final fire in 1812 Baden was completely rebuilt, giving the town its Biedermeier appearance.

After the incorporation of Leesdorf, Gutenbrunn (1850) and Weikersdorf (1912) the city reached today's extent.

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