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September comes and then you die.
Vienna University of Technology
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Last night I saw this really cool bizarre film; it was all about numbers and phone calls, and in the end this guy dialed a number into his mobile and everything just exploded. What a piece of film.

$ <icicle> we have an IRC channel also, but it's mostly full of embittered drunks. the catbox is only like 50% embittered, but is also usually full of drunks.

<!-- The disabilty of not being able to place real HTML-Comments sucks -->

And I hate those lists.

Finally done

Under construction (and never to be completed, hrhrhr.)

To do

I am sick of not being able to delete quotes I collected

LeoDV pulls a rubber bullet gun out of his bag and puts it on the table in front of him without a word
diesterne speculates that AnBolb will take the gun in a second and shoot another monkey.
LeoDV shoots diesterne in the knee, breaks open the gun, pulls out the spent casing, inserts a new one, and puts the gun back on the table

<AnBolb> I never shot any monkeys
<AnBolb> he *wanted* to be thrown in the bin!
<diesterne> Yeahyeah we know.

<Redalien> Hey, I've got a question, it says votes are reset at midnight UTC, which the server is set to, but it's 11pm UTC and i just got my votes, any idea why?
<Walter> Because of SCIENCE
<diesterne> It's UTC daylights saving time ;)
<Redalien> but UTC doesn't use daylight savings, and the clock still says 11pm
<JudyT> Venus did it.
@ <wertperch> You are all wrong, the transit of Venus mucked up the clocks. Plus, the sun will rise twice tomorrow.
<DejaMorgana> SCIENCE SUCKS!
<Redalien> What, transit saving time?
@ <wertperch> JudyT beats me to the punch agane
<256> Red - But somehow the fact that you are in the UK, and are affected by BST.
<DejaMorgana> It was the gods, sillies. Geez, i gotta splain everything in this place?
<256> ... Is taken into account.
<JudyT> Oh, great ,minds, great minds. :)

<amnesiac> sorry, i keep provoking LeoDV into stuff then pissing-off to do work. It's quite a successful policy however.

<Kit> m/sg LeoDV Now that I've seen your picture AND know you're not too old for me, I'm definitely up for some hot noder sex!

<BlakJak> Does anyone else find it amusing that the catbox topic which encourages us to vote for the site's technical achievement is the same one which tells us that major features are still broken?
<Walter> Yeah, but we've always embraced irony.

@ <knifegirl> I'm sick of this coming to work every day and listening to people complain. It's really wearing on me.
<TenMinJoe> Do you work in a complaints department?

Jet-Poop destroys RalphyK... WITH R.E.M.'S "SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE"!
Jet-Poop destroys yclept... WITH SQUIRRELS!

<RalphyK> hey, Jet-Poop, fuckin Geneva Convention, you bastard, that's CLEARLY torture and not abuse
<yclept> Ooo! Squirrels!

LeoDV dreamt he was a dog person and is now a dog. Conspiracy?
<LeoDV> Wait, I think I got that the wrong way around.

Heisenberg grooves along to Jamiroquai's "Cosmic girl" and slides across the room on a Asus Motherboard....
<LeoDV> Asus++

<diesterne> Ahaha I just had +1.5/-1.5 rep on a writeup. Not kidding!
<Habakkuk> Dies: That indicates either one or three readers on said write-up were non-plussed by its content.
<Brain> well given that the integers are merely a subset of the reals, to get from 1 to 2, one has to reach 1.5, therefore there is an infinitessimal chance of seeing that jump, for numbers are not quantized
<diesterne> Brain: It was +1/-1, I clicked and saw +1.5/-1.5, clicked again and it was +1/-3 :o)
<Brain> ah, well that was the natenberg uncertainty principle coming into play

<allseeingeye> I'll never betray Mars, fleshling!
<Habakkuk> Ummm, Mr. Eye? You remember how you told us to bring the orbital deathray in underbudget? Well, we may have cut a few corners to do that.... like the utter lack of a targeting system.
bewilderbeast is vaporised instantly by allseeingeye's weapons technology. Alas.

LeoDV starts a math/art grindcore band with diesterne

<diesterne> damn it's june!
<amnesiac> shit! it's June. That was a sneaky changeover.

<TenMinJoe> Is there something we were supposed to have done by June?

(one year later. one year. scary.)
<diesterne> The subtle presence of June is bringing me down :(
$ <icicle> the subtle presence of unemployment, exacerbated by my inability to send out attachments (i.e. resumes) is bringing me down. i'll send a box of actual cookies to anyone who can actually help me with my other cookie problem

<themanwho> heh! Scots did not preoccupy themselves with such things. They killed, raped and pillaged
<wazroth> Whilst speaking beautifully in Gaelic.
<themanwho> naturally
<wazroth> Naturally.

<Heisenberg> arrgh! Slashdot is down!! Hell freezes over!
<amnesiac> did someone post a link to a story on shashdot from slashdot?
<La petite mort> Evening Heisenburg
<Heisenberg>> forget good evening! Slashdot is down! Somebody do something...

TenMinJoe locks LeoDV in a trailer, sets it on fire, and pushes it off a cliff
La petite mort dances in.
TenMinJoe sends rhinos to trample the trailer wreckage.
TenMinJoe sends elephants to trample the rhinos.
TenMinJoe nukes the trailer from orbit.
^Davion^ applauds

I'll sit and wonder
Of every love that could've been
If I'd only thought of something charming to say
- Death Cab for Cutie

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