I realize this is a really, really bad, and really, really cheesy poem, but I wrote it many years ago and I think it's cute in a disgusting Valentine's Day kind of way.

Let me search for the title I'm looking for,
The one that describes you so well.
A hero in those story books,
The one that always saves the helpless belle.

My knight in shining armor perhaps,
Or maybe you're just Mr. Right.
But all these words are so very little,
Compared to the urgent longing I feel in the night.

Supposing it could be fate or destiny,
I know not nor care what you call it.
We could say that you're my soulmate,
But none of these names seem to fit.

No words can describe the way I feel for you,
All attempts would be utter lies.
To me you're to be put on a pedestal,
Looked at with awe in my brown eyes.

Some time ago I told you I could live without you,
But with a crushed heart my breath would cease.
I guess we could say you're my other half,
I wish to satisfy all you please.

Not even "love" is a strong enough of word,
How can four simple letters mean such?
My heart has swelled for a moment with you,
When we won't need words to mean so much.

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