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A fantastic psychobilly band out of Austin TX that plays every Saturday night at the infamous Black Cat Lounge. The Subs have been playing for around ten years when they formed in Waco Texas. Their sound is sorta like if The Cramps and Johnny Cash had a bastard love child.

They have released three albums, Amaze Your Friends with X-Ray Glasses, Undead at the Black Cat Lounge and Something in Japanese. There is also a tape that you can sometimes find around. It is usually referred to by it's color, that making it the green tape.

The current line up includes Buster Crash on lead vocals and rythm guitar, Clem Hoot on lead guitar, Peggy Suicide on upright bass and Miss Fortune on drums. They are often accompanied on stage by Satan's Cheerleaders, who dance and grind for the band. When the whole show is together it is truly a sight not to be missed.

The best description of this band appeared in the Austin Chronicle: "If Hell has a roadhouse this would be the band playing every night."

Unfortunately, The Satan’s Cheerleaders are no longer performing with the Subs. Also, the lineup has changed.

Buster Crash: Lead vocals and rhythm guitar
Clem Hoot: Lead guitar
Peggy Suicide: Upright Bass
Miss Fortune: Drums

Even without the Satan's Cheerleaders, Flametrick Subs are without a doubt the best live show I've even seen. Especially when every person at that show loves their sub-subculture as much at the Ft. Worth Psychobilly kids do and you are in the Ridglea Theater.

Also: a new album is coming out on Halloween 2001 the title according to Buster is "Something Japanese."

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