Jennifer Love Hewitt is an actress (although some people may say that the term only loosely applies to Miss Hewitt). She is best known for her roles in the films Can't Hardly Wait and I Know What You Did Last Summer, along with her long running role on the television show Party of Five. It doesn't really matter what you see her in, as she seems to play the exact same character in everything she does. This gives all her roles a certain air of familiarity, but it makes you totally forget the fact that she is supposedly playing different characters in all these films. Although I can forgive her for this, a lot of my favorite actresses play the same character every time as well.

It seems that Jennifer is more known for her beauty (and her near perfect body), than for her actual acting ability. But she must have some sort of actual talent, since Disney cast her in voice roles in several animated films. Those perfect breasts don't help much if the audience can't see them, and she still managed to do a decent job. Whether she is merely eye candy or an actual serious actress, no one can deny the fact that Miss Hewitt has gotten a lot of media attention. Probably a little too much attention, as Jennifer really hasn't been in that many films (before you read her filmography, try and think of any movies she has been in besides Can't Hardly Wait and the two "I Know What You Did" films).

Jennifer was born in Waco, Texas (but was not a part of any of the militant religions that made Waco famous) on February 21, 1979. She got her start in the entertainment industry at age three, where she sang at a livestock show. Her mother quickly pushed her into show business after that, enrolling her in various singing and dancing lessons. She was a member of the Texas Show Team (a performance group) for a while, before taking her first television role, which was Kids Incorporated. From there she went on to appear in several bad movies (Munchie, Sister Act 2, etc) before landing her long running role on the television show Party of Five. Her movie career didn't really take off until the 1997 release of I Know What You Did Last Summer, she was still on Party of Five when she did that film (and actually she hasn't been in anything worth mentioning (aside from the short lived cult show Rainbow the Mummy Hunter) since Party of Five ended. Her next film was Can't Hardly Wait, she was first billed in this movie, but Ethan Embry was the real star of this film. Sadly enough, Can't Hardly Wait seems to have been the high point of her career, since then she has only done sequels, voice work, minor television stuff, and movies that no one has ever heard of. She has several films in the works for 2002, so perhaps she will turn this slump around soon.

Filmography (through 2004)

A small note to all you perverts out there, Jennifer Love Hewitt has never done a nude scene, and claims she never will, so don't bother browsing all these films hoping for a quick glimpse, because you won't find it.

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