Anthony Martini, also known as Ant Money, Teddy P, De Lux and Eric form E-Town Concrete. New york Hardcore has produced some amazing experiences,(paralysis, testosterone-induced insanity), amazing slogans, ("As I rise, you fall.", "Satisfaction is the death of Desire") and amazing music, provided that all you care about is intensity.

E-Town Concrete combines hardcore with rap, sepultura-style metal, steady funk and lyrics with meaning. It's hard to describe, you just have to hear it. is a website attempting to sell you a video that is worth watching actually. A documentary true to hardcore, E-Town Concrete's inception was actually about two years after this video, but it's still amazing to watch. Hare Krishnas know how to tear shit up and 108 is proof. 25 ta life, isn't my thing, but is worth witnessing. One band on that video that I stand by is actually making it to the mainstream a bit, Vision of Disorder, responsible for the moment that enlightened me to the potential in hardcore:

"Don't you tell me that it's going to stop burning, I detest the lies, so tell me why I'm here still screaming, this will never end, I will never ever stop learning, I will just absorb all of my environmental surroundings that aim to take me down."

This video was actually produced by Anthony Edwards from the TV show ER.

E-Town Concrete tour, play and live a lot harder than most people can imagine and if any of this hardcore extremism appeals to you, you should visit where you can take advantage of free mp3's of EVERY one of their songs. They are by far the most intense and most meaningful of any of the bands to ever come out of that scene.

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