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January 12, 2004
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/me misses Grundoon. So. Fucking. Much.

I moved back to California. Nothing feels like home anymore. I am nomad.

I moved to Ireland, in Dublin. Its nice here, but I miss the California sunshine (and Baja Fresh) a bit. Come say hi at

m/ Hey kids - try this! Go to your Epicenter, under Preferences, move the Epicenter nodelet down and down again (I keep the chatterbox at the top). This way, if you gain or lose an xp you don't even notice. I recommend this for users who are familiar with noding and what is expected of you, and the noder whose whole day is ruined when you get a downvote. It helps you be all zen and shit.

I am:
probably older than you (but not you - you are totally old!!!)
married to fhwrdh, happily
mother to hellcat (whose theme song is There She Goes by The La's) and jellyface (whose theme song is song #2 by Bluh)
a member of the red headed chick with dark rimmed glasses user group
reading a book called Dublin, The Guide
listening to Stereolab or The Velvet Underground
on the phone with my sister
drinking coffee and tea
wishing I could still find my favorite food at the market
chatting on irc at #everything
hiding with graceness under a blanket
the aunt of M4x, Tigerlily and Gus

I have been:
an evil girl
a tour guide
a flower girl
the victim of a bad hair cut
a girl Friday
A Mom

I will:
whore for xp
never get borged (except in the name of SCIENCE!)
node facts
node bullshit
kick your ass

A big shout-out to my fans in the Siena College's Hines Hall, 4th Floor East Men's Bathroom, who enjoy how to wipe your ass. Thanks to pylon for stickin it in there.

Noders I know:
Sparkleface ­ sister
ÆlienSFV posse
Akasha ­- the punkling punkin bread baker
Blowdart - gave me his business card
Bindlenix ­- soul sister
C-dawg -­ who never made me a hamburger
Chras4 ­- discover her beautiful words
Cipher ­- missing this one
Conform ­- you would never suspect...
czeano - rock climbing super monkey
dwyn - dressed in black
DyRE - like the wolf
enth - looks good Eraser_ ­ calmly saved us from freeway doom
Ereneta - an arteest!
Fuzzy and blue ­ redhead artchicks with dark framed glasses rule
gleeme - her own worst enemy
grundoon - she's gonna make me a star!
iceowl - the rugged adventurer
Igloowhite ­ special ops forces…OF FUN
Jasonm - mnosaJ
Jongleurjuggled my head
Kefabi -­ hi kefabi
KenataKen Ata
khym chanur - do not give him sugar or caffine
Lost and Found - I found him in the south bay and lost him in the city
Misuba ­ the gentle giant punk
m_turner - moves moose with his bare hands!
Nate - a great fella - remember, he has other interests besides e2.
Ocelotbob ­- is an ocelot ­ what more need bob be?
Ouroboros -­ writing buddy
Paladinz ­- I bet he’s good at chess
Panamaus ­ the nicest guy on the internet
prole - did someone say dreamy little human?
Psydreal - smells good
Quizro -­ and his angel-wife
rischi - read and relish rishi's rite ups!
riverrun - knows where El Cholo is
Roninspoon ­- rogue samurai eating utensil
st.augustine - looks better at breakfast than I do at dinner
SEF -­ we inspire each other and drink wine too
Templeton - alpha female - meet her eyes at your peril!
Wintersweet - met her on a dark Halloween night
Wolfdaddyhates trick or treat too
zeigotaro - my favorite new noder!

Dickie Peever is a naughty rapscallion indeed.

Noders who are turkeys:
bongy total raging full on head Turkey
graceness bokka bok
Wickernipple GIANTBUTTERFLY Turkey
Ereneta is a TOTAL Turkey
Quizro The Velvet Turkey
perdedor Jive Turkey
OrangeJulius 7/9 Turkey
Dis Kool-aid Turkey
drunkenmonkey drunken turkey
halspal flirty turkey

and while we're on the subject:
/me misses sensei.