A notion that entered my noggin as I wandered through the Mall recently, pondering, as I am prone to, the sorry state of that most mild of music standards, MIDI, and the strange and undeserving esteem in which it is held. Slashdot has recently hosted some discussion on the the state of the art of music under Linux and the commonly held opinion emerged that MIDI alone equaleth music for the purposes of composition, and that the state of MIDI under Linux IS the state of music under Linux. That's just the sheerest bosh. MIDI leaves a very bad taste in my psyche. MIDI is not the be all and end all. It's just this thing, you know?, and outdated at that. More, about sampling and digital and the sweet hiss of vinyl in the stillness of night, and of Steve Albini and Slint and RPM, I shall not for the moment murmur of. Spare us a world where this node title is true, for our children and our children's children.
Kids, just say NO to MIDI.

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