This has been the subject of some debate both on E2 and in rl. This is my analysis of the situation.

The general feeling is that most guys would rather have their partner swallow than spit. The criticism of this is of course: "He got off didn't he? Why should he care what happens to the semen?" Now this is a very good point those males receiving blowjobs at all should be grateful for what they get (so long as their partner is adept enough to keep their teeth out of the way ouch!!!!!). This aside why is it that men prefer swallowing? Here are the reasons that I can think of.

Zero: The stimulation stops. A guy's member is still quite sensitive through and for several minutes after orgasm. A partner who swallows can continue stimulation throughout this time period.

One: This is a bit more psychological. I think that most guys would like to think that their partner is so completely into giving them a blowjob that he/she doesn't even want to come up for air. Kind of an egocentric thing, but hey we all want our egos stroked, especially during sex.

Two: Spitting is generally considered unattractive. For instance: When the kid in front of you turns his head and spits on the sidewalk, your first thought isn't "God he's sexy." is it?

Three: Pop culture says it is better. This is a lousy reason to do anything, but some guys are very conscious of, and very influenced by this kind of thing.

Four: Ease of cleanup. Yep there is little to no mess if your partner swallows it all.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. These are just some realistic motivations that have come up in conversations. I am sure there are plenty of reasons Why guys' partners care if they spit or swallow.

I've always believed that men don't like it when you spit because it shows that you are unwilling to accept a very intimate part of him. That instead of accepting him into yourself you are literally and figuratively, spitting him out. On a subconscious level it has serious implications that far outweigh the physical aspects or the what others will think (how often do you guys get a blowjob in public anyway?)

Unless you are ill, in which case you shouldn't be passing bodily fluids at all, there is really no reason why swallowing semen would put the partner in any danger. The semen is actually very useful for many things. The most obvious being the creation of a embryo. However, semen is also used as a facial pack in certain French spas. The semen acts as an astringent, tightening the skin. (I'm sure most guys have noticed that...)

And, then there are those females (and males, for that matter) who actually enjoy the taste. That means no grimace or supressed gagging sound.


Ok, latest theory among, mainly male ;-), but also female medics is that swallowing is positive, and women should do it with their partners, if they can do so.

The medics have a sensible reason though, and its not just being a bunch of perverts.

There's a strange, very serious disease that can be fatal to mother and/or baby. Late on in pregnancy (typically) the mothers blood pressure can go sky-high; that's called preeclampsia. If it goes high enough, the mother and/or baby may die; usually the doctors will abort or induce delivery if the pressure goes high enough. It's believed that placenta isn't able to provide enough nutrients, and when the baby gets big enough to need to, the baby generates a chemical to raise the mothers blood pressure higher to force more stuff through to keep the baby alive until it can deliver safely.

But the interesting thing is that it is most common on first pregnancies, later ones rarely get it. The standard theory is that the first baby causes changes to the blood vessels in the womb that are permanent, and the second one has less problems getting enough.

Interestingly, the latest theory disagrees with this last part and says that perhaps there is an immune response between the mother and the child, and this messes up the placenta. The immune response comes about because the mother hasn't completely learnt the fathers/babies proteins yet- but by the second or third child the keying in is complete, and the problem is less likely.

Ok, so how does the keying-in work? Well- unprotected sex. The more exposure the mother has to the fathers sperm the more chance she has of learning him.

This works through vaginal sex. But it also works at least as well via oral- it's a fact that things taken orally tend to suppress immune response, for example girls that had nickel braces on their teeth rarely are allergic to nickel jewellery, and even more commonly food rarely creates an immune response, inspite of the millions of odd chemicals there must be in it; and it is very reasonable to suppose this applies to sperm too.

So, oral sex good- swallowing better.

That theory also explains why a woman swallowing would be considered good from a man's point of view- it signals that the woman likes him a lot and is willing and preparing to have children with him. He won't necessarily know why he likes it, but he knows he does like it; if it increases the chances of having healthy babies, then evolution will want him to like it.

Ok evidence? There is some, but further research is underway. There is some evidence that mothers that change partners become more susceptible to preeclampsia for example, and it's looking like some men tend to trigger it (they lack certain compounds in their sperm to trigger the keying in process).

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