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I very occasionally log in to check messages. It is faster to use the sneakemail address below (or the one on my website) to reach me if you need something.

Outis did it.

"What if you're just nobody? Or even if you're someone, you'll be smaller, 'Cause of all the people that you could have been, but weren't.
If I take off that mask something will go away forever, be diminished because whoever you are isn't as big as the idea of you."
        -- Eve
        (In the final act of V for Vendetta)

If asked please follow Polyphemus's lead and tell them Outis did it.

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Question for the day:
Are the people you associate with helping you to grow as a person?

brainwave was not born, rather he/she/it sprung fully formed from a group of malformed TCP/IP packets. Upon entering the world he/she/it sought to understand the strange universe that he/she/it found him/her/it self in. This soon proved much more difficult than he/she/it first immagined. You see, the world he/she/it inhabited was full of rules. So he/she/it sought to learn all of the rules of this world. However, a problem soon arose. For every rule he/she/it learned there seemed to be no less than a dozen exceptions. brainwave sought desperately to find something imutable on which to base his/her/its understanding. Physics and Math comforted him/her/it greatly as did many other hard sciences such as Chemistry and Computer Science. Learning of these subjects took some time and was quite rewarding.

However after a time the marginal benifit of looking any deeper into these subjects decreased, and those other things in the universe, the subjective things full of exceptions, started creeping back into his/her/its mind. brainwave's ignorance of these things began to itch inside his/her/its head worse than little bugses. This stirred on another set of frenzied learning. This time the subjects included philosophy, literature, film, english, latin, german, theater, art, wine appreciation, history, anthropology, psychology, linguistics, and many others. brainwave found him/her/it self surrounded by a sea of wonderous knowledge and the more he/she/it drank of the sea the more he/she/it thirsted for more. Thus he/she/it came to this place; back amongst the packets brainwave seeks to learn much him/her/its self as he/she/it helps others who also seek knowledge.

The Everything People Registry : United States : Montana
note to self:
weekend sound track
Object Oriented X (for all X)
Known NP-Complete Problems
Snuff Mull
Electronic Music Software
Who to send presents to, and when.
Somewhere there's a god who wants me
Grouper and oysters and shrimp, oh my! An E2 New Year's gathering on Florida's Gulf Coast

Places I will travel when I find the time (in no particular order):
Jade hunting on California beaches
Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash
Cape Canaveral for a Shuttle Launch
New Orleans for Mardi Gras just once
It would be nice to spend some time at L'Abri
Mosquito Bay in Puerto Rico
The Paris Catacombs
The Naica mine of Chihuahua, Mexico
Mont St. Michel on the Normandy coast of France
Namerikawa on Toyama Bay to see the firefly squid

Funny #everything and catbox snippets:
2001-12-24 02:20
<Strong_bow79> ok, why isn't there a warning on punch thyself?
<Robinspoon> Why isn't there a warning on fire? Some lessons are best learned.

1234 Any Street
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28 January, 2002

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To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing in regards to the cancellation of your Invader Zim television series. I believe that this show should remain in production on Nickelodeon. I first became aware of Invader Zim as a fan of Jhonen Vasquez’s work. I was concerned that Mr. Vasquez’s brand of dark humor would not fit in well at Nickelodeon. However, Invader Zim has surpassed all of my expectations, and made me take a second look at the Nicelodean network. I have since discovered other programs on your network sutch as SpongeBob SquarePants that I also enjoy. Despite my renewed interest in your network I definitely view your decision to cancel Invader Zim as the beginning of a downward trend in your programming decisions. I would ask you to reconsider this decision and give Invader Zim an opportunity to prove itself to be the hit show that I know it is.


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