Myths are the stories we tell each other to make sense of our lifeworld. Myths differ from stories such as creative fiction and fables in that myths are considered true : either true about human behavior (such as urban legends about tainted food) or true about proper ways to live one's life (such as the myth of Manifest Destiny) or true about spiritual matters (such as religious stories). Mythic stories provide the frameworks for our personal and cultural identity.

Rarely is a myth thought of as such by those who tell it; rather, it is believed to be truth, often religious truth. "Myth" is a word attached to other people's beliefs, often by anthropologists.

A kickass game made by the folks at Bungie in 1997. Bungie's claim to fame lay originally in Macintosh games such as Marathon, but with Myth they stormed into the PC markets, driving the dvelopers of clone-RTS games back into their slimy holes. It was eyecandy at its time, but it also had unparalleled gameplay, and it was also incredibly fun and challenging at the same time. A masterpiece.

Myth was a new breed of RTS that stressed tactics. No resource-gathering, no building units. Tactics, pure tactics. This game had real physics. It was much slower than other games, hence it had lots of micromanagement. Myth had a full 3D world, not a flat 2D map, and the game was all about using your strengths to defeat a force very often overwhelmingly superior in numbers than yours. In fact, most of the time you lead a ragtag band of warriors against a horde of the undead.

The game was anything but bland. The fights were chaotic. Yes, it was frustrating to see your carefully laid plans all come to nil because of a slight miscalculation, but when your plan does work, it's a great feeling. All of your units serve different functions. The warriors are the standard bread and butter. The archers are invaluable for long-range attacks. A dwarf can defeat an entire legion of zombies if you use him correctly. Mix and match your tactics and you win the day. In one particularly satisfying mission, with a bunch of explosive packs and a couple dwarves you can kill an entire platoon of trolls. The resulting rain of gibs was a sight to behold.

Myth kicked ass, and so dd Myth 2. Go get those two games. They might be old, but who cares. They're still better than some of the trash published these days. Daikatana comes to mind here.

Myth (?), n. [Written also mythe.] [Gr. myth, fable, tale, talk, speech: cf. F. mythe.]


A story of great but unknown age which originally embodied a belief regarding some fact or phenomenon of experience, and in which often the forces of nature and of the soul are personified; an ancient legend of a god, a hero, the origin of a race, etc.; a wonder story of prehistoric origin; a popular fable which is, or has been, received as historical.


A person or thing existing only in imagination, or whose actual existence is not verifiable.

As for Mrs. Primmins's bones, they had been myths these twenty years. Ld. Lytton.

Myth history, history made of, or mixed with, myths.


© Webster 1913.

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