I've had two. Two groups where i looked around and thought, one day we'll all (or they'll all) be famous or well-known for one thing or another. Are they not beautiful? And we will all continue to love each other, and the myth may one day be as strong as the feeling.

Maybe we're inspired by the beats, who all seemed to know each other, and all the books we read: hey! Kesey's not just a character! He's a real guy, an author! And the Grateful Dead: they were involved too? Everything pulls together, and lying in a puppy pile on Dinah's floor, it all can seem to coalesce ... each of us (i think, or maybe each of them) could be something, one day down the road, and the circle will be as strong as ever, and we will pull each other up into the public eye, which will just strengthen everything. I should have known by the second round that this wouldn't be so. I wasn't sending letters to many but two of the first circle. But these, these were mystics. Their energy was infectuous. I have a photo of them on a bridge, smiling in the sun, shirtless, benevolent and illimitable.

Maybe it's the famous you young people all think you're immortal. Maybe it's the heart's strong stirring that creates a pride so great that we think everyone should share it.. but no one sees, and then it's too late. We're scattered, anonymous and lonely. This wasn't how it was supposed to be.

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