A metal/hardcore band from Kansas City, Missouri. The members for most of the band's existence were: Sean Ingram (vocals), Jes Stieneger (guitar), James Dewees (drums) and Stacy Hilt (bass). They originally formed in 1994 under the name of Breach, but since a band by that name already existed, they changed it to Coalesce.


Coalesce - Soylent Green/Chapter Records

  1. Harvest of Maturity
  2. On Their Behalf

002 - Earache Records

  1. 73-C
  2. Grain of Salt
  3. Simulcast

A Safe Place - Second Nature/Edison Recordings

  1. A Safe Place
  2. Blend As Well

Give Them Rope - Edison Recordings

  1. Have Patience
  2. One On The Ground
  3. Cut To Length
  4. For All You Are
  5. Still It Sells
  6. Chain Smoking
  7. Did It Pay The Rent?
  8. Every Reason To
  9. I Am Not The First
  10. This Is The Last
  11. I Took A Year

The Get Up Kids Split 7" - Second Nature Records

  1. Giving Up On This One (cover of the Get Up Kids song Burned Bridges)

In These Black Days - Hydrahead Records

  1. Supernaught (Black Sabbath cover)

Split EP with Boy Sets Fire - Hydrahead Records

  1. Vehicle (Boy Sets Fire cover)
  2. In The Wilderness (Boy Sets Fire cover)
  3. Bob Junior (CD version only)

Functioning On Impatience - Second Nature Records

  1. You Can't Kill Us All
  2. Reoccuring Ache of Monotony Still Running
  3. A New Language
  4. My Love For Extremes
  5. On Being A Bastard
  6. Measured In Gray
  7. A Disgust For Details

There Is Nothing New Under The Sun - Hydrahead Records

  1. Black Dog
  2. Heartbreaker
  3. Thank You
  4. Whole Lotta Love
  5. That's The Way
  6. Out On The Tiles
  7. Immigrant Song

012: Revolution In Just Listening - Relapse Records

  1. What Happens On The Road Always Comes Home
  2. Cowards.com
  3. Burn Everything That Bears Our Name
  4. While The Jackass Operation Spins Its Wheels
  5. Sometimes Selling Out Is Waking Up
  6. Where The Hell Is Rick Thorne These Days?
  7. Jesus In The Year 2000/Next On The Shit List
  8. Counting Murders, Drinking Beers
  9. They Always Come In Falls

They broke up numerous times, but after releasing 012 it looked as thought they had broken up for good. James Dewees went on to play keyboards in The Get Up Kids and some other members, or former members, went on form The Casket Lottery. However, in late 2001, it was announced via their website that they had reformed with a new guitarist and would be touring in March and April of 2002.

Coalesce's sound is ridiculously intense. Drums are pummeled violently, Sean rips his throat up screaming and growling. While it may sound basic, it's not. All of the members are quite competent musicians. James especially gets credit for lots of quick time changes, odd time signatures, and insanely fast tempos. Very intense, and certainly not everyone's cup of tea.

And what's with the album of Led Zeppelin covers? Weird.

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Co`a*lesce" (?), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Coalesced (?); p. pr. & vb. n. Coalescing.] [L. coalescere, coalitium; co- + alescere to grow up, incho. fr. alere to nourish. See Aliment, n.]


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Syn. -- See Add.


© Webster 1913.

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