A very common occurance when a computer running an OS (operating system) decides to take a dive and halt all processes. The actual impact of the crash is unseen, however everything dies just the same. Many people blame M$ (Microsoft) for poor and sloppy code (must be related to an excess of Seattle Starbucks coffee), however there are lots of other software companies that manufacture and market defective merchandise.

It is recommended to back up your vital data regularly and to have a computer guru nearby (not your brother) to fix it.. If you ask nice, or have a way with feminine wiles.. you could get it fixed free. (are there any female computer technicians out there???) Often all a computer crash needs is to be rebooted, defragged and kicked in the cpu fan til it learns better.

If your computer dies completely..you will be weeks in emotional and even physical recovery.. and you may also possibly start watching television again.. Please prepare yourself accordingly to prevent such heinous crimes.

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