This is a piece of homework I did for my Computing class a while back. I treated it more as an excuse to teach myself CSS, but someone might find it useful. In case you don't notice, it's slightly tongue in cheek.

The laws mentioned in my writeups in the nodes apply to Britain, although similar ones probably exist in many other countries.

Node your homework! Ok, ok, mox nox in rem.

Computers, the Law and You

Unsurprisingly, the big meanies who run our government have decided to clamp down on the harmless fun that you can have with a computer with the ultimate goal of creating a 1984-esque society in which Big Brother always watches you.

Well, maybe not, but there are some things that you should know about Computers, the Law and You. So listen well, or the fabled Long Arm of the Law may land you in a whole mess 'o trouble...

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