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A villain of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Computo was created by Brainiac 5 as part of a secret project of the United Planets. Computo aided in its own creation. Deciding that humanity was too inefficient, Computo decided that on taking over the Earth. Computo successfully subdued and captured almost all of the Legion members, killing one of the three bodies that Triplicate Girl splits into. Computo was eventually defeated by Brainiac 5 using an anti-matter being he brought to Earth.

Computo returned to menace the Legion. While Brainiac 5 was treating the younger sister of Jacques Foccart for a rare disorder, Computo possessed the girl and attacked Brainiac 5 and Foccart. To defeat Computo, Foccart took the invisiblity formula created by Lyle Norg, Invisible Kid I. Foccart then became Invisible Kid II.

Computo returned a third time during one of the treatments for Foccart's sister. Brainiac 5 was ready for Computo this time, battling his creation and employing a program he had created. The result was the destruction of the old Legion Headquarters and its recreation with Computo having been tamed. Computo now acts as the major domo for the Legion, something many of the members have a difficult time with.

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