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Querl Dox is Brainiac 5. His ancestors, a green-skinned race, live on a world where computers became smarter than men. The computers conquered the inhabitants of that planet and built a computer in human form to conquer the galaxy. This was Brainiac, one of Superman's foes.

The computers took a boy from the planet and renamed him Brainiac II. This was Querl Dox's great-great-grandfather, Vril Dox. Vril learned some of the computers secrets and boosted his own intelligence to become greater than that of the computers. He then led a revolt of the people against the computers.

Vril Dox's enhanced intelligence was passed on through his genes, so that the subsequent generations were equally as smart as he. His great-great grandson, Querl Dox, joined the Legion of Super-Heroes. Apart from his great intellect, Brainiac 5 also brought to the Legion his inventions including the Legion flight ring.

Brainiac 5 was romantically involved with Supergirl.

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