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A connection is a particularly loud high five, this may be due to several reasons:

  1. The velocity of one or more hands* were at ~ 3 metres/second before touching.
  2. A loud noise occurred either by chance or artifice at the same time as the collision of the two hands. (Although the high five did not cause the noise, outsiders to the event will see it differently if a high degree of skill is employed or if you are especially lucky)
  3. Both hands were slightly cupped and struck together at the cupped palm area, producing a lower yet louder note.

*Although typically 2 hands are involved in a high five, there have been rare cases of 3-hand connections and even some esoteric 4-hand connections. Although attempts at 3-or-more-hands-connections often lead to accidental face slaps and confusion.

Warning : The frequent practice of (1.) can lead to very red or possibly incapacitated hands (symptoms similar to the masochistic children's game "Slapz"), alternatively these symptoms can show after one particularly violent high five. These high fives are often a sign of hostility and measures can be taken to protect yourself and anticipate them.

  1. Offer high fives only to your most trusted comrades.
  2. If your attacker raises his hand suspiciously high or far backwards then swiftly retrieve your hand.
  3. Fight hand with hand - try to outhand your opponent, chances are they will draw back their hand in fear of hand pain or at least experience equal hand pain as yours.
  4. Fight hand with finger(s) - By quickly turning your hand just before the connection and exposing the knuckles you can cause your attacker considerable pain when their palm hits the hard bony area of your hand.

Note : Connections of kind (1.) should only used for educational purposes due to high hazards associated with them.

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