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Large insurance company, based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Until recently, when the stock dove 63%, was headed by founder Steve Hilbert. Steve is best known for marrying the self employed model that jumped out of the cake at his son's bachelor party

I was just browsing through this months issue of Popular Science and came across a full page advertisement for Conseco somewhere amidst all the science'y fact and odd new inventions.

I've seen it before, of course, but it just seemed to me that it's probably one of the slightly more amusing (if not a bit morbid) advertisements I've seen around for insurance companies. Specifically, those that partake in the selling of life insurance. Generally they try to tap the, "What about your poor family left behind?" nerve, and this ad isn't much of an acception.
insert mental image of..

                  graveyard scene, slightly
                  ancient tombstones tilted in
                  all directions, with one in
                  the middle that looks just
                  a bit taller than the others.

plastered in a large white square, 
thick black border.. are the endearing
and ever familiar words..
                   "Your ad 
                 call 555-9872"         
I can't figure out quite how this makes me feel, only that it was at least slightly amusing, if not freaking hilarious just because of how odd it is. (Though, it might actually be a brilliant idea.. selling ad space on a tombstone for funeral homes, or something along those lines. Kidding, kidding.. or am I?)

i don't actually have any life insurance.. that's right, no reason to kill me off.

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