The Law of Conservation of Clue is that there is a finite amount of clue in the universe. This amount of clue is spread among all humans, and thus, as the population increases, the average clue per person decreases.

Clue is obviously also entropic, meaning that the clue has a tendancy to slip towards less clue, making it easy to lose your clue, and difficult to get a clue.

I think that the world should be tested for their current amount of clue. Based on the results, the bottom 50% should be working menial jobs, the middle 40% should have normal jobs, and the top 10% should be given guns. The top 10% can at any time kill or maim the bottom 50% if they demonstrate a severe lack of clue, but if any of the top 10% get carried away, there is of course a chance that they could slip out of the top 10% due to the vast decrease in population. This would turn out to be an enormous amount of red tape, reassignment, paperwork, testing, and of course, it would mean that our carried away clue-killer (or should I say, clueless-killer..) would lose his handgun. (and none of us would like to see that happen, eh?)

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