Constitutional fascism is a form of government where democratically elected parties, reflecting the popular will of the people, run the government. This part, at least, would be familiar to most Americans. However, in constitutional fascism, despite the present of a state bureaucracy, courts and popular autonomy (but not popular sovereignity), all power rests in the idea of the Master Race, State Power, Military, or whatever fascist concept the state chooses to base itself around. While the people have their own civil and human rights in practice, they are still in theory nothing but disposable members of the all powerful state. However, even though the country keeps a fascist ideology in theory, the people can still trust that they won't be raided or harmed in practice.

A constitutional fascism is one of the most ideal forms of government: on one hand, it allows the free exchange of ideas, democratic voting, and economic and cultural liveliness that are the mark of a modern, multiparty democracy. On the other hand, all of the residents (not, of course, citizens), can put aside their political differences to join in the joy of a boot stomping on a face forever. In a constitutional fascism, everyone enjoys rule of law, and equal opportunities in employment, but only those who live up to the arbitrary standards of the fascist inner circle are allowed to goose-step through neighborhoods, shouting out bile at their inferiors. While taxes and government benefits are the same for everyone, the strong, good people know who they are, as do the weak, inferior people. Everyone serves in the military, but martial glory goes only to the strong, beautiful attractive members of the Master Race.

Currently, despite the fact that a constitutional fascism is obviously just as workable as any other form of constitutional form of government, few countries have this form of government, although some do share its characteristics.

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