One's rights under the law of the land.

In the US, the term is associated with a 60's movement to ensure the equal rights of all citizens, white and non-white. Though often associated with that narrow time slice, this movement has been going on, in various forms, since the 19th Century.

There was also a Civil Rights movement in Ulster in 1968-69, started by Catholics inspired by the works of Martin Luther King; its demise led to "The Troubles".

A popular phrase with a murky definition. The phrase is commonly understood to mean one's rights to participate in civil society, particularly as regards political participation, but the extent of such "rights" has never been clearly defined, nor has how one's "civil" rights differ from any other sort of rights guaranteed by law.

Civil rights law has become frequently used in the US as a general-purpose tool for legal action, as in the Rodney King incident.

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