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This is a fictional work in progress. Everything here takes place in my personal little science fiction universe. I've written two stories in this universe already, a third one is in development. You're probably not interested in reading them since they're all in German.

The Continental Class battleships are the largest and most heavily armed combatants of the Confederate Navy. When completed, the class totaled five ships. The choice of their Latin names was much disputed, because evidently Antarctica was missing, and some argue that the "T.A." should have been named "Australia" instead of "Terra Australis". They were:

  • CNS Africa (commissioned in 2153)
  • CNS America (2154)
  • CNS Asia (2155)
  • CNS Europa (2158)
  • CNS Terra Australis (2161)

CNS America was destroyed in the Faraway Dock disaster, which has remained the only total loss of any Confederate space warship with a crew of more than 2,500. There were no survivors. It was then decided to not only rebuild the ship, but construct three. Today, there are seven Continental Class vessels, with CNS Antarctica being the last one built:

  • CNS Africa
  • CNS America Australis (commissioned 2170)
  • CNS America Borealis (2170)
  • CNS Antarctica (2173)
  • CNS Asia
  • CNS Europa
  • CNS Terra Australis

CNS Africa is the first (and to date, the only) of the "Big Cs" scheduled to be stricken (in 2197). Barring completion of the designs and prototype testing for an entirely new class of battleships, CNS Africa will be replaced by a new Continental Class ship of the same name. Either the new CNS Africa or CNS Antarctica will thus be the definitely last ship of her class to have been built. Plans to build more Continental Class ships that would have carried the names of fictional continents such as Atlantis, Thule or Lemuria have drawn up, but were all canceled.

Weapon systems:

Other installations:

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