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This node is fictional. Refer to Continental Class Space Battleships.

The Confederated Nations' navy. What? You've never heard of the Confederated Nations? Usually, they're just called the Confederation. Anyway, just like the Confederation itself and all of its institutions, the Confederate Navy came into existance when the spacefaring superpowers (chiefly the EU and some minor nations like the United States, China, Russia, Japan etc.) who had, under the fig leaf of a seriously overstretched UNO mandate, teamed up against the seceding colonies around 2080, were forced to find some kind of compromise with those colonies when the war was to be brought to an end in 2101. (Clarification: This is a war that was really only ended because everyone was sick and tired of it, just like the Thirty Years War.) The Navy sure came in handy when the war with the non-humans broke out in 2130.

Of the approximately 600,000 people subject to the Confederate Armed Forces State of Emergency Draft Regulation (a/k/a Resolution 447) every year, 87% are drafted into the Navy, 7% into the Marine Corps and only 6% into the Planetary Forces. Currently, 8.2 million enlisted personnel and 2.6 million civilian employees work for the Navy. There is a current yearly average of 26,000 casualties in the war, increasing steadily as the Navy's size increases. If you get drafted into the Navy, you've got an 11% chance of getting killed. 6% of the draftees decide to prolong their two-year term. One-fifth of those decide to become career soldiers.

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