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The conversation:flirtation ratio for a date is something sometimes kept track of by geeks. It is the ratio of non-romantic, non-flirtatious smalltalk to flirtatious conversation and behavior.

A low conversation:flirtation ratio is considered good by most geeks, provided that the total amount of communication (conversation + flirtation) is reasonably high. This is because a low conversation:flirtation ratio tends to imply that the geek's date is romantically interested in said geek.

Meanwhile, whether a high conversation:flirtation ratio is considered good or bad depends on the particular geek. Conversation is good, just as flirtation is.

In many geeks' opinions, the ideal conversation:flirtation ratio is shifted in the favor of flirtation while still having a reasonable quantity of conversation, with the sum of both quantities being high relative to the length of the date. For example, for a simple one hour date (it's a round number) a conversation:flirtation ratio of 1:2 might be good if the quantity (conversation + flirtation) is itself within an acceptable range.

In short: Flirtation good. Conversation good. Communication good. Balance good. Continuous blabbing bad. Too much conversation and too little flirtation bad. Too much flritation and too little conversation bad.

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