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Outside a cyber cafe, I meet a shaven-headed man. He seems tolerable, and yet somehow intolerable when he actually flirts with me. Ridiculous. Men in over-tight dingy jeans should flinch against either my wrath or the smoke I blow in their face. But flirt with me? That's absurd. Anyway, he threatens to hand-cuff me to a stop sign, steals my nifty Dick Tracy hat, etc. Meanwhile, I'm actually shocked into silence. When I re-emerge, I easily dissuade him by craftely adding in a few "you pansy-ass weak mo fo"s into the pleasant conversation.

I continue to LARP (live action role-play, for those of you in a far better place) when a gay friend of mine bitches about some bigot that wanted to join the game. It turns out that that lovely man follows the inspirational words of Hitler. He has a swastika tatooed on his back.

This makes him far more interesting.

I approach and ask about his prejudices. Very politely, he tells me that Jews are slimy and under-handed.
(Genocide is honest, open, and proud.)
Black people have done unspeakable things to his family and friends. And gay men are just gross.

He's not even interesting about his passionate hate. I wish he'd come up with something slightly less common, like Jews being the spawn of Satan, the rain on his parade, the mold on his meat and baked potatos... or something. But instead he tries to make his case plausible with boring anecdotal evidence.

I gave him a copy of Mein Kampf, which he has apparently never read. He pored over it devotedly. Good. Hitler's argument for hate is better, less sane, but better.

God save my enemies from reason.

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