'Beer Wench' in Latin, more politely perhaps 'tavern-hostess.

Also, another Pseudo-Vergilian poem about a copa named Surisca, which poses the interesting question: Is it really possible to perform a dance of seduction while playing the bagpipes? The line describes sweet Surisca dancing in a smokey pub while ad cubitum raucos excutiens calamos. This can be interpreted either as (unpoetically translated) 'pumping the harsh pipes at her elbow' or 'moving her elbow to the sound of the harsh pipes'.

In addition, this poem again highlights the ancient fascination with cucumbers (seen most famously in the poet Corinna, but mentioned here as an hors d'oeuvre to entice the road-weary traveller into the bar) and big-dicked statuary. Compare the lines, again, loosely translated,

'Our watchman's there, armed with his curved sickle;
Don't let his enormous crotch frighten you'.

Freud would have a field day with this stuff.

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