Copacabana, a small peninsula in the S. part of Lake Titicaca, Peru, which was a sacred place of the Incas, and where many ruins of their temples and other buildings can still be seen. Thousands of pilgrims yearly visit the chapel there, which contains an alleged miraculous painting of the Virgin.

Entry from Everybody's Cyclopedia, 1912.

Copacabana is also a famous neighbourhood located in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It used to be called 'Princesinha do Mar' (Little Princess of the Sea) during the 30's, 40's and 50's, when it was the fanciest place to live in the city. There was even a song praising the place.

With a stunning beach and lovely houses, everybody who was anybody lived and visited Copacabana. There were magnificent theaters, movie theaters, street carnival and joie de vivre.

In recent years, however, all this popularity backfired: *everybody* wanted to live in Copacabana and this lead to the construction of tall apartment buildings of doubtfull architectural taste and general decay of living standards. But it still holds much of it's former beauty and glamour, being a major destination for tourists.

Some say Copacabana is a world of it's own and you can find absolutely everything there - good or bad. I'm quite conviced of this, having lived here for the last 12 years. It's a strange, wild place, but it's home.

Here follows the song mentioned on the begining of the node:


by Alberto Ribeiro and Braguinha

Existem praias tão lindas
Cheias de luz
Nenhuma tem o encanto
Que tu possuis
Tuas areias
Teu céu tão lindo
Tuas sereias
Sempre sorrindo
Copacabana princesinha do mar
Pelas manhãs tu és a vida a cantar
E à tardinha o sol poente
Deixa sempre uma saudade na gente
Copacabana o mar eterno cantor
Ao te beijar ficou perdido de amor
E hoje vivo a murmurar
Só a ti Copacabana eu hei de amar


There are beaches so beautiful
Full of light
None has the enchantment
That you possess
Your sand
Your sky, so lovely
Your mermaids
Always smiling
Copacabana, little princess of the sea
In the mornings, you are life that sings
And by late afternoon, the setting sun
Leaves us feeling it's absence
Copacabana, the eternal singing sea
Was lost in love when he kissed you
And today i hum all day long
That i'll love only you, Copacabana

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