Welcome to this humble attempt to node a list of brazilian (and foreigners currently living in Brazil) with pitoresque details about their surroundings. Brazil has 27 states, divided in the Northern, Southern, Northeastern, Southeastern and Central-Western regions. Our diversity is immense, not only in landscape and lifestyle, but also in our culture. In each city you can find a world of it's own.

If you live in Brazil, please /msg me with your E2 alias and some info about your city and, if possible, neighbourhood. If you are brazilian, but live elsewhere, /msg me anyway!

If you know a noder from Brazil, let him or her know about this. And enjoy!


Brazilians for Export: there's nothing like the brazilian quiet invasion of other countries. So here I'll add my fellow countryman who are around the world:

  1. Lobsang Rampa - "Carioca" currently living in USA

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