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Beachside district of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It's located in the rich part of the city and neighbors other famous places like Copacabana, Leblon and Lagoa.

Ipanema became internationally famous for the music "The Girl from Ipanema"

If you're going to the beach, here is some important information:

  1. In Rio, people going to the beach try to group together. At Ipanema, this is particularly important.
    At 'Posto 8' (ask a local where this is) you'll find most poor / black people that goes to the beach by bus from the suburbs and favelas.
    At 'Posto 9', you'll find beautiful rich people only. Going to the beach at 'Posto 9' is considered cool by the cariocas.
    Between 'Posto 8' and 'Posto 9' is a homosexual point, and you will find gays and lesbians in intimacy. If this offends you, avoid it.
  2. Enjoy Arpoador's (corner of the beach) famous sunset -- a major Brazilian postcard

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