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Lord of The Rings. Anne Rice. History. Nerd World. Indie Music. Rock N' Roll. Velvet Goldmine. Brazil
"I find your lack of faith disturbing"
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The Longest Day
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Do you live in Brazil, by any chance? I've created the The Everything People Registry : Brazil and am looking for natives and residents to add! msg me back, please


Brazilian 24 year-old girl. BrunoC's girl. Lord of the Rings buff. Velvet Goldmine obsessed. History, fantasy, science fiction and all nerd things are my things. My own. My preciousssssss.... I do have a blog, but fortunatelly it's in Brazilian Portuguese and out of reach for most noders. You won't have my secrets!


Most wanted writeups:
  1. Copacabana (place) -- 1C!
  2. Brazil (place) -- 1C!
  3. Lestat (person) -- 2C!
  4. Getúlio Vargas (person) -- 2C!
  5. Jorge Ben Jor (person)

Least wanted writeups:
  1. Peasant, Pigs and Astronauts (thing)
  2. War of the Ring (idea)
  3. Shower Your Love (idea)
  4. Colin Laney (person)
  5. Taj Mahal (idea)

Writeups that made me proud:
  1. Éowyn (person)
  2. Getúlio Vargas (idea)
  3. Choderlos de Laclos (person)
  4. Brazil(place)
  5. Lestat (person)

Coolest writeups:
  1. Choderlos de Laclos (person) -- 3C!
  2. Lestat (person) -- 2C!
  3. Getúlio Vargas (person) -- 2C!
  4. Brazil (place) -- 2C!
  5. Copacabana (place) -- 1C!