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Born on the 30th July, 1941 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, this 50s teen idol singer/songwriter was the first teenager to top the transatlantic charts and made his recording debut in 1956 at 15, backed by noted Doo Wop group The Jacks (aka The Cadets). By 1957, Anka's hit-making friends The Rover Boys introduced him to their label ABC-Paramount, who snapped up the young singer/songwriter. Soon afterwards, his song 'Diana' (inspired by his family's 18-year-old babysitter Diana Ayoub) topped US and UK charts and became a rare million-seller in Britain.

For six years, Anka was seldom away from the hit parade; among his biggest hits were the self-penned ballads 'You Are My Destiny' (1958), 'Put Your Head On My Shoulder', 'Lonely Boy' (both 1959) and 'Puppy Love' (1960], the latter two being revived successfully in the 70s by another teenage idol, Donny Osmond. While still in his teens, Anka appeared on every major US music TV show, starred in Las Vegas, headlined at The Copacabana and appeared in the movies Girls Town (1959) and The Longest Day.

In the 60s, he concentrated on songwriting and live club work. Surprisingly, he had another run of best-sellers in the mid-70s, with the biggest, 'You're Having My Baby' (a 1974 duet with his protegee Odia Coates), topping the US chart. In 1993, Paul Anka, who also penned hits like 'It Doesn't Matter Anymore' (Buddy Holly), She's A Lady' (Tom Jones) and 'My Way' (Frank Sinatra), was inducted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame. A bilingual record aimed at Latin countries, Amigos, earned the popular supper-club entertainer another gold disc in 1996, spawned a best-selling duet with leading Latin artist Ricky Martin on 'Diana'- the 10-million-seller that launched his career.


1958 Paul Anka (Sparton)
1959 My Heart Sings (Sparton)
1960 Paul Anka Swings For Young Lovers (Sparton)
1960 Anka At The Copa (Sparton)
1960 Paul Anka Sings His Big 15 (Sparton)
1960 It's Christmas Everywhere (Sparton)
1961 Paul Anka Sings His Big 15 Volume 2 (Sparton)
1962 Paul Anka Sings His Big 15 Volume 3 (Sparton)
1962 Young, Alive And In Love (RCA)
1962 Let's Sit This One Out (RCA)
1963 Our Man Around The World (RCA)
1963 Songs I Wished I'd Written (RCA)
1963 Paul Anka And Others (RCA)
1963 Paul Anka's 21 Golden Hits (RCA)
1964 Excitement On Park Avenue (RCA)
1966 Strictly Nashville (RCA)
1967 Paul Anka Alive (RCA)
1969 Goodnight My Love (RCA)
1969 Life Goes On (RCA)
1971 Paul Anka (RCA)
1972 Jubilation (RCA)
197? This Is Anka (Buddah)
1974 Anka (United Artists)
1974 Paul Anka Gold (United Artists)
1975 Feelings (United Artists)
1975 Times Of Your Life (United Artists)
1976 Essential Paul Anka (United Artists)
1976 The Painter (United Artists)
1977 Music Man (United Artists)
1977 Vintage Years 1957-61 (United Artists)
1978 Listen To Your Heart (RCA)
1980 Paul Anka - His Best (RCA)
1981 Both Sides Of Love (RCA)
1983 Walk A Fine Line (Columbia)
1983 Walk A Fine Line (SONY Music Imports - Japan)
1987 Italiano
1989 30th Anniversary Anthology: 1957-1978 (Rhino)
1989 21 Golden Hits (RCA)
1990 Diana And Other Hits
1991 Five Decades Of Hits (Curb)
1992 Classic Hits with Odia Coates
1993 Paul Anka In The 70s (RCA)
199? Greatest Hits (Music Makers)
199? Greatest Hits Live (Flash)
199? His Best (EMI)
199? Memories (Jet)
199? My Way (RCA)
199? Sings His Big 10 (Curb)
199? Sings His Big 10 re-issue (Curb)
199? Zwei Mad Chen Aus Germany (Bear - Germany)



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