A teenage crush, one which is believed by those under its spell to be True Love. The implication is that the lovers lack the maturity and experience to distinguish mere infatuation from the real thing.

A Sufferer's View

The general negative sentiment portrayed in this phrase may very well be true, I have no reason to doubt that.

I currently am one of those unfortunates who suffers from this very affliction, if it can possibly be called an affliction. Yes, I know fully well it's probably just the hormones talking, and they'll be done in a mo.

But regardless of whether the feelings are real or not, regardless of how silly and immature it may seem to those of you who have had far longer to fully understand the wonderful, painful truth that is love; puppy love is, for many, their initiation into a strange new world.

And considering the fact that we are also given the ability to look back at it later and laugh at ourselves says to me that puppy love is one of the less cruel initiations. It certainly beats being forced to streak through campus, that's for certain.

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