The Copper dragon is a traditional monster in both fantasy fiction and role-playing games.

Copper dragons are as medium sized species of dragons. They are very intelligent and are most fond of jokes, riddles and tricks. Nothing delights them more than getting one over on someone, or making a particularly shrewd wager. Copper dragons are not evil, but they are very greedy and selfish.

Copper dragons are hatched from eggs and they come out brown with only a hint of Copper, as the dragon ages it takes on a soft warm coppery gloss. They have the ability to breathe both a spurt of acid and cloud of gas that inhibits the nerves synapses in most creatures and causes them to react very slowly. This ability becomes more and more powerful as the dragon ages. All Copper dragons can climb on any surface, and sculpt rock into different shapes. Older Copper dragons gain an incredible control over stone and earth, bending it to their whims with ease.

Copper dragons love to live in the mountains. Their abilities with rock allow them to create twisted intricate lairs that often open to the sky in the main areas. Their lairs will invariably have dozens of perches that are far out of the reach of humanoids. The dragons delight in leaping from perch to perch while telling riddles.

Copper dragons raise their young together in mated pairs, but they are otherwise solitary. They cannot seem to stand the company of each other over long periods of time. I guess a dragon can only wake up to find someone has sealed off their cave as a joke so many times before it gets old. As parents they mean well, but their random nature often means that their young get a less than stellar upbringing. They do attempt to protect them, but they are somewhat cowardly by nature and are are likely to flee with their hatchlings in the face of a dangerous foe.

Copper dragons can eat anything, mud, rock, jewels, anything at all. But they prefer to hunt. They are champion hunters and take great pride in hunting down large monsters and poisonous creatures.

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