Core Design has created over fifty successful titles and is established as a leading games developer for the software industry. The company is best known for designing one of the most consistent and best-selling series of all time: Tomb Raider starring Lara Croft. Combined sales for the five Tomb Raider titles now total more than twenty-five million units worldwide.

Core Design started with £16,000 and a staff of eight. Twelve years on, it employs around 90 people - some 80 of who are actively involved in software development. The companys first game, Rick Dangerous, shot straight to the top of the sales chart in the UK and subsequently went on to be named European Game of the Year. Another early number one hit was Corporation - the original first-person perspective 'shoot 'em up'. Subsequent best-sellers include classics such as Rick Dangerous, Chuck Rock, Thunderhawk, Jaguar XJ220, Heimdall, Darkmere, Battlecorps, Wonder Dog and Fighting Force.

In 1994, after establishing itself as a publisher in its own right, Core Design was acquired by the CentreGold group - made up of publisher US Gold and distributor CentreSoft. Core Design was autonomous within the group and remained so when the Eidos group acquired CentreGold itself in 1996.

Core Design is now a fully owned subsidiary of Eidos, although it is run independently. Jeremy Heath-Smith retains his title as President for the company. He also serves as Global Head of development for Eidos Interactive and is heavily involved in the company's general strategy. The Eidos group, which includes interactive entertainment publisher Eidos Interactive, is listed on the London Stock Exchange and the US NASDAQ market.

This info is gathered from Core Design's webpage. (C) Core Design

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