One of the many political societies considered to be a part of the global shadow government that runs everything.

From the Council on Foreign Relations handbook of 1936:

On May 30, 1919, several leading members of the delegations to the Paris Peace Conference met at the Hotel Majestic in Paris to discuss setting up an international group which would advise their respective governments on international affairs. The U.S. was represented by Gen. Tasker H. Bliss (Chief of Staff, U.S. Army), Col. Edward M. House, Whitney H. Shepardson, Dr. James T. Shotwell, and Prof. Archibald Coolidge. Great Britain was unofficially represented by Lord Robert Cecil, Lionel Curtis, Lord Eustace Percy, and Harold Temperley. It was decided at this meeting to the proposed organization the Institute of International Affairs. At a meeting on June 5, 1919, the planners decided it would be best to have serperate organizations cooperating with each other. Consequently, they organize the Council on Foreign Relations, with headquarters in New York, and a sister organization, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, in London, also known as the Chatham House Study Group, to advise the British Government. A subsidiary organization, the Institute of Pacific Relations, was set up to deal exclusively with Far Eastern Affairs. Other organizations were set up in Paris and Hamburg, the Hamburg branch being called the Institut fur Auswartige Politik, and the Paris branch being known as Centre d'Etudes de Politcque Etrangere ...

Almost everyone in the US Government is a member, as are some influential public media figures, prominent world businessmen, etc. etc.

Past CFR directors include: George Bush (1977-1979), Henry Kissinger (1977-1981), David Rockefeller (1949-1985), Alan Greenspan (1982-1988), etc.

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