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An alternative title for President of the United States of America for those who refuse to acknowledge that George W. Bush won the election fair and square. He used to be called Texas Governor George W. Bush. He thinks he just got a promotion, but all he really got was a more expensive meal ticket. He was governor of Texas for less than eighteen months before securing the republican candidacy. His brother controlled Florida which just happened to turn out to be the lynchpin state of the 2000 presidential election: coincidence? I bet Katherine Harris is playing bed warmer to a certain Jebediah Bush this night. Daddy's money has bought George in and out of one scrape after another.

This is an offering of passive resistance for those who know the presidency was purchased and swindled from the American people behind closed doors, in a conspiracy that makes Watergate, Iran-Contra and Whitewater look pale in comparison. Have you been wondering why the economy has been falling lately? Well let's see. Bush Sr was in office and our economy sucked. Clinton went in, and the economy improved. Of course, the conservative republicans wanted everyone to believe that was Ronald Reagan's trickle down effect. It just took twelve years, and Clinton got the benefit of it. Clinton's leaving and Bush Sr is now secured for the Oval Office, and the stock market plummets and dotcoms are dying left and right, but of course the republicans insist this is the fault of the democrats. Democrats say it's the republicans.

It's all a smoke screen. The truth is, it's just Bush Jr. It's still the economy, stupid.

George W. Bush Jr has been placed in the executive branch of the American government by a majority of funding and a minority of votes in the position of governor for this country. Those who want to pay homage to the highest bidder may choose to do so by using the "B" word and the "P" word in the same sentence. For the rest of the world, Bush will forever be referred to as Country Governor George W. Bush.

See also: Michael Moore The predominant difference between him and me is that Moore thinks there's still something that can be done about it. I know better.

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