disclaimer Make no mistake I am a "Republican" simply because the majority of the issues I feel strongly about are handled "in my opinion" better by the views of said Repbulicans. I'm sure many of you do not agree, but hey, that's the choice we are given.

Recently it has become more and more apparent that many of the people in the world, do not like Republicans. In many cases there seems to be as much hatred harbored for us as there was towards Hitler.
So Now I’m going to let you in on a little secret

There is no set personality or mentality for anyone…
Republican, Democrat, or other, there is no set way of thought for any human being.

Because I am a Republican does not mean that I think we should all go to church and It does not mean that I think no woman should have an abortion. It does not mean that I do not like minorities. It doesn’t mean that I’m rich and white. And it especially does not mean that I hate homosexuals. I do not hate anyone, there are few people that I think do not deserve to breathe the air that my children may someday need, but I do not hate anyone.

Because some random Joe is a Democrat, does not mean that he wants to give a “50% Off Your Next Abortion Coupon to all the women of the world. It does not mean that they automatically think Bill Clinton is a Liberal god (in fact most of the ones I’ve met are just as embarrassed by him as I am). It doesn’t mean that they are all feminists. And it especially does not mean that they want to give all our tax dollars to people who are too lazy to work.

I’ll let you in on another little secret, I think that the wrong men are running for President of The U.S.A., I think it should be an election between the vice-presidential candidates. I could stand to have either one of those men as President.

Where did this come from Tex?
Every once in awhile some news channel will interview some random hick at the scene of a fire, or some other tragic event in which something happens to a minority. In the bottom right corner of the screen where it show this person’s name it will say something like Republican, or Democrat. Don’t laugh I’ve seen it. It irks me that at the scene of a hate crime someone’s political views would make a damn about whether or not they believe that this crime was a bad thing or not. Like Republicans have no feelings or Democrats are the only people who think bad things happen.

I don’t know where it started but somewhere along the way we lost the point of basic thought, specifically the ability to think for ourselves. We now have to rely on voting parties names, or what famous person’s face is on the box of cereal we choose, or what kind of car we drive because the commercial made us laugh. Letting the name of the political party we swing towards guide our emotions outside of the political arena is just sad to me, and too many people do it.

At this point allow me to say I’m not downing any political side here, I’m downing on the stereotypes that are created around political views, that’s all.

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