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Course 19 at MIT is the Department of Applied Mechanical Engineering. From 1946-1983, the number applied to the Meteorology Department, but that major was later folded into Course 12, or EAPS.

The Institute does not formally recognize Course 19. You won't find it listed in the Commencement proceedings, and there is no departmental web site. There are usually several students who double major in Course 19 in every class, however, and far more who take it as a minor. These people are better known as roof and tunnel hackers, and have been observed to "enjoy taking things apart, exploring, and building large models, and tend to be nocturnal and wear black."

Course 19 boasts several old and experienced professors, including Jack Florey, James Tetazoo, and J. Arthur Random. The department values hands-on experience, and has been known to offer seminars over IAP some years. Its best-known teaching text is probably the MIT Guide to Lockpicking, but professors and students alike emphasize responsible use of knowledge.

Freshman considering Course 19 are encouraged to attend the introduction offered during Rush, and a history of departmental activities is available for inspiration.

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