Descriptive term applied to MOTAS. So ugly that, if you somehow woke up next to them (e.g. through the magic of beer goggles), you would gnaw your leg/arm off to get away from them, much as a coyote would gnaw off a limb to escape from a steel trap.

Coyote arm is the life threatening condition which occurs after waking up next to a MOTAS discovered to be coyote ugly. Presumably, the MOTAS in question had been previously perceived as remarkably similar to Traci Lords while under the influence of controlled substances. However, when lucid consciousness is regained and the MOTAS is correctly perceived as Roseanne Barr, the subject endeavors to gnaw off the arm resting underneath the MOTAS' pillow rather than wake the MOTAS-- not unlike a coyote gnawing off its own leg to escape a steel trap. Not pretty.

A bar in New York City (there's a Citysearch writeup at with a definite atmosphere. It's a rowdy redneck bar with scantily clad female bartenders who take particular offense if you order water.

Also an upcoming movie about the bar of the same name, and about the empowerment a young woman gains by dancing on the bar in a halter top.

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